Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another weekend....

Is here! It's just the boys and I today, and it's been a decent day so far!! Chase is being so funny, as he is talking SO much now. Yesterday when we picked Ty up from school and he got in the van Chase told him, "Hi, Bubba! I Chase!" And we have an adorable bear (thanks to our MD love) that when you hug him it says different thing it says is "What a big bear hug! Are you a bear, too?" and Chase always says "No, I Chase..." It is so flippin cute! I love all the talking he is doing now. I really need to try and get it on video. Ty got his report card yesterday and is doing really well!! Aside from the talking and worrying about others, he is really doing great with everything. We have a meeting with the teacher next Tuesday, so we'll find out more about what all he is doing.

As for this weekend, I really want to get some baking done. I took some butter out of the freezer and am hoping to get some sugar cookies as well as oatmeal raisin cookies made. Plus I want to make some cupcakes. I've been playing Christmas music this morning and I am really in the mood to bake!!!! Now to get the energy to do it!!! LOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!