Thursday, July 21, 2011


I think that word describes Chase fairly well fickle monkey!!! He has changed with things SO much, and while I know children (and adults as well) go through things like that, we never went through any of it with Ty when he was 2, so this is really throwing us for a loop! For starters, he has now refused to eat LOTS of foods that he loves. A few nights ago I made pizza for dinner, which he usually chows down on......he did finally eat one slice, but only when I let him sit in daddy's seat and not his booster seat. Last night I made steak on the grill (which I now refuse to cook anything on the grill when it's 100+ degrees out) and had a baked potato, green beans and made Z some Long Grain Rice.....Chase loves ALL of those things, and yet refused steak, some potato and rice and only ate a few green beans before he whined to get out of his booster seat. I hesitated to let him down, as I wanted him to eat more than a few green beans (but didn't want to force anything into him....) but ended up giving in, and wouldn't you know, the little stinker got into Ty's seat, asked for his plate and ate every green bean on it, AND ate steak that daddy snuck onto his plate!! I thought about maybe putting his seat somewhere different at the table to see if that helps.....can't hurt to try!!