Saturday, October 1, 2011

Love this time of year!

I am really enjoying the much cooler weather. This morning it was in the mid 40's when we got out of bed! It's still fairly cool outside so I can't open the windows up but it's still nice to not have the a/c on.

So a little while ago I ordered some Christmas gifts for the boys from Amazon, and one thing came yesterday!! (I SO miss my amazon prime.....I had it free with Amazon mom, but it ran out...BOO!) Every Christmas we get the boys new pj's and I found a cute pair for Chase. (i'm still holding out hope that I find him some Blues Clues pj's!)

I'm fairly certain I got the wrong size, but I don't want to go through sending them back and waiting again for another pair. I try and get pj's slightly bigger as they can sometimes run on the small size.....this time the size was correct! Photobucket Ahh, well....he'll at least be able to wear the shirt and not be too big on him. And he'll have them for more than one winter! I'm still waiting on one other thing I ordered at the same time as the pj's.....once again, I miss amazon prime! :( I really need to go through the things we've already gotten the boys and write it down so I can keep track of what we have.....

OHHHH, and yesterday while we were out we got Chase's costume!!!!

And Ty has had a field day with picking on mommy because I do not like spiders.......LOL!