Friday, April 25, 2008

Starting over

Ok, I am starting over with this weightloss stuff. I stopped taking the Phentermine because it just wasn't working for me anymore. I couldn't justify spending $27 a month on something that just didn't work as well as it first did. I must have been taking it wrong, since I know so many people have had success with it. Anyhoo, my weight is back up in the 200's, so I have got to do something about it. I am SO scared, though!! Can I do this on my own, without any kind of weight loss help? I mean, sure the Phentermine stopped working for me, but when it did work, boy did it help with curbing my appetite! I was no longer hungry all the time, and that felt SO good! Now I need to do this on my own, and I am terrified I won't be able to do it. I want this weight off of me, though. I found my way back to SparkPeople and am hoping that will help me with motivation and support, plus bloggin here always makes me feel better! I want to get down to a healthier weight so I can get off of some of the meds I am on, and I am hoping we can start trying for another baby within the next few months. So that is my total motivation right

A: Get off some of the meds I am taking


B: Be at a healthier weight for when we try for baby #2 in a few months

Now the big question is...........Can I do this?!?!?


Patrice4 said...

You can do it! You just need to find out what works for you. Now I have many pounds to lose (damnit!) Long ago, when I thought I was fat (grrr, I was like 126-134lbs at the time) pre-children I lost weight. I know what works for me. It's just a matter of doing it and staying motivated. Motivation ismy problem. That and the cost of food--high fiber and low fat worked for me. 3 babies later and 9 1/2 years of marriage have ruined that weight loss--damn, Patrick had me up 47 lbs from the time he met me til we got married--bigger than I was when I thought I was fat. LOL!

It is scary. And frustrating. But so worth it. When you do it on your own, it's all you. And very satisfying.

Keep up on exercising. Even just playing hard with Ty is good for your cardio. So is sex. ;) Drink water. I love water, but it's hard to drink when I have to as opposed to just wanting to.

Back to wehn I lost weight eons ago, I was doing weight watchers--I wish the plan I followed was still out, cause I loved it. And the larger women and men lost weight faster--like 20-30 lbs came off fast.

For food cravings, I chew sugar free gum. Um, I know I have more to say, but it's nice out and the kids are itching to go outside now that Passions is over. LOL!

You can do it! Have faith!

Christine said...

Girl, your encouragment means SO much to me!!! I've been doing great with the extra fiber and water intake so far. I've also been working on exercising just about every day, plus playing outside with Ty as much as possible. Zane has been happy since i've been using him as a piece of exercise equipment! LOL Plus I do some of a dvd I have, "sweatin to the oldies". I used it years ago and LOVED it!! I also want to get back into using my exercise machine I have, the Gazelle. I'm hoping between all of that and eating better, I will be able to do good. I refuse to say I am on a diet, though....I hate that word!! I am changing the way I eat, and hoping losing weight will come of it.

You know, I thought about joinng weight watchers online, but it is SO expensive! I've heard so many good things about them, since they actually teach you how to eat better. I swear, i could kick my doctor in his pants for telling me I wasn't supposed to eat but once a day while taking Phentermine...sure i'll lose weight by starving myself, but how is that teaching me how to keep it off in the long run?!?!? Ahhh, well.....I just keep telling myself "I CAN DO THIS!"

Patrice4 said...

I totally understand you with the wicked "D" word. And WW online is expensive. I wish I could join. Maybe I culd lose this pound or 50 extra I have on me. LOL! Hahahaha, exercise equipment. And it's free! And fun! LOL!

You know what I've also heard is good? Stocking up on healthy snacks and putting them in portion baggies. Heck, I think some bad for you snacks could control a craving if you portion it off before the craving strikes. Too bad what you have to do to put on the weight is so much fun. LOL!

Christine said...

Ohhh, I like the snack baggie idea!! My doctor did say snacking on almonds was really good, even with the sodium in them. They are great for energy, plus the vitamin stuff in them. I also have to learn that just because I feel hungry doesn't mean I have to grab something to eat, because I feel like I am hungry all the time! I could pick at stuff all day long if I let myself. LOL Thanks for ALL your input, hun!! **hugs**