Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beyond angry

So, we have been dealing with issues with our furniture we purchased from Knoxville Wholesale Furniture back in February of last year. We only had it a month or so when we had issues with one of the cushions on the sofa. After months of trying to get it fixed it was done. Fast forward to April of this year. One of the recliners on the sofa broke. We were back and forth on the phone with the manager named Dale for weeks. He promised he would call Z back and NEVER did. Z always had to call him back...ALWAYS. Finally, after tons of broken promises, Knoxville Wholesale decided to just replace our sofa for us. Gee, thanks so much....after over 5 months of dealing with broken promises, complaints filed with the BBB and phone calls STILL not being returned, we finally had SOME closer. That is, until the recliner in the love seat started acting up. Yeah, you can see where this is going. Once again, Dale has shown what a HORRIBLE manger he is. The customer service is AWFUL!!!! He never calls back when he says and if by some miracle he DOES call back he rushes Z off the phone!! Well, someone was scheduled to come and get the love seat last week by noon and after they weren't here by 11:30 Z called to make sure someone was still coming....guess what?!? We were not on the schedule!!! So, as it stands we are done with Knoxville Wholesale Furniture. I can not get over how crappy their customer service is and how they can keep doing things like they do to customers. Z is going to just go there tomorrow on his lunch break (the manager Dale is off today) and demanding our money back. If they want to come and get the love seat still, come and get it and keep the darn thing. I don't want to have to deal with them ever again.

I urge anyone that lives in/near Knoxville Wholesale Furniture to avoid them at ALL costs!!! You can honestly find better deals at other furniture places, anyway!! They are NOT worth the hassle and aggravation if you have any issues...and trust me, you will have issues eventually.