Monday, March 28, 2011

Amazing mail day!!!

So the mail has been slacking, as usual.....i'm still waiting for the Orbit Flip-Flops I signed up for as well as the Target goodie bag. (other people I had signed up have gotten both, and i'm still waiting!) Well today totally made up for the waiting!!

- Sentry Ear buds/birthday gift from Marlboro (they are SO cool!!! If I would have known they were sending me them I wouldn't have ordered the pair i got a few days ago!)
- an awesome canvas duffle bag from NWF
- Glade Scented oil candle/Right at Home (love the scent...angel whispers. Ty said it smells like mom-mom!)

I'm still waiting for the flip flops and Target bag, but today was such an awesome day I don't mind waiting for the other goodies!!! Photobucket