Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It's been way too  long since i've done an update on Zane. Unfortunately, the update isn't good.

He had been on a total of three different medicines to stop or slow the growth of the tumors he had. According to the doctors, the last p[ill he was on was the very last thing they could use to try and help him. We found out last Monday that the medicine isn't working and that his cancer was just growing out of control. We were both shocked, obviously. The doctor told him they really didn't know how much time he had left. When Zane got home from that appointment, we talked and he told me that they were sending Hospice out to help with things. Once I heard they were coming, I knew something wasn't right. They also were sending a chaplain and a nurse out. The nurse came out on Thursday and spoke with us, and we finally got some answers, and the TRUTH. She told us she had looked at the scans and based on what she saw, Zane had about 3 months. 3 MONTHS! She also told us that the doctor KNEW how much time he had, because he had to sign a form to have Hospice come out and that form states the patient has 6 months or less to live. But the bastard didn't have the balls to tell Zane to his face. Here we were counting on these doctors to take care of him and to tell us the truth, and he couldn't even do that. To say we are devastated is an understatement. Zane was our sole provider. And due to my anxiety/depression issues (which I never really got into here) I depended on him to do everything for me. From making phone calls for things, going to stores for me and just being a big support. Back in September I finally broke down and applied for disability for my issues, and I found out yesterday I was denied. I have no idea how I will provide for the boys, as I am not able to work. Also, I have no idea how we will get out of this house we are living in. The neighbors next door have only gotten worse. In fact, when I was telling Tyler about Zane and what was going on, we were sitting outside. While I was talking to him, we watched a woman come out of the garage next door, go behind it and squat down and snort her drugs. (and lets not forget the times they tried to break in and they used big rocks to damage the car) Not only are they an issue, but this house is NOT safe. There are holes and dips in the floor from where water leaked under the house. The landlord knows about it but does nothing. Yes, I understand we are behind in rent (due to Zane's health), but I would think they would fix the big problems. We had every intention of moving this coming income tax, but now it's even MORE important to get us out of here NOW. But with no income and no savings, I don't know what will happen. I am terrified that Zane will pass away and the boys and I will be stuck in this house all alone. Along with praying for a miracle for Zane, i've also been praying for an angel to help us get out of this house.

Zane is now on some major pain medicines, so he sleeps a big majority of the time. Tyler seems to be handling it ok, but he has said he has had a breakdown at school. His teacher and the counselor know what is going on and have been talking with him. Poor Chase doesn't understand. He knows daddy is sick, and has kissed his tummy and said "Get better, belly". But he has been acting up more and acts weird around Zane. I've been trying my best to keep up with everything and take care of the boys and Zane. It gets so overwhelming. I am doing my best to try and keep things as normal as I can for the boys. Ty is still doing great in school. I also pray if we do get out of here that he can stay in his school. It's bad enough he is losing his daddy, he doesn't need anything else added on to him.

I will try and update this blog as often as I can with how Zane is doing. The last time I did this, it was postings about my mom. :(

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

I received the Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure from influenster in the college vox box. I was so excited to give them a try! I got a pattern manicure set Lil Drumr Grl. They were VERY easy to apply and felt nice and secure on my nails. I loved that there was no drying time needed! They also give you enough nails to wear them twice, which was nice! I did notice after 4-5 days they didn't feel as secure as when I first put them on, though. All in all I would highly recommend them!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Todays mail 11.26.12

- Pumpkin Pie Spice/Trade East

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Todays mail 11.24.12

- Covergirl Blastflipstick kit (LOVE the colors!!!)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Todays mail 11.23.12

- Maybelline Dream Fresh BB/Walmart
- Bic Hybrid 4 Advance razor (3)/Facebook giveaway (I think?)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Todays mail 11.21.12

- Ravens towel/Tide promo (SO cute!!)
- Betty Crocker Shake & Pour Brownie mix
- The Night Before Christmas book/Amazon (paid for with GC....we really needed a new one, and I can not believe this book was only $3.99!! It's HUGE and just gorgeous!!! ups brought it)
- Little Einstein dvd/Amazon (also paid for with GC....for Chase for Christmas)

Monday, November 19, 2012

College VoxBox!!

WOOT, I got my College VoxBox from Influenster!! It some super cool items in it!!!

