Monday, September 19, 2011

Last weekend of Summer....

And honestly, I am GLAD to see it go! It has been such a brutal summer......we all hate the heat! Our electric bill took a hit because we used the a/c so much.....and Z keeps it SO cool in the house. But I am really looking forward to fall. I think Fall is my favorite season. The crisp air, the smell of wood burning.....and of course the pumpkins and Halloween!! I'm still not sure what the boys will be for Halloween.

So we had a decent weekend. Z had to work Saturday, but he was off Sunday. His parents and brother came down to "visit". They got here yesterday afternoon, but when they called to let us know what hotel they were staying in (right up the street from us) Ty had a really bad tummy ache and nosebleed. :( Once we got the nosebleed under control, he asked to lay in his bed. Z told his brother once Ty felt better we would call to let them know we would come to see them. (they can't come to the house, mainly because my MIL has issues with her knees and can't do the steps to get into the house) After Ty had been laying down for about 15 minutes, he said he felt better and wanted to go. So off we went. It was actually a nice visit. Ty was all over MIL, but Chase wanted nothing to do with anyone but daddy. He started to cry, so I took him out of the room for a few minutes to calm him down. Once he was set we went back in. He still didn't go to anyone, but he started to loosen up and play with Ty. After we were there for a bit, FIL decided to lay down and go to sleep. He was up the night before, so I guess he was pretty sleepy. He slept for a bit while MIL played with Ty and was trying to get Chase to come to her. He did talk to her, and she got a kick out of that!! FIL did wake up long enough to ask about dinner and what everyone wanted. Z and I had already taken things out for dinner and they all knew we had. Plus, we didn't have the extra money to eat out. And with Ty's belly still not 100%, I didn't want him to eat anything greasy or heavy. I guess FIL got upset about that, because he layed back down and went back to sleep. He only see's the boys once, maybe twice a year and this visit was only for that day (and only a few hours at that!) so you would think he would want to stay awake, no matter how tired he was. Oh well. It was so nice to see MIL with the boys...the smile on her face was huge!! After a few hours we had to leave, mainly so Ty could wind down since he goes to bed early for school. Other than FIL sleeping, it was a nice visit.

Ty only has 4 days of school this week, thank goodness!!! Love three day weekends!!!! He brought home his first interim report of the year and he did amazing!! he got all "E's" (excellent) and "A's"!!! We are so proud of him!!!