Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Getting spoiled

Ok, we are seriously getting spoiled by this gorgeous weather!!! It has been in the mid to upper 70's since Sunday, and I just LOVE it! Sunday we spent the day putting up a new swing set for Tyler that we got for him from K-mart. We had been wanting to get him a swing set for awhile now, and with Zane doing so great at his new job we were able to put some money aside each week and get him one! This thing is huge, too!! It has 8 legs and has two regular swings, a teeter totter thingie, a lawn swing, two handle things that kids can pull themselves up on, a "swing" that kids can stand on to swing (although Ty is way too small to do that yet, but he loves to sit on it and swing), and a 6ft wave slide. He really loves this set! Here are a few pics of him playing on it:

He wakes up every morning asking if he can go out and play! This weekend is supposed to be crappy.....cold and rainy!! :( I'm hoping it will be the last cold snap we have until fall......I am SO ready for the weather to stay nice!!! I really love having the windows and doors open to let the fresh air in. The only downside to the warm weather is the bee's and mosquitoes are out in FULL force! And the mosquitoes are huge....ugh, nasty! We're really going to have to find something that will help control them as much as we possibly can. I do know we'll be getting some Off! spray to spray on us to keep them from biting. I'd love to find something that will work in the yard as well that I can use around the swing set. I guess i'll look when we are out this weekend.

Also, with the weather finally nice, i'm going to start planting some flowers soon! I have some seeds I got for free (you didn't think i'd actually buy them did you?!? LOL) that i'd like to plant, plus I want to look into getting a few butterfly bushes for out front, and a few rose bushes. I'm also thinking we'll be getting our tomato plants soon....I can't wait!!!!! I'm a little worried about our azalea bushes out front, though. Last spring they bloomed super early, then we got a bad freeze that killed the flowers. I noticed a few of the bushes were dead, so we took them up, but the others at least still had nice leaves on them. Now, this year with the weather being warm they haven't even gotten any buds on them, let alone bloomed. But the leaves still look nice. Do you think there is still hope for them?!? Gosh, I would really hate to have to replace all of them. That would be the whole front garden!!! I'm hoping they will be ok, maybe not bloom this year but will bloom next year?!? I guess i'll ask them at Home Depot or wherever we end up getting the butterfly bushes from.

Well, I think that will do it for now. I have some housework to get done before I let Ty out to play. Tonight for dinner I think we're going to do the breakfast thing....I took some bacon and sausage out and will either make some waffles or french toast to go with it. Hope everyone is doing good!!!!


Patrice4 said...

Tell me, is there a magic door from Nashville to Knoxville? We want to play. :D

BTW, flies are out here. Ugh, last summer when the weather was super hot, we had a fly infestation. Seriously. Open the back door to get the trash out and loads of flies came in and our living room window and the window on our back door were covered with flies. It was creepy. It better not be that hot this summer.

BTW, you're in the know for deals. Have any idea where I can get some nice pink flamingos?

Patrice4 said...

Hahaah, for the front of the house I mean--the lawn ones. LOL! Can you tell I'm tired and shouldn't be up? hahahaha

Christine said...

LOL, i'm thinking to myself..."what is she going to do with real flamingos?!?" LOL I *think* I have seen those pink flamingos at a place called Mayo Garden you have them out that way? I'll look again and if I see any i'll give you a heads up.

We're lucky with the flies....although, we do get horse flies from time to time thanks to the horses in the front yard. We get those nasty red hornets in the house! I have yet to figure out how they get in. YUCK!!!

When I find that magic door, you will of COURSE be the first one I tell about it!! We would love to have y'all out this way to play! :)

Patrice4 said...

ROFL! In never heard of the place so I punched it in. Seems to be local to Knoxville darnit.

Eew, red hornets. We're very lucky with those. Because I can imagine you can picture red hornets plus an 8 year old girl who can do some screaming. LOL! Now Elway is not afraid of any bugs (yet--fingers crossed) but Maryjean--eep. When Jon-Christopher is afraid, he's usually more reserved about it. LOL!

Patrice4 said...

Oh yes, do find the magic door. LOL! :D

Did you get the Magic Garden when you were a kid? I think it was a NY show, but I thought I heard some people south of NJ picked it up. Sorta makes me think of that show.

Christine said...

Hmmm, never heard of that show but it sounds interesting!

So far, Ty isn't really afraid of too many bugs. Heck, he even called a snake a big caterpillar last year, since he had no idea what it was! LOL I'm really dreading the day he brings me some really nasty creepy crawly thing, becuase I will be the one doing the screaming then! LOL