Monday, October 3, 2011

Bye bye, weekend....

Despite missing out on the corn maze, the boys and I still had a decent weekend. Ty and Chase are just hilarious when they play! But I think my favorite thing to watch them do together is draw......Ty has always loved to draw and Chase absolutely LOVES it! We go through tons of paper in this house. It was really chilly this weekend, and I actually broke down and turned the heat on yesterday morning. (I so miss having a woodstove for heat!) It was right around 50 degrees in the house and the floors were freezing!!! I only had it on for about an hour, but it felt so odd having to use it. I love the cooler weather, though. I'm assuming as I get older I despise the heat more and more! LOL This week it's supposed to still be cool in the mornings but warm up to the mid/upper 70's during the day....I can live with that!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!