- Necco Tropical Wafers: They are SO yummy!! The flavors are: Coconut, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Lime, Banana and Mango. I LOVED the coconut!
- Pentel EnerGel-X Campaign pen: Writes so nice and smooth.
- NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eye-liner Pencil: Haven't had a chance to try this yet but can't wait!
- Energy Sheets: Haven't tried these yet, either....look interesting, though!
- ImPress Press-On manicure: I absolutely love the ImPress manicure sets!!

Todays mail 11.19.12

- Kashi Chocolate soft baked square   Photobucket
- Stylus pen for touchscreen on phone/Daily Sale

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ok, so I know we still have 3 days until turkey day.........but I am SO looking forward to eating some yummy turkey!! We normally just do a turkey breast, as a whole turkey is just WAY too much for just the 4 of us. And of course this time of year, trying to find a small turkey is next to impossible!! I think the smallest I saw was just under 20lbs........yeah, I love turkey left-overs, but can only do so much!! LOL I am a little bummed that we couldn't be with family in MD this year. We tried, but Z just couldn't get the time off from work. One of the main reasons I wanted to go up there is to see my dad, who is having some health issues right now.  I also wanted to "see" mom as well, as it's been too long since I visited. Hopefully things will work out and we will get up that way soon.

Right now there are SO many things going on in our lives, both good and bad. But there are TONS of things I am thankful for......

I am thankful for:

- Both of my boys, Tyler and Chase. Even though they drive me freakin insane and some days I just want to run out of the house pulling my hair out and screaming, I wouldn't have things any other way. Both of them are my rock and my heart & soul, and I love them beyond any words I could say. I don't know how I would make it without them.
- having Z here with us. And yes, he does the same to me as the boys do but I wouldn't have him any other way. Photobucket
- having a roof over our heads. I know I complain about where we live (and with good reason, I might add!) but I AM grateful to at least have a house to live in. No it is not our home, but our time WILL come, and soon.
- friends that are always there for me, no matter how much a whine or complain about things!! There are several friends who are more like family to me and always will be. They too have been my rock over the years, and I don't know how I would make it without them as well. I am always here for you and love you ALL so freakin much!!!!   Photobucket
- my family. I hate that I don't keep in touch more with them. I miss them so very much. They can drive me crazy at times, and I KNOW I drive them crazy at times as well, but I love that about them!!
- My in-laws. More importantly, Z's parents. Yes, the same people who have driven me insane throughout the years and caused WAY too much drama in our marriage. (well, not so much them as it is another in-law who is a drama queen attention whore and LOVES to cause crap between Z's parents and myself) Z's parents have helped us SO much throughout the years. I really wish they lived closer to us so they could see the boys on a regular basis. Maybe someday.......

Obviously there are tons more I am thankful for but I would be here all day typing!! So, I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!! Don't over eat, and of course save room for dessert!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mail goodies for the past few weeks

Ugh, i've been slacking so much with posting. Mail goodies have been a little slow, but still not too bad:

- Breathe Right Nose strips/Costco
- Target Beauty Bag/Facebook (3)
- Finish Power Up samples/Facebook (2)
- Johnsonville Kitchens Cookbook (for submitting a recipe...cute!)
- Biore samples
- Venus Embrace (not sure where I got this from, but I love the Embrace!)
- Venus Bikini razor (actually comes with a regular razor, a bikini trimmer and lotion! Also not sure where this came from)
- Mary Kay samples
- Smartfood Bzzkit
- Ghirardelli coupon for free bag (3)
- $12 Pinecone payment/Paypal

I'm sure there are things i'm missing.......and I only got a pic of the razors and Target bag.....

Monday, October 29, 2012

Too long

Wow, i'm SO sorry I haven't posted in such a long time! Mail goodies/freebies haven't been too bad, but I've been slacking with taking pics and posting them. :(  I've been dealing with some of my own issues (which I really am not ready to throw out there just yet) that I have been getting help for, but it's really been harder to "get a grip" on  than I thought it would be. I mean, I didn't expect things to get fixed and all better overnight but I also didn't expect to slip further down like I have. As I said, it's not something I really want to open up about right now. Hopefully, in the future it will all be something I can look back on and open up about easily.

