Thursday, January 31, 2013

The newest Marshall family member

I'm so sorry i'm late posting this!! I would like to introduce you to our newest addition.....

Meet Jinx!!! He is a black German Shepherd. Zane had been talking about getting a German Shepherd for over a year, but before we could get one he passed away. I found a breeder about an hour from us who had German Shepherd girl puppies left so the boys and I headed up to get our puppy. Now when I first talked to the breeder, I asked if he had any of the black male pups left and he said he had someone coming to pick up the male the same day we were coming up. No biggie, as we wanted a pup, boy or girl, but Zane had mentioned the black and I liked those as well....but then again, I loved the black and tan also so any color/sex was fine with us!! When we pulled up, he had 5-6 Shepherds running in his yard. When I got out of the van, I got attacked my doggie kisses and nudges!! They were all SO loveable and social!! I saw the black and tan girl but before I could really look at her the other dogs were trying to get me to pet/love on them and I started talking to the breeder. The next time I looked at the girl pup, I saw a black puppy next to her.....??  The breeder picked up the girl and she was so adorable!!! The breeder then told me the man who came for the black male puppy decided he wanted a black and tan girl instead, so if I wanted the black male I could have him!! I was hesitant at first, as we had been looking at pics of the girl online and had fallen in love with her........but when I picked up the boy and looked into his eyes, I knew he was meant for us!! Something about that puppy just reminded me so much of Zane. So, he came home with us! The name Jinx has been on my list of dog names for years, and if we would have gotten the girl her name would have been Jinx as well. He has full papers, but to be honest papers don't mean anything to me......we would love him with or without them!! He will be 11 weeks old tomorrow, and I had him at the vet yesterday, mainly to just get established with a vet and to get him checked over. (nothing against the breeder, could tell how much he loved his dogs and is GREAT with them and all he does!) He had been to the vet last week and weighed 23.6 lbs. Yesterday he was 27.5 lbs!!! He is growing perfectly.

As you can see from the above pic, the boys love having Jinx...the smiles on their faces was worth it all.

Here are a few more pics of our Jinxy.....I love his ears!!