Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mail goodies for March

Gosh, I can't believe it is April already!!! I actually did pretty good with the freebies and samples last month: :)

- First Aid Kit ~ Rec'd 3/1
- Hand held fan ~ Rec'd 3/3
- Eight Ball lip gloss ~ Rec'd 3/3 (rec'd 2 of them from a survey I did!)
- Turtle Chex Mix sample ~ Rec'd 3/3
- Covergirl Advanced Radiance sample ~ Rec'd 3/4
- Money plant & Marigold seeds ~ Rec'd 3/6 (from AARP)
- Neutrogena Wave Power Cleaner ~ Rec'd 3/10 (DHL) Love this thing!!
- $2.00 off Clean & Clear coupon ~ Rec'd 3/10
- Fagor Measuring Set ~ Rec'd 3/11 (from anniversary registry....came with a timer, measuring cup and book)
- Breathe Right Strips ~ Rec'd 3/13
- Auquafresh toothpaste ~ Rec'd 3/15 (walmart)
- Curel Lotion ~ Rec'd 3/17 (walmart)
- $5 Febreze Noticeable coupon ~ Rec'd 3/17
- Oust Spray ~ Rec'd 3/18 (UPS; 2 huge cans!! from bzzagent)
- TVA Energy kit ~ Rec'd 3/18 (came with 2 light bulbs & outlet insulation covers)
- Pledge Multi Surface wipe ~ Rec'd 3/21
- Dog Biscuit ~ Rec'd 3/24
- Colgate kit w/toothbrushes ~ Rec'd 3/27 (UPS)
- Franklin Mint Presidential Dollar holders/2007 ~ Rec'd 3/27
- Franklin Mint Presidential Dollar holders/2008 ~ Rec'd 3/29
- Ring Sizer ~ Rec'd 3/29
- Flashlight Keychain ~ Rec'd 3/29

Survey money/Gift cards earned:

Pinecone Research: $5 (paypal)
Amazon GC's: $111 woohoo!!!
Starbucks GC's: $10
Sears GC: $5
Pure Romance GC: $25
General surveys: $9.70 (paypal)
General surveys 2: $27 (cash/checks)

Also this month, we found out we could keep a product we had been testing, that retails for over $400!!!! I sure hope the goodies keep rolling in like this!!!!


Patrice4 said...

Okay, I must be missing all the goodies. LOL! I want Stuff. Pinecone makes me mad. Dumped me a few years back and I've been trying to get back with them. Now I see banners everywhere and still no e-mail. I LOVED them. Grrr. hahahaha

Alms for the poor--amazon--drool.

Christine said...

You know, Pinecone has really slowed down majorly. I used to get at least one a week, or even every two weeks. Now it's hardly ever...I was lucky to get what I got, I guess! LOL I'm hoping they pick up when the weather changes......

Patrice4 said...

I wonder if it's because banners are everywhere now instead of super hard to track down. Hmmm. I used to love getting a $5 check in the mail here and there. It was always so nice. And in the past when things were tight, sometimes it was the thing that kept our checking account on the positive side. :p

Christine said...

That could possibly be it. That $5 bucks really does help in a pinch.......:)