Wednesday, November 4, 2009

House of sickies......

Yes, all 4 of us are or have been sick for over a week now. Tyler started with it almost 2 weeks ago with a cough and stuffy/runny nose. Chase and I got it last Monday, with a cough and stuffy nose. It broke my heart to hear Chase cough. :( Z started with it last Thursday morning. Z had to miss work last Tuesday to take care of Chase and I and to take Ty to school....and then he was off for the field trip, so this weeks paycheck should be interesting. We'll get by, of course. I'm so thankful that he was here last Tuesday, and Ty loved having daddy on his field trip with him. I will be so, SO glad when this crappy cough I have goes away and the stuffy/runny nose, and when Chase and Ty's coughs and icky noses get better. Today Ty gets the H1N1 mist at school and I was worried he may not be able to with his nose being icky and they said as long as he doesn't have a fever and he can sniff good he would be fine.

I just want these germs to get out of this house!!!!