Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finger update

Ok, so I am still taking the meds the doctor gave me and my finger didn't seem to be getting any better. It wasn't getting any worse, though. I did notice (even before I started taking the antibiotic) that I could push on my nail and it would start to drain a little and it felt super loose. Well, after doing that a few times I noticed blood going under the nail instead of draining, so I knew the nail was dead.....heck, it hadn't grown at all since this all started 3 weeks ago!! Well, last night I pulled on my nail super easy and it just came off!!! Photobucket I can not believe I lost my nail.....all over a stupid pulled cuticle!!! It wasn't gross at all, but it still freaked me out...LOL! My finger is still sore, but surprisingly it does feel better. (maybe the nail was pushing up once it came loose and was causing most of the pain?!?) It's still red and swollen right where the cuticle/nail meet, but not as sensitive to the touch, which is a good thing because now I have to wear a band aid since the nail is gone. Hopefully now it will be on the least I hope so!!! This has been a crazy experience, that's for sure!!  Photobucket