Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mom update :)

Just wanted to update mom has an appointment today with her doctor to decide what the next step will be, either more chemo or surgery to remove the tumor. She had a test done a few days ago to determine just how much the tumor has shrunk, and to see if they can get a better idea of the location of it. They are still going with it being stomach cancer, but it could change now that it has shrunk down and they can hopefully tell just where it started from. She is really hoping surgery will be the next step so they can take the tumor out and hopefully be cancer free!! I'll update once I hear back from her later today. :)

**UPDATE** So mom just called. The doctor said the tumor hasn't shrunk as much as he would like for them to do surgery, but he would talk with the surgeon to see what he recommends. If they decide to do the surgery she will still need some chemo to make sure they got it all. If they don't do the surgery, they will continue to do the chemo to get the tumor to shrink more so they can eventually do the surgery. She should hear something back soon, and when she does i'll update again.


Patrice4 said...

Where is her tumor? I'll keep praying for her.

Christine said...

They are thinking it is on her stomach, but because it is so big they can't really say for sure where it started from until it shrinks enough for them to do surgery again. Thank you so very much for the prayers, hun....*hugs*

Patrice4 said...

Yikes. ((HUGS)) And any time.