Friday, February 17, 2012

Some great deals yesterday

Yesterday we hit Super Target to return some clothes I had ordered for Ty. (Target clothes are cut ALOT different than most stores.......most stores he is wearing a size L......well, Target shirts that are L are WAY too big on him!) They had the shirts in the store, but the dino pj pants we could only get online, and of course all of the size Medium were OOS. :(  Anyhoo, I was able to get the correct size for the shirts, and also got him a pair of jeans. (which I need to return for a correct size......I swear I hate buying clothes for that boy sometimes!) I was looking through the winter stuff (gloves and hats) and they were all marked 70% off!! I got him several pairs of gloves and two pairs of long johns; a pair for this winter and a pair for next winter. The gloves were .50! When we were leaving I walked past the ladies winter things and got myself 2 pairs of gloves for .60 total!! I didn't see any winter stuff for Chase, but I did find him a REALLY cute hat/mitten set online for under $5......I love mittens for him instead of gloves but they are SO hard to find in his size. I was shocked I found them online, in his size AND at a great price!! And they are made my Columbia so they should hold up really well.......

If you haven't checked out Target for their clearance stuff, I highly recommend it!!!!!!