Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or treating was a bust

Well, we took the boys trick or treating last night at the mall and let's just say i'm highly disappointed in the mall. Every year we have been going, they always start the trick or treating at 5pm. Well, we called the mall yesterday morning to see what time they would start since it was a Saturday and were told "Oh, it's the same as every year...5pm." So we got to the mall around 4:30pm to eat dinner before we started walking around, and there were all kinds of kids walking out of the mall with what looked liked bags full of candy but I thought to myself "They can't have candy like that's not 5pm!" So we get into the mall and sure enough, there were TONS of kids trick or treating and had bags totally full of candy!! I told Z "I guess some stores started a little early today..." so we went and got our dinner. After we ate we started taking the boys around......and hardly any stores had candy left!!! The upstairs part of the mall had maybe 10 stores giving out candy, and the downstairs had only 1 store. The costume contest was over and everything! I asked one of the store employees when they started handing out candy and she said "We all started around noon time." WTH?!?!? I know it was a Saturday and that's why I called the mall earlier in the day....why didn't they tell me they were giving stuff out early?!?!?!? I know Ty didn't need the candy obviously, but I was really upset about how the mall handled trick or treating this year. When we left, it was raining so the boys and I waited just outside the mall while Z went and got the van and several people were just getting to the mall with their kiddos and a lady asked me "Are we too early for the candy or have they started handing it out?!" I told her "I hate to tell you this, but just about every store is OUT of candy!" She told me she had called the mall earlier as well and was told they were handing out candy at 5pm.

Here are costume pics of the boys....Ty was a pirate and Chase was a monkey:


Chase trying out Ty's costume:

Our lil' monkey: