Thursday, June 14, 2012

Todays mail 6.14.12

Mail was ok.....I got some pictures I had ordered and they turned out SO good!! (thank you, Winkflash!) Fedex showed up not too long after the mail came and I got a surprise!

- Bare Minerals Ready Bronzer/Self Magazine Reader Giveaway

I honestly had NO idea I had won! Photobucket

A little off topic, but i'm kind of pissed at Fedex with the way they delivered the package.....he just threw it up on the front porch, which isn't that big a deal, but we have rose bushes in front of the deck and the branches (full of thorns) are growing up onto the porch pretty badly....and of course the package landed right where a bunch of branches are! Why he didn't just sit it by the front door i'll never know....hmmm, i'm assuming he didn't even bother coming up to the house close enough to even do that, just close enough to throw it up onto the porch. I don't think it was our regular delivery guy, as I know he wouldn't do anything like that......Photobucket