Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mail goodies for the past few weeks

Ugh, i've been slacking so much with posting. Mail goodies have been a little slow, but still not too bad:

- Breathe Right Nose strips/Costco
- Target Beauty Bag/Facebook (3)
- Finish Power Up samples/Facebook (2)
- Johnsonville Kitchens Cookbook (for submitting a recipe...cute!)
- Biore samples
- Venus Embrace (not sure where I got this from, but I love the Embrace!)
- Venus Bikini razor (actually comes with a regular razor, a bikini trimmer and lotion! Also not sure where this came from)
- Mary Kay samples
- Smartfood Bzzkit
- Ghirardelli coupon for free bag (3)
- $12 Pinecone payment/Paypal

I'm sure there are things i'm missing.......and I only got a pic of the razors and Target bag.....