Saturday, February 11, 2012

I apologize

I know my posts have been sporadic the past month or so and i'm so sorry. Things have been so freakin stressful around here. We found out that Z has to have surgery on March 2nd to remove the second tumor he has......well, now that tumor is bleeding so the surgery has been moved up to February 24th. And with no help here in TN, the boys and I won't be at the hospital when he is there. Photobucket  Then add to the mix we have been trying to find another home and that proved to be extremely frustrating!!! And to top it off, the buttheads next door are only getting worse. Last month one of them knocked on our door and then proceeded to turn the door knob to try and open the door. They are always peeling wheels out front and speeding up and down the road....and we have called the sheriff about it and all they say is "Well we'll send someone out to look into it..." and nothing happens. Most recently they have taken magnets (and a sticker) off of our van and broken them into pieces and left them in the driveway. Two magnets were about cancer; one was an ovaian cancer ribbon magnet and they other was a cancer survivor ribbon magnet. They also destroyed my Feel Your Boobies magnet and actually took the time to peel off a Feel Your Boobies (for breast cancer awareness) sticker. So yeah, we are doing all we can to get out of here.

Hopefully once we get moved and settled and Z gets his surgery out of the way i'll be able to post more frequently. Photobucket


Heather said...

Holy crap, sister! What a time you are having. Hope your husband's surgery goes well. And your neighbor situation sounds bad. Are they just kids? Or are they older? Well, good luck with everything.
I will be sending you and your family good thoughts.

Christine said...

Thank you so much for the good thoughts, Heather! The people next door vary in age, but most likely they are in their late 20's and up. They deal drugs out of the home, and no matter how many times we complain to the police about them, nothing seems to get done. And to top them off, a violent sex offender moved into the home late last year. He is supposedly not supposed to be there with us living here with the boys, but I seriously doubt he has been made to leave. All we can do is keep trying to get the heck out of this place as fast as possible!!

Thank you again for the comment and good thoughts!!!