Thursday, October 28, 2010

Missing my creativity

I SOOOO miss scrapbooking. We moved so I had to pack up all of my scrapbook stuff and we honestly just don't have the room to get it all out and set up......even the kitchen table is cluttered with junk! Photobucket I could probably make room in the boys bedroom (where we have all of our unpacked boxes right now) but I really don't know how long we will be staying in this home and I have no idea where in the world to put the stuff we still have packed up!! I've been doing a little digital scrapbooking, but it's not really the same..........ugh, i'm such a whiney hiney!

Speaking of the kitchen table being cluttered, i really need to get that cleared off and get more things organized around here. Apparently Ty's teacher (along with a second grade teacher) are doing home visits and I really want to make sure the house is in some kind of order......obviously i'm not going for spotless, but "lived in" would be nice! Photobucket Ahhh, I guess we'll see what I can accomplish today.

So it has been 3 weeks, as of tomorrow, that my tonsils have come out. I still have a dry cough, but other than that they healed nicely. I can pretty much eat what I was eating before, and the drinks that were tasting off are now tasting normal again. But get this......this morning I woke up and my right tonsil was hurting, especially when I would swallow. (just like when tonsilitis was strarting) How is it hurting when it's not even there?!?!? So weird......I took some of the pain medicine they gave me and it helped a little. I have my follow up appointment with the ENT doctor this coming Monday so we'll see what he has to say.

I can't believe Halloween is this weekend! Ty is getting so excited........I can't wait to see my boys all dressed up again. Photobucket

I also can't believe that November is Monday.....where has this year gone?!?!? I'm hoping to do some Christmas shopping for the boys after I drop Ty off at school on Monday. We have a few things for them already, which is good. We're going to get both boys a Pillow Pet.....Ty has been asking for one of those things for months now!!! He loves the pig they have, but so far I can only find that one online. He has also said he likes the puppy and the penguin, and i've seen both of those at Walmart. Of course we're getting Chase the monkey, which i've also seen at Walmart! I'm also hoping to get Ty some chapter books, as he just LOVES to read! Chase has been a little tougher to shop for......he's at that age where he's not quite big enough for things, or is too big for it. We are going to get him a Yo Gabba Gabba dvd, and we've gotten him some Elmo things so far, but that's about it. He LOVES anything with music, so i'll see what I can find at the store on Monday. Plus both boys will get new pj's, which we get them every they will each get an ornament. I actually am looking forward to Christmas this year!!! In fact, yesterday while I was cooking dinner I put a Christmas cd in and was singing and dancing while cooking....Chase LOVED the music!!! Ty was outside playing and he came in and asked me "Mom, why in the world are you listening to Christmas music already?!?" Before I knew it, all three of us were dancing in the kitchen! I just love moments like that........Photobucket