Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome, November!

It's SO hard to believe it's November already! This year has just flown by. Last night we took the boys to the mall for trick-or-treating and they had a ball!! We decided to go to a different, bigger mall this year and i'm SO glad we did!! The boys got so much candy, and not just tootsie rolls and lollipops! (at the previous mall we went to, that's about all the stores gave out....and that's if we made it on time to trick-or-treat!) They got some super cool stickers and little toys....they even got a Cars 2 card matching game from the Disney Store! The only down side to going to a bigger mall was more people, which honestly wasn't that big of a deal. The bad part was people that would just cut in front of people in the "line". Ugh, I swear I wanted to smack some of those people...they were SO rude!! Oh, and don't get me started on the older kids that were getting candy...and adults!! They had a sign up that had the "Rules" of the mall for TOT and it said it was only for kids 12 and under. There was one "boy" in front of us that had hair on his legs thicker than Z does!! And he sure didn't look like he was under 12. Photobucket It was crazy!! Some stores did refuse to give candy to some of the older kids/adults and I like that they stuck to the rules. Ohhh, Godiva was giving kids samples!! Chase did good in the beginning with walking and saying "trick-or-treat" and "thank you!" but after walking for a bit he was exhausted....I think mainly because he didn't get a nap yesterday. He LOVES to walk, but when I asked him if he wanted to get in his stroller and he4 said yes, I knew he was wiped out! LOL Here are my scary boys and their loot!! (Chase didn't wear the hat to his costume)

And what was even cuter was in the beginning when we first started out. Chase was SO excited when he saw people were actually putting things in his pumpkin!! After they would put something in, he would look in his pumpkin and get a huge smile on his face. And the more people who put something in there, the more excited he got! We made it to 4-5 people before he decided he was ready to eat something out of his pumpkin. It was just adorable seeing how much fun he was having now that he is old enough to "get trick-or-treating". I remember Ty being the exact same way when he got into it!! Photobucket

Well, Z was off yesterday (and it may be his last day off for awhile Photobucket) so we decided to do some Christmas shopping for the boys. (well, a layaway, anyway!) After we dropped Ty off at school we headed to Kmart over in Pigeon Forge. We wanted to do a layaway there mainly because Walmart had restrictions on their layaway....like, it was only for electronics, toys and jewelry and the items had to be over $15. We were highly disappointed in Kmart. They had a horrible selection of toys and what few things they did have were WAY overpriced. We did pick up a few things, like Ty needed a certain color shirt for his program at school next week (he actually has a solo!!) and we found a sweater for him that I had been looking all over for!! It was marked $20 but was 30% off (I think? maybe 40%?) so we picked it up. When it rang up it was only $10! We also got a super cheap dvd player since we put our dvd player in Ty's room to help him sleep in there. We also ended up getting a $5 Kmart gift card back because we spent a certain amount!!

When we left Kmart we headed to Walmart and decided to just do the layaway there. I am SOOOO glad we did!! I found the Spongebob Lego sets I wanted to get Ty, AND I found the Lego Duplos for Chase!! (he loves trying to play with Ty's Legos but they are just too small for him still) I also found a HUGE plastic container for storing Legos that also came with the flat Lego piece that you can build on....and it was only $10!! We also got Chase a Tonka Chuck & Friends set (love those!) and for both of the boys (and to help keep mommy sane while Chase and I wait at Ty's school!) we got a dual portable dvd player for the van!! We got such an amazing deal on it. Z also found a pair of headphones for Ty (he is so hard on them and they break so fast). Well, when we went to do the layaway I remembered things had to be at least $15 and we had two things that were under that. The lady and man that were ringing us up told us Walmart dropped that and it can be any amount as long as it was in the three categories....so we got to put everything on layaway!! Ty is SO done as far as Christmas goes. I didn't realize how many things we had gotten for him!! There are still a few things we want to get Chase, plus we need to get stocking stuffers for both, but we'll get those when it's closer to Christmas. And thanks to some awesome deals, survey money and freebies, it didn't cost us much out of pocket!!! Now that Halloween is over, I can't wait until Christmas!!! (not that I am rushing time at ALL!! LOL)