Friday, November 16, 2007

Recent mail

I want to try and keep this blog as normal and upbeat as I can while we are dealing with my moms health.....hopefully that will help keep my mind occupied until we know for sure what all is going on with her. I hope no one minds.....

Anyhoo, mail has been pretty decent. This week I have gotten:

- Another Lightning McQueen car for Ty's stocking from amazon (pd for w/gift cards)
- Tylenol Rapid Release samples (walmart) it was sinus, allergy and cold
- Post it samples (5 total!! I LOVE these, even though they take SO long to come! LOL)
- Shutterfly order (3 11x14 posters and a calendar...FREE!! Actually, we ordered a total of $155 worth of Shutterfly stuff and it was all free!!)

Also, I found out I will be in a campaign to get a free electric toothbrush head cleaner (worth $50) and Zane made it into a campaign to get a Sonicare Flexcare toothbrush free!! (worth $180!!)

I'm still waiting for a christmas gift that I ordered, and paid for, on Oct 17th! I emailed the person about it and she said she mailed it out on Oct 30th but since I didn't get it she would mail me out another one. That was Nov 8th and i'm still waiting for it....I so hope I get it!! :(

I'll update when we get today's mail.....:)


bluehoneytigger said...

That’s a lot of stuff in the mail for free. I’m hoping to get my Tylenol in the mail soon. My mail box at the Apartment hasn’t been working right for a month. That’s why I don’t have things important mailed here. I know that Tyler is going to love all those cars you got him. I really hate snail mail cause they are forever loosing your things.

Christine said...

Ugh, I hate snail mail too.....the postal system can really suck!!!