Monday, April 18, 2011

More progress!

Spoke with Zane today, and he said the doctors came in sometime after 4am and took his bandage off. They said the incision looks really good and they are keeping the bandage off. They also said they want him up and walking more today, and Zane told me he was up several times last night, by himself, to pee. I am so very proud of him!! He did say that they tried to get blood out of him last night and the first nurse hurt him so bad he made her leave the room. She stuck the needle in his arm and was moving it all over the place trying to get the vein. Zane said he got really dizzy and felt pukey so he made her stop. She then tried to stick the top of his hand and he told her that was enough and that she had to leave. A little bit later she came back in and he told her she was not sticking him again. Finally a different nurse came in and they got some blood from his wrist. I felt so bad for him.

I was doing so well with holding it together until he started telling me I needed to make sure I was getting enough rest and was not worrying so much.......I just lost it. And I hate doing that because that just makes him worry about me more, and with all he has going on he does not need to worry about me. I didn't mention to him about my pressure possibly being out of whack and I don't plan to, but I did let him know I had called in a prescription for my meds since i'm almost out of one of them. I also asked him if he knew where we had put the blood pressure machine we have and when he asked why I wanted it i told him it would just be nice to have in case we need it when he comes home. (I did stop at the gorcery store on the way from taking Tyler to school to check my pressure and it was I need to figure out what I can do to get it back down :()

I'm thinking about possibly getting Tyler a little early today from school and going up to see Zane. I want so badly to see him...........