Monday, July 11, 2011

The weekend is over.....

We had a decent weekend here. It was so flippin hot! We got some of our running done on Saturday, but we had to go out yesterday and that always makes the weekend fly by. On Saturday we went out to West Knoxville and I got the last 4 colors of DMC floss (cross stitch thread) for the project i'm working on! (I still need to get a pic of it and post it!) And it was still on sale, which was nice!!! We also got some great deals at the other stores we went to. Yesterday we hit Sam's Club and Krogers and stocked up on quite a few things around here, and it's so nice to know we're well stocked on things we needed. :) We went to Walmart this weekend, and I was SO shocked to see all the back-to-school stuff out!! But then I thought about it and realized, Ty goes back to school next month! Photobucket *sigh* He's actually excited about going back, but I am dreading it. Yes, I know school is important and I really AM grateful that he loves school so much, but I am really going to miss having him around the house during the day.....and I know Chase is going to miss him even more. Now to start saving so we can get the school supplies he needs, plus clothes and the $25 they want in the beginning!

In other news for this weekend, Chase peed in the potty yesterday morning!!! I was still in the shower when he and Z came into the bathroom. I asked Z if Chase was still dry and he said he was, so he put the potty on for him and sat him down. After a minute or so, he peed!!! He was SO proud of himself!!!! I would love to really get into the potty training with him, but I still don't think he knows when he has to pee or poop. We got lucky with the two times he has peed, but it was kind of easy to know he had to go because he had just woken up. Plus, right now we're dealing with some nasty diarrhea again with him. But I am still going to offer him the potty when he wakes up in the morning and after naps. (if he takes a nap, that is...LOL)

Well, I really need to get things done around here, especially while the boys are still sleeping. I'm thinking for dinner we're going to do something really light, since it's going to be so hot today, but I am going to be making some peanut butter brownies!!! Photobucket