Anyhoo, things around here seem to be going "ok". Just counting down the months until we can get moved.......hopefully only 5 more months to go!! The boys are SO excited about Halloween this week.....I actually got Chase into his costume and he didn't cry!! I don't know what his deal is about clothes....not only did he have a meltdown when he initially tried on his costume, he has meltdowns when it comes to certain clothes in general!! Especially long sleeve shirts right now! I've been trying to gear him up for the cooler weather coming, but all he says is "I can wear my jacket, I'll be fine..." I've told him it will be WAY too cool to wear a tshirt, even with his jacket, and that he will have to wear warmer shirts in the house with no jacket and he keeps saying "I'll be fine, mommy...." So far today I've gotten him to wear a long sleeve thermal shirt....albeit he has the sleeves pushed up right now, he is wearing it and not crying! LOL He looks so cute in his costume, though. He is going to be a pirate!

He didn't have his hook in the pic, and I seriously doubt he will wear the eye patch on Halloween, but he is just too cute!!Ty had a few ideas of what he wanted to be, I normally I try my best to make their costumes......but when I went onto Party City's website Ty saw a costume that he just LOVED!! And, it was on sale!!! He is going to be Walugi, from MarioKart!
I think he loves amazing!!! He doesn't have the mustache on in this pic, but we are waiting to put that on after we eat dinner Halloween night. That is another thing the boys are excited about....eating dinner at the mall!! Because of the area we live in, we take the boys to the mall for trick-or-treating and it's so nice! Even if the weather is bad or super cold, the mall is the perfect place to go. It's just so hard to believe Halloween is this week......this year has flown by SO fast!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Todays mail 10.10.12

Mail goodeis  have been so slow lately.....

- Mrs. Dash sample/Facebook
- Big Hunk candy bar/Facebook giveaway (it was damaged, but still tasted SO yummy!!!)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Another "survey" site

I found another survey site that seems to be fairly easy to do...it's called iRazoo. You do need an invite to join, though. But as far as earning points and things, it seems easy! They have videos on their site, and you earn 2 points to watch them...but there are SO many, that you can almost earn a $5 Amazon gift card every single day by watching them!! And, the videos are long, but you only have to watch 40 seconds of them to earn credit! They also post special codes on their Facebook site that you can earn points with, and there are offers on their site that you can do to earn more. Like I always say, you won't get rich quick with this site, but earning a gift card every few days sounds great to me!!! Here is a link to join: (and yes, it is a referral link)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

4 years ago today

We said goodbye to my best friend, my mom. It's so hard to believe she has been gone for 4 years, and at the same time it still feels like it just happened yesterday. I miss her so much. I still get the urge to pick up my phone and call her. But as much as I miss her, I know she is watching over all of us. :)

Love & miss you, mom.........

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Todays mail 9.29.12

- Mary Kay Mascara/Shoptext
- Triscuits/Facebook giveaway
- $3 paypal/Pinecone
- $5 Amazon/socialsci

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Todays mail 9.26.12

- coupon for free Nivea Lip care product/Facebook giveaway
- Hamburger speakers/Skoal (rec'd 2)

Amazing deal!

If you have kiddos that are into the book series Skippyjon Jones, RUN to Kohl's!!! They have the books AND plush characters for only $2.50 each!!! Now, their stock is EXTREMELY limited but Z was able to get two books (the only two they had left) and two plush characters last night. They do have some of the plush cuties left online for the same price, and if you use the code free2ship, shipping is free! Here is what we got:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A new season

I just LOVE this time of year!! The cooler weather, the beautiful colors of the leaves, the smell of woodstoves/fireplaces......and of course the holidays!! Halloween and Thanksgiving......love, love, love it!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Aye, matey! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Krispy Kreme is giving away a free donut if you go in and talk like a pirate, and if you dress like a pirate you get a free dozen!! Hmmm, Chase is going to be a pirate for Halloween...I wonder if he wears his costume he would get a free dozen donuts?!?!?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I was recently given the chance to try the Oral-B Professional Precision 1000 toothbrush. I was using the Sonicare Flexcare toothbrush, which I liked but was having some issues with. It seems I am always trying things to make my teeth feel more "healthy". I put up my Sonicare and after the Oral-B was charged I gave it a whirl. My first reaction: "WOW!" The power of this toothbrush was amazing!! And yet it wasn't so powerful that it hurt. I could really feel the bristles getting a good, deep clean. I had noticed with my Sonicare, if I appiled the tinniest bit of pressure to my teeth when brushing the head would stop working all together. Not the case with the Oral-B! Even when applying moderate pressure (just to test it out more), the head kept spinning and was still gentle! After brushing, I could really feel the difference in my teeth. They haven't feel so smooth and clean in a very long time!! Even when running my tongue across my teeth I could feel how smooth they were. I've also noticed my teeth (and whole mouth, for that matter!) feel clean and healthy alot longer during the day, and when I wake in the mornings my mouth doesn't have that nasty, icky feeling it sometimes gets when I wake up.

