Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend? What weekend?!?!?

Whew, I honestly don't know what happened to the weekend!! Z had to work Saturday, and we did all of our running yesterday so i'm assuming that's why our weekend flew by. :( Like time doesn't go by fast enough?!? And this week Z has to work 6 days, with three late nights so i'm thinking this week will fly by as well. WAHH!!! I just wish time would slow donw a little, please!

Last Thursday Z had his first CT scan, and today he see's the cancer doctor to find out the results. I guess in a way i'm glad this weekend went by fast.....waiting for the results has been tough!!! I'll update once I hear from him this afternoon......

Well, I need to get things ready so I can take Ty to school........hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!