Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mom update

So I finally got a call from my mom today. She met with the surgeon, and they are going to do the surgery next thursday, May 8th. She was told it will most likely be a 10-12 hour surgery. She sounded to scared and sad on the phone. She did say all 3 of my sisters will be there, plus my brother will be flying in from NC to be with her as well. I just hate that I can not be there. I'm over 500 miles away, and can't be there. All I keep thinking about right now is all of the "what if's" and i'm so incredibly scared. I know I shouldn't think that way, and I am doing my best to try and push all of the negative thoughts out of my mind. I of course will update this blog with any more information I get to let everyone know what is going on.........


Patrice4 said...

10-12 hours!?!?! ((HUGS)) Oh I wish I could send you to your mother. I know how hard it is to be away from your family when they are ill. :( I hate this for your mother and I hate that you can't go and be with her. I would be scared too. And the negative thoughts are hard. If you're a praying person, try to knock them out with prayer. I don't tag myself as religious. I believe in God and we attend church weekly. But before Patrick, I didn't attend church--long story, but we went as young kids and nothing really til I married Patrick and then converted to Catholicism. But prior to that I've leaned on God. There are some times that you need to get your feelings out and not have answers in words, but feelings. If that makes any sense. I usually realize my prayers have been answered in retrospect.

I'm glad your sisters and brother will be there even if you can't be. What number are you in your family? Mine is small--I'm #2 of 2, but Patrick is #2 of 8. :)

Still praying. ((HUGS))

Christine said...

Patrice, your words always make me feel so calm at at ease. I thank you so much for that. I've never really been a religious person, but when I found out I was pregnant with Ty I prayed like crazy that the pregnancy would go smoothly and the day he was born, I just knew he was our gift from God. I will definitely be leaning on God to help us all through this.

Wow, Patrick is #2 of 8?!? I'm actually the youngest out of the 5. I was the "oops" baby! LOL My sister before me is 10 years older than me, and my oldest sibling is turning 50 this year, so there is a pretty big gap between all of us.

Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind, soothing words and prayers. They mean so very much to me!! **hugs**