Thursday, February 9, 2012

My new love

Ok, so this is probably going to be a "silly" post, but I just have to share my new love with everyone!

Yes, my new love is a vacuum!! You see, when Z and I first got married I purchased our first vacuum together. It was just a regular Hoover vacuum, nothing fancy or special. Within 6 months it stopped working. Considering we had a Sheltie, lab mix and a cat I figured we would need a slightly better vacuum so I purchased a more expensive one with more bells and whistles than the first one. Well, within 6-7 months it too stopped working properly. After going through 2 vacuums a year for 2 years, I knew it was time to get serious. In comes the Dyson. Some friends of mine on a pet forum raved about the Dyson Animal, how it was wonderful for pet hair and everything else!! And even though it cost more, it was supposed to be worth the money. Also, we had our first baby on the way, so we HAD to have clean carpets for the little one! So in November 2003 (Black Friday, to be exact) Z got his Christmas bonus and we bought our Dyson Animal. $500 was a HUGE amount of money to shell out at once, but this vacuum was supposed to be the sh*t! 8 years and another kiddo later, that bad boy proved to be the BEST money we had ever spent!!! We most definitely got our moneys worth (and then some!) out of her!! But now, I hate to say, she has seen better days, and it was time to *gulp* replace her. Last year at this time we started to buy the Dyson DC25 (exclusive to Target) but money was tight (as usual) and we decided to put it off until this year. It turns out it was a GREAT idea to wait!! We got an AMAZING tax return this year so the $500 was doable.....but, Target now has the DC25 on sale!!! When you purchase it, you get a Target gift card for $100!!!! Last night we went to Target and when Z took it off the shelf and put in under the cart, I felt all giddy inside and actually giggled a little.....I couldn't believe this beauty was going to be ours!! And yes like I said, I know it's silly to feel this way about a vacuum.....but how can you NOT fall in love with this.......

Photobucket Just........ahhhh.  I can not get over just how easy this beauty is to maneuver.....and the carpets are SO clean and soft to walk on!! (which says alot about the nasty carpet in this house...) Ok, I think I need to go spend more time with my new love.......I do want to say thank you to my old girl, she was an amazing vacuum and so good to us for such a long time. Thank you for getting us hooked on the Dyson!!!