Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Field trip day

Today Ty has a field trip to the Smoky Mountains and he is so excited!! He did make a comment yesterday about not being sure he should go since daddy couldn't come now, and I told him he really needed to go and have a great time. I'm so thankful that he is in, as that is really great to distract him from worrying about daddy and other things going on. I hate that he is worrying so much. :( Last week Zane bought Ty a disposable camera for his field trip (this was when we thought Zane was going with him) and Ty couldn't wait to use it!!! I'm just hoping they still let him take it, as they are not supposed to take anything that they have to bring back. He says he wants to take pics to show daddy.

I did go into the school this morning and talked with Ty's teacher and explained why Zane couldn't make it. (Ty told her yesterday that he couldn't come, but not why and he said she looked mad/upset that he couldn't make it) I also talked to a few of the ladies that are helpers in the classrooms and during lunch/recess time and told them what was going on. I think any extra support Tyler can get the better right now.......