Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas shopping

For myself! It felt so weird buying something specific, that I actually didn't need, and was just for me! The in-laws sent money for Z and I and for the boys (plus Z's brother sent money for the boys), which was so very sweet of them to think of Z and I. We knew they were sending money for the boys, mainly because it's so much cheaper to do that and not have to mail a huge package! LOL We picked up some awesome gifts for the boys; for Ty we got a HUGE Hotwheels garage set and a nerf gun with some darts. For Chase we got him a musical drum and a HUGE Tonka Chuck and Friends playset, plus a CHuck and Friends school bus. (he LOVES school buses!) I had seen some adorable mittens at Walmart that I had wanted to get, but they only had two pairs and they both had holes in them. :( I had also seen the socks before, so I picked up a couple of pairs. One had Santa and the other pair had a polar bear on them. Here is a pick of the Santa socks:

I didn't get a pic of the polar bear socks because I was wearing them! ;) I did end up getting a pair of mittens, but they weren't as cute as the original pair I had seen. They had an adorable snowman on them, so I was happy! Well, we ended up going back to Walmart last night and I decided to check one more time for the mittens I wanted......they had two pair pair had a hole still, but the second pair was perfect!!!! I was SO excited!!!! Here are my mittens....the snowman pair AND the cute pair!!!

I don't know what it is about the striped pair, but I just LOVE the colors!! And they are both so warm and comfy.