Monday, November 7, 2011

"Monday, monday..."

Blah!! Actually, this weekend didn't fly by as fast as it normally does. I think the time change had alot to do with it. Plus the fact that Ty wasn't feeling all that great yesterday. He has been complaining about his throat hurting him since he got out of school on Friday. :( His tonsils aren't red or swollen and he has no fever, so i've been giving him Motrin and some stuff for sore throats. He went to school today (he gets his flu mist today at school) and I told him if his throat gets bad today to have them call me and I will pick him up. Hopefully it won't bother him too much.

So this weekend was nice. Would have been nice if Z would have been off at least one day, but what can you do?!? I've been really missing him alot lately. Yesterday I pulled the rest of the cookie dough out and made more sugar cookies. I'm hoping when we hit Sam's club later this week they will have the sugar cookie mix again! I also need to get some chocolate chip cookie stuff and stuff for peanut brittle so I can get started on getting some goodie boxes made up and sent out. I'm hoping more survey money comes in so I can mail out the boxes by the end of this month!

I've been feeling sort of "down" lately (just alot on my mind....I wish I had a switch in my brain that I could just flip to shut off all the bad/yucky thoughts I get! LOL) and i've been playing more and more Christmas music.....that has helped lift my spirits SO much!! And it's so weird.....I hate going into stores and hearing that music they are rushing time by!! And yet here I am listening to it at home.....LOL! Ty asked yesterday about going through our Christmas decorations and I told him I still wanted to wait a little longer for that....but honestly?!? I would have LOVED to have gone through it!! But knowing me I would have wanted to put some things out and I don't want to be tempted with that!!!

This week at Ty's school they are having a Veteran's Day program during the day for the school and are doing a repeat of it Thursday night. I can not wait!!! Ty supposedly has 2 solo songs!!! I told Z I wished our camcorder worked, but i'm going to try and get it on video with my camera....fingers crossed it works, as I want to share it with everyone!!! He is so excited about it, and we couldn't be prouder. :)

Ok, I need to get up and get started around here......dishes have been sitting for far too long. I HATE dishes. I got so spoiled with the dishwasher we had before we moved. I told Z when we move again in a few months (and hopefully for the last time, YAH!!) the only stipulation I have is I want a dishwasher!!