Monday, November 9, 2009

Chaser man is 5 months old today!

Wow, my baby is 5 months old! I can't get over how fast the time is going. He is such an amazing little guy. He LOVES to talk and giggle/laugh out loud for no reason. He gives the best gummy smiles I have ever seen! He loves to play with toys and puts just about everything he gets his hands on into his mouth. He also loves watching big brother, no matter what he is doing! Ty has learned some cute songs in school and loves to sing them at home.....well, anytime Chase hears him start to sing he just stares at Ty and then will start to laugh so hard! He's also started this new shy phase, where i'll say "Are you my little love muffin?!?" and he gives me the cutest smile then puts his head down and looks at me through the corners of his eyes. He's rolling over like crazy, which makes nap time very rough! I'll lay him on his tummy for a nap and before I can leave the room he is turned over and babbling. He's still teething like crazy, AND fighting a cold still. :(

I haven't had a chance to take his 5 month old pic yet today, but here is a pic I took this weekend of him doing some tummy time.........

I'll be sure to post a pic of him from today. :)