Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Parent/teacher conference

So last night we had a meeting with Ty's teacher. This was Z's first time meeting her. Ty is doing GREAT!!! She showed us some papers from tests that he took to see just where he was with learning and he excelled at so many things.....even things that they NEVER taught him! She also said he is doing better with talking out in class, and that he really isn't the only one doing it. We are beyond proud of him!!! She also thanked me for "letting him do his homework", and I told her I had seen the new homework letter she sent home and read that she actually had to put on the letter.."Make sure your children are doing THEIR homework." I could not believe parents were actually writing their kids homework for them!! She said that's nothing compared to some not even turning it in ever and I looked at her kind of strange and she said there are 5 students who don't even bother turning it in. How sad is that?!? :( And i'm sure those same parents didn't even bother doing a conference with the teacher. I just don't understand how you can not give a damn about your child education. And his teacher is SOOO nice and VERY easy to talk to!! Why they just don't care i'll never understand. :(

One thing she did say about Ty is he rushes through his work and doesn't double check himself, and that's what cases him to get wrong answers on some things, and i told her he does the SAME thing at home!! So we'll work more with him on that. She also was telling us about a website the kids love to play games on and we told her Ty has been playing that site, as well as others she has listed on her website, for quite awhile now and she said she LOVED that and wished more parents did that! She also asked about the flu mist consent form and I told her I filled it out online and she was shocked...she had no idea we could do that online! I swear, this teacher flippin rocks!! (but then again, ALL the teachers are awesome at his school!)

Way to go, Tyler!!!!