Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ok, so I know we still have 3 days until turkey day.........but I am SO looking forward to eating some yummy turkey!! We normally just do a turkey breast, as a whole turkey is just WAY too much for just the 4 of us. And of course this time of year, trying to find a small turkey is next to impossible!! I think the smallest I saw was just under 20lbs........yeah, I love turkey left-overs, but can only do so much!! LOL I am a little bummed that we couldn't be with family in MD this year. We tried, but Z just couldn't get the time off from work. One of the main reasons I wanted to go up there is to see my dad, who is having some health issues right now.  I also wanted to "see" mom as well, as it's been too long since I visited. Hopefully things will work out and we will get up that way soon.

Right now there are SO many things going on in our lives, both good and bad. But there are TONS of things I am thankful for......

I am thankful for:

- Both of my boys, Tyler and Chase. Even though they drive me freakin insane and some days I just want to run out of the house pulling my hair out and screaming, I wouldn't have things any other way. Both of them are my rock and my heart & soul, and I love them beyond any words I could say. I don't know how I would make it without them.
- having Z here with us. And yes, he does the same to me as the boys do but I wouldn't have him any other way. Photobucket
- having a roof over our heads. I know I complain about where we live (and with good reason, I might add!) but I AM grateful to at least have a house to live in. No it is not our home, but our time WILL come, and soon.
- friends that are always there for me, no matter how much a whine or complain about things!! There are several friends who are more like family to me and always will be. They too have been my rock over the years, and I don't know how I would make it without them as well. I am always here for you and love you ALL so freakin much!!!!   Photobucket
- my family. I hate that I don't keep in touch more with them. I miss them so very much. They can drive me crazy at times, and I KNOW I drive them crazy at times as well, but I love that about them!!
- My in-laws. More importantly, Z's parents. Yes, the same people who have driven me insane throughout the years and caused WAY too much drama in our marriage. (well, not so much them as it is another in-law who is a drama queen attention whore and LOVES to cause crap between Z's parents and myself) Z's parents have helped us SO much throughout the years. I really wish they lived closer to us so they could see the boys on a regular basis. Maybe someday.......

Obviously there are tons more I am thankful for but I would be here all day typing!! So, I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!! Don't over eat, and of course save room for dessert!!!!