Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finally got news...

Zane called and told me he talked with the surgeon and he said they can treat him with a pill! He said everything looked good and that was the course they decided on, and that the doctor who would be working with him with the pill would be in later tonight to talk with him. Well, when he was telling me this the doctor had walked in. He called me back and said the type of cancer he had is very rare and the nodules on his intestine were the tumor spawning off, which means it was spreading. :( The doctor said the pill he will be taking should stop them from growing, and he has several patients or have been on that pill for years and years and live normal lives. He does have to have a CT scan possibly once a year to make sure they don't grow anymore. He also told Zane he can go back to doing the type of work he was doing once he heals from surgery...basically everything would just go back to normal. He may have some issues like he had before they found out what was wrong (the pain in his right side) but other than that everything should be good.

I am SO relieved to hear all of that.....no chemo or radiation! Now to worry about how we will make it without any income coming in for 4-6 weeks.