Friday, March 25, 2011

As of yesterday.....

I am a whole year older! Where did that year go?!?!? It was such a great birthday!! It started out slightly crappy, as the internet was down yet AGAIN! Remember I posted that Comcast had come out and "fixed" it?!? Well, apparently they didn't because as of yesterday morning the internet was down again. Z called Comcast and they got someone out here fairly quickly and so far, *knock on wood*, it is still up and running. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before it is out again. UGH!!! But the day got better after that. What really made the day special was getting a card from dad!! Ever since mom passed away he didn't send cards, which I obviously understood. (mom was always in charge of remembering birthdays! LOL) But when I got the mail and saw a card in the mailbox and saw the handwriting, I knew it was from dad! I squealed and ran back into the house to open it!!

When Ty got home from school I showed him the card and he loved it, as he loves Elvis! It was such a sweet thing for dad to do, and I will cherish it forever. Photobucket Z also surpised me with a card when he got home and it was so sweet!! We had steak off the grill with a baked potato and green beans. (I swear, Chase would eat a whole thing of green beans all by himself....he LVOES them!!!) After dinner, we all went to a place called Cardin's Drive-in and I got a banana split!!! This thing was HUGE!!! Z and I shared it, and it was simply amazing. Ty and Chase had a cup of chocolate ice cream, and there was still some left! Ahhh, who needs birthday cake when you can get a banana split like we got?!? If I would have had my camera with me I would have taken a pic of it...LOL Photobucket