Friday, November 16, 2007

Latest mom update

I'm so sorry I haven't updated!! I've been a little busy with other things and keep forgetting to update here......anyhoo, mom is home! She came home Tuesday. She still needs to have surgery, and will call the doctor after Thanksgiving to set up the date for that. Because of the ulcer they found, they can't operate until that has healed some, so they are giving it at least two weeks. She still is in quite a bit of pain and is anxious to just get the surgery done and over with so they can decide what the next step will be. Obviously, if they find out the mass is cancerous, they will start chemo. It all depends on what they find once they do the surgery. She's worried about it being cancerous, of course, but I told her so many people are keeping her in their thoughts and prayers that she will be fine. She is also upset that she won't be able to finish Christmas shopping and I told her that is just crazy!! EVERYONE will completely understand that she can't get out to do shopping, and that all we ALL care about is that she is ok!!! I can tell in her voice that she is scared of what they will find, and I feel so bad. I hate hearing that in my moms voice.....she has always been so strong. Hearing her sound scared scares me!! :( I of course will update once she finds out when the surgery will you all!! **hugs**


bluehoneytigger said...

Gland your mom’s home. Sucks that she’s in pain and they have to wait so long before they can do the surgery. She’s going to be fine, and as far a gifts go just tell everyone to tell her that their Christmas gift this year can be a happy, healthy mother. I know that it must be difficult on her and you both not knowing but now more than anything you have to believe that things will be okay. Have faith and pray really hard. Hugs