After using the Oral-B for a few weeks I can honestly say my teeth have never felt so healthy!  I love how powerful it is, and yet gentle on my teeth and gums. I also love how the clean feeling lasts so much longer than it did with my old brush. I am now an Oral-B brush user for life!

To find out more about the Oral-B Professional Precision 1000, you can visit there website here. You can also visit the Twitter and Facebook pages out as well. Also, Oral-B is offering a $20 mail-in rebate on select power toothbrushes July 1 through September 30, 2012. Just visit their site for more information.

•Blog Post Disclosure: “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Modern Mom on behalf of Oral-B and received a product sample to facilitate my review. All info shared was my personal, and honest, opinion.” 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Todays mail 9.17.12

- Nivea Olive Oil & Lemon Lip Care/Facebook
- Bic Atlantis pen/Facebook (rec'd 2 so far)
- our 5th Freaky Pet!/Facebook (Welcome to our family, Walloc!)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Todays mail 9.14.12 *edit*

- heart necklace/1saleaday.com
- NewCastle Glasses (they are SO nice!! rec'd 2)
- $3 Paypal payment/Pinecone
- $30 Amazon GC (got paid $10 amazon for 3 surveys I completed)

Still waiting for UPS to bring some things I ordered from Amazon for Ty for Christmas.....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Today's mail 9.10.12

- Ear Buds/Marlboro win (they are actually really nice!)
- Apple Cinnamon Chex (blech!)
- Glade Bzzkit/Bzzagent (came with coupons instead of actual free products...I like that!)
- $5 survey check/Livewire

Friday, September 7, 2012

Gone are the days

....where I could give Chase mix-matched socks to wear. This morning we had a wonderful conversation about socks and how they have to match. Doesn't this child know how hard it is to keep up with socks?!? And his are still so small, they are even easier to lose than regular socks! Plus, no one would see them to notice they didn't match, so why worry about it?!?!? Needless to say, after lots of digging and hunting I finally found a pair that matched....and then I get this:

Me: "Here you go babe, socks that match...."
Chase: "I not BABE, I CHASE!"


Thursday, September 6, 2012

More mail from today

I got a package from yardsellr I had ordered!! I absolutely love everything!

In the small baggies are some small die cuts....one spells out "Happy Halloween".....now to get some more Halloween pics out and scrap them!!!

Todays mail 9.6.12

Getting so tired of the mailman bending stuff to fit in the mailbox....I don't care if it doesn't say "DO NOT BEND", some things you just DON'T BEND!!!

- Olay 2-1 facial cloths/P&G
- Now energy bar (really small)
- Nexcare band aids
- this months book for Chase/Imagination Library (bent, thanks to the mailman)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Todays mail 9.5.12 *EDIT*

- Target Beauty Bag* (not sure where this came from?!? It's cute but there are less samples in it.....and it's less "satiny" feeling than the other bags i've received)
- Christmas Search and Find book/Yardsellr (Ty will LOVE this, as he loves I Spy and just about any search and find book he sees!! Thinking about letting him open it on Christmas Eve...or maybe a few days before.....)

**Ok, so it pays to read!! I read the insert that came with the bag and it said it was a gift for being a subscriber to Latina Magazine!! (I won the subscription a few months ago but thought I had declined it, that is, until I got an issue in the mail) Thank you Latina Magazine!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Todays mail 9.4.12

- Luna Fiber Bar/Chocolate Rasberry
- P&G Olympic Pin
- Jolee Bus Sticker/yardsellr

Monday, September 3, 2012

InboxDollars and SendEarnings

A few years ago I had signed up for a site where you earn money for doing surveys, clicking on links, signing up for things and also for just clicking links in the emails they send. It was InboxDollars. I liked it, but I was having computer issues (had dial-up and a really slow computer) so I just let my account go. Recently I decided to give it a shot again and it is SO easy to earn cash! Granted it can take awhile to have the money add up (cash out is $30) but for what little bit of work you have to do it is worth it! I mean don't get me wrong, you can go gung ho and make quite a bit of money quickly, but some of the offers require a credit card. But, if you were going to do something along the lines of the offer anyway (like research car insurance or sign up for certain sites) then the points can add up quickly. They also send emails where they pay you just to read the email. (and it may only be .01-.02 for each email, but it does add up over time!) They also have a feature where if you do a search through their search engine you can earn money for that as well. Plus you earn when your friends sign up under your referral link.

