Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday is here.....

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Z was off yesterday, so we got a few errands run and when we got home we got some baking done. Saturday the boys and I made cupcakes!! They turned out sooo yummy. Yesterday we made some sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies, plus a batch of coconut chocolate chip cookies. They all turned out AMAZING!!! I swear, I can not get over how good these cookies are considering the mix comes from a box! Krusteaz just rocks! We actually rolled out the sugar cookie dough and after hunting forever for the cookie cutters, we went to town on cutting out cookies!! We actually got quite a few super thin and cripsy, which is my FAVORITE!!! Here is the finished product....

They have such an amazing taste, I just love them!! The chocolate chip turned out just as amazing......(I actually take the chocolate chunks out that they come with and add my own chips...and yes, I burned the last bacth, I LOVE burnt cookies!!!)

It was so nice having Z home yesterday to help with the cookies. He is great at rolling out cookie dough! ;) I'm so looking forward to doing more baking in another month or so to mail out some goodies to people.

This week should be good. We have a parent/teacher conference tomorrow night with Ty's teacher. I also need to work on getting more things done around the house, plus finish up Ty's costume. I'd also like to work a little bit on my cross stich project, as well as a few scrapbook layouts. Yeah, i'm not asking for much am I?!? LOL Now to just stay OFF of Pogo, I just may get some things accomplished this week!

Have a blessed week, everyone!!!