Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saw Zane today!!

This morning when my phone rang and I saw it said "Z" my heart leaped!!! It was SO good to hear his voice again. He sounded so upbeat and good. He said they had to change his pain meds last night to something stronger and it was working really well. He got some decent rest, thank goodness. We talked for a bit and I tried my darndest not to break down but just hearing his voice got me choked up. I asked if it was ok if I brought the boys up and he said of course!! So we got ready and left. When we got there he seemed to be in a decent mood.....he wasn't hurting and I think he was just so glad to see the boys. He was his usual pervert self, trying to get me to look up the gown he was wearing. Photobucket I didn't realize just how much I missed his perviness. LOL After a bit one of the nurses came in and said they were going to let Zane change into his regular clothes and get him to try and walk a little. Well the boys and I left the room so they could get things ready and after awhile the nurse said we could go back into the room. We thought we were going to walk with him in the hall, but when we got into the room he was sitting in a chair. He said when he sat up he had to page the nurse because he thought he was going to pass out. Then when the nurse got there he got sick. :( I felt so bad for him. They gave him a "bath" before he got dressed and once he was done they had him sit in a chair in the room. He was hurting a little, but was doing ok. Poor guy hasn't had anything to eat or drink since Friday afternoon. They say he can have something to eat and drink once he passes gas. (they want to make sure his intestines are working good) I told Zane as much gas as he passes that shouldn't be a problem! Photobucket But his mouth is so dry. Hopefully he'll be able to have something soon. And it was so nice to see him in clothes and not that hospital gown.........

After a little bit Chase was getting so cranky and fussy so i took both boys down to get lunch. After they ate I went back up to the room and Chase did nothing but whine and fuss because he was sleepy. I hated to leave, but I didn't want Chase to bother the other patients or to upset Zane (even though he said he wasn't bothered at all) so we left. I broke down again when we said our goodbyes and was still crying when I walked out of the room. I did take Zane a pic of the boys and he appreciated that alot, I think. I just hate being home without him here....hopefully he'll be home by this time next week.