Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yesterday's excursion....

Yesterday was Z's day off, so we decided to get some shopping done together. After we dropped Ty off at school, we went and got a bite to eat and then hit Kroger. I love when they have a good sale going.....they had some awesome deals in their buy 10 participating items get $5 off sale. After Kroger's we headed to West Knoxville to go to Michael's and A.C.Moore. (we wanted to see if we could find something special for Ty for doing so well in school. He LOVES dinosaurs and we wanted to find him something cool that had to do with those....) We found him a cool dinosaur skeleton puzzle that we decided to just put away for Christmas. We also found Chase a super cute tiny metal school bus that goes when you pull back on it. (he LOVES school buses!) I also got a few pieces of scrapbook paper I needed. We left there and went to A.C. Moore. I think i like that store better than Michael's! At Michael's we found a really cool T-Rex dino, but it was $5.99. We thought about getting it, but decided to wait. Well, I am so glad we waited!! They exact same dino was at A.C. Moore, and was cheaper AND on sale!! We got it for under $4!!! We also got him a really cool 3D T-Rex Bookmark that we ended up giving to him yesterday for doing well in school....the other things we put away for Christmas!!

Oh, and the T-Rex dino we got.....Z added a small little eyelet to it, and made it a Christmas ornament!! The Christmas Place had a T-Rex ornament, but was sold out and didn't think they would get anymore in before the holidays, and most other ornaments I found were geared more towards smaller children. Z got the idea to make him the ornament as soon as he saw the T-Rex!!

How cool is that?!?!? He absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!!