Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SO worth the wait!!

A few weeks ago I had signed up for the Bodum Pavina campaign at Bzzagent. They sent out samples of the glasses to people who were in the campaign and yesterday I received mine! (I was starting to worry, as it took quite a while to receive and usually their kits come much faster) All I can say is, these glasses were SO worth the wait!!

I haven't had a chance yet to show them off to anyone but Z, but I can't wait to share them!! These glasses are simply amazing!!! They are a double wall thermo-glass, which means they will keep hot drinks hot for longer and cool drinks cool longer. Each glass has a little rubber "stopper" on the bottom that actually allow the glasses to "breath"! They are handmade, and you can tell they are very high quality. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe....and also safe for the oven and freezer, so even though they are high quality, they are completely versatile!!!!

I am so excited to be apart of this campaign and can't wait to Bzz about these glasses!!!