If you are interested, here is my referral link to sign up:

You get $5 just for signing up! Now, as I said they do send emails from time to time so I would suggest using an email that is just for doing sites like this.

Also, there is another site that is EXACTLY the InboxDollars and it is called SendEarnings. Again, it works exactly like InboxDollars and is also just as easy to earn cash. Here is my refferal link for them:

Again, you won't make a ton of money but it does add up over time....and with Christmas coming any little bit will help!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Todays mail 9.1.12

- Progresso Recipe Starters bzzkit (got the creamy roasted garlic...sounds yummy!)
- our 4th Freaky Pet, Turtoe!/Freaky Pets facebook giveaway

Friday, August 31, 2012

Todays mail 8.31.12

- Schick Hydro Silk razor/Sam's Club
- coupon for free Fling's pop-pop recycle bins/Facebook giveaway
- Brew Over Ice Tumbler/Facebook (second tumbler......not sure why it took so long to get?)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Todays mail 8.29.12

Squee, a great mail day!!!

- ash tray/Black and Mild (will be great to keep small things in on the computer desk! rec'd 2)
- freezeable coasters/L&M (these are SO cool!! You can stick the center tile of the coaster in the freezer and when you put it back in it keeps your drinks cold for longer! also rec'd 2)
- "before" & "after" die cuts/Ebay (just adorable! paid for with survey money)
- scrapbook stickers from yardsellr (SOOOO cute!!!)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Todays mail 8.27.12


- 1st haircut diecut/ebay (I wish I could make my own diecut titles, but this one is so cute, and was VERY reasonable!)
- Oral B toothbrush/Moder Mom Insider (can not believe how fast this came!!)

Such a lovely start to the week

Well, last night was rough but this morning takes the cake. Ty got off to school just fine (thank goodness!) and Z was getting ready for work. He was getting his stuff together and I asked him if he had his medicine and he answered me really shitty/snarky, so that sort of see the tempo of the morning. He left and I was getting things picked up in the living room when my phone rang. It was Z.........apparently our lovely neighbors (or people from a few houses over.....there are more than one druggie houses on this road with asshats living there) thought it would be fun to take two rocks to our car. They bashed the one corner of the windshield, causing the glass to break and spread to the middle of the window. They also put two HUGE, deep gashes/dents into the hood and the side and also bent the radio antenna. Oh, and the best part?! We don't have glass coverage on our insurance for the car....because of the age we didn't get it, and honestly didn't think we would need it. Here are some pics....

Here is the dent they put in the hood....

And the side, near the rear door handle....

Z did call to make a report, but apparently they now only do vandalism reports over the phone?!? How the hell can they see the damage done if no one comes out?!? I have a feeling once they saw the road we lived on they decided it just wasn't worth coming out to look at. Gotta love that we don't feel safe, even when we are talking about our own sheriff's department.

So basically, we are doing everything in our power to get moved out of this house ASAP, and not wait until tax time. We are beyond broke, but we just can not stay here any longer. It's only going to get worse.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Update for todays mail 8.24.12

We finally got our Hopper!! (from the Dish Network giveaway)

This cutie is so much bigger than I was expecting......I figured it would be the size of the baby in the pouch!!

Todays mail 8.24.12 *edit*

What a mail day!! So far Fed Ex has been here and the regular mail.....just waiting on UPS!!!

- PT from Pinecone (can't wait to try it, yum!)
- Nerf Fire Vision bzzkit (way cool! I know Ty is going to love it, and I can't wait to play with it either!)
- LL Bean order (paid for with free gift card I received from My Points. I was going to get Ty a new backpack, but his was fine so I decided to get him some slippers for Christmas. They are SO nice! And I love having a Christmas present put away already!!)
- $6 Pinecone Payment/paypal
- $8 Decision Research payment/Paypal

I'll update once UPS gets here.....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Todays mail 8.23.12


- finally got my little German!!! (I was so worried he got lost or kidnapped!!)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Todays mail 8.22.12

LOL, love these.......they weren't technically free but they were super cheap (oh, and ignore the table they are on....it's one of those fold up tray table thingies, I use it to scrapbook and it has some wear and tear...LOL)