Monday, December 21, 2009

Update on the boys

I know I am SO far behind with the updates, but using my old hard drive is rough!! it is SO slow and I can only leave it on for an hour or so at a time before I need to restart it to work normally again. Anyhoo, here are some updates on the boys.....

Tyler is doing alot better! His ear hardly hurts at all but he can't hear out of it just yet. His cough comes and goes but for the most part he hardly coughs at all! He's already missing school and can't wait to see his friends and teacher again in January! LOL He's also SUPER excited about Christmas this week....but then again, what kid isn't?!? We got him lots of games this year, like Trouble and Gator Golf.....we also got him a game that is like Trouble but it's Scooby Doo themed, and we also got him Monopoly.

Chase is doing awesome!! He still has a slight runny nose and cough but is such a happy guy. I can't believe he is 6 months old already!! He is just about sitting up on his own and is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. His latest thing is growling/grunting.....just like a male! LOL Today I started him on some stage 2 baby foods and he got mac & cheese for lunch and LOVED it!! I also got him a chicken and veggie thing to try for dinner soon. Also, when we put up the Christmas tree he was so excited, but he took a nap before Z could put the lights on it and he didn't get to see them. Well, when he woke up from his nap and saw those lights, the look on his face was just priceless. He loves looking at Christmas trees and lights now!!!! I can't wait until we go to Pigeon Forge this Thursday and he sees all those lights.......:D

I can't post any pics right now as I don't have a program on this computer to edit pics.....if I do get them fixed i'll be sure to post them!!

When it rains......

So today I decided to take the boys to Walmart and to get Z's Christmas present. When we get to Walmart I went to the back of the van to get the stroller out.....well, on top of the stroller was Chase's old car seat so I picked it up and slid it to the back seat. I must have moved my hand too fast because I ended up smashing my thumb and I pulled my hand back and shook it a few times to get it to stop hurting.....and my wedding ring went flying through the air. :( I heard it hit the pavement and bounce several times before I couldn't hear it anymore, and I couldn't see it anywhere. A man was sitting in his car and got out and asked if he could help me......I told him I would greatly appreciate it although i'm sure it's a lost cause. We looked and looked, but no hard as I was shaking my hand that ring could be anywhere in the parking lot. I went to the service desk and they told me to call them throughout the day to see if anyone finds it and returns it, but I seriously doubt anyone will do that.......I mean, it's far from an expensive ring but I can't see someone finding it and turning it in. It would honestly take a Christmas miracle for that to happen........

Friday, December 11, 2009

Crazy few weeks!!!

Whew, where to begin!!! So let's see, the last update was about Ty. He is now doing much better! He still has a cough, but we all seem to have it. We ended up taking Chase back to the ER on the 4th. When he woke up that morning he seemed to having a slight problem with breathing but I just figured it was from his nose being stuffy/crusty. The big thing was his cheeks were so red!! I couldn't get over how red they were, and yet he still had no fever. We called the after hours hotline and they said if we felt he should be seen to take him to the ER, so we did. His weight was down to 16lbs 4oz (which we think was wrong anyway, but i'll post about that in a sec) which was only 7 ozs difference but it was still dropping. He had a slight fever as well and just looked so pitiful. :( The doctor came in and decided to do a chest x-ray and a rsv test, plus give him a breathing treatment. The x-ray was interesting........trying to hold an almost 6 month old still for that was tough! It came back fine though, and they then came in to do the rsv test....THAT was awful. They had to stick a think tube into his nose and use a syringe to draw up some mucous to test it. Poor baby just cried and cried. That also came back negative, which was a relief. Then the nurse came in adn gave him a breathing treatment. He wasn't too happy about it, but he did good. After that she used a suction tube to clean his nose out really good and THAT was also rough! He hated it!!! After all of that, I was holding him to comfort him and he passed out! We finally got the all clear to go home and he really seemed to be doing much better. Seeing him go through all of that wasn't easy, though. :(

So on Sunday night/early Monday morning I woke up to an ear ache and now can't hear out of my right ear.......and I also ended up with pink eye in both eyes!! Then on Tuesday I lost my glasses and didn't find them until that evening. Then, on Wednesday we had some nasty winds blowing and at 3am we lost electric. By 5am it had come back on. Well, when I got back from taking Ty to school, I decided to bake some cupcakes for Chase's 6 month "birthday".......I had 5 minnutes left for them to bake when the electric went out yet again. I left at 11am to go pick Ty up from school and when we got back at 1:30pm the electric was back on. So, I started the washer and dishwasher and finished baking the rest of the cupcakes. When they were done I decided to turn the computer back on and get soon as I got connected, the electric went out yet again. The elctric didn't come back on again until after 8pm. Well, I went to get online on Thursday and it kept saying the port was already in use......a call to Peoplepc informed me that I was still showing as online and I would need to uninstall my modem and reinstall it. Well, I did that and it still doesn't work, so I now need to send my computer out to have the modem repaired. I pulled out my old hard drive and I forgot how slow this thing is. I guess I should just be thankful i'm able to get online, huh?!? LOL If it wasn't for bad luck we would have no luck at all!

Today Chase had his 6 month check up. How in the world did my baby get to be 6 months old?!? The appointment was also a follow-up for when he was at the hospital. Anyhoo, he did good. His weight was 15lbs 11ozs there, and I asked the doctor and nurse why the big weight difference between the hospital digital scale and their scale and was told we should go by the doctor office scale. He was also 26.5 inches long. The doctor said he looked like he was on the mend, even though his little cheeks are still a little red. He said his lungs sounded ok....he could still here a little congestion but he wasn't weezing or struggling to breath so that was fine. He did say he was still concerned about the discharge coming out of his nose. He asked if it had always been that color and I told him it was slightly darker green last week....he said if it gets dark green again (it's light green right now) he would need to be put on an antibiotic. After his check up came the nasty shots......he got two of them! While we were waiting for the nurse he got fussy so we gave him his bottle and he ended up falling asleep. Well, we had to wake him up to get his shots and that was awful. He cried so much after the first shot he ended up coughing, then gagging and puking up all the milk he had just drank. :( After his second shot we got him all wiped down and cleaned up and dressed and he seemed to be doing better. By the time we got home he was passed out. I got him out of the van and layed back down without waking him! Well, he woke up just as it was time to go get Ty from school and on the way to the school he went back to sleep and slept for almost another hour.......when he woke up he felt slightly warm like he had a fever, so I gave him some more tylenol and he seemed fine. I'm just glad the 6 month shots are done! Poor little guy has had a rough week like the rest of us..........


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tyler update

Well, we took Tyler to the doctor today. Actually, Z left work early today to take him himself as we didn't really want to take Chase out since it's so cold and he's still sick. Ty doesn't have strep but the doctor is thinking he has a touch of mono! He also said one of his ears was red inside so he gave him some meds for that as well as the mono. And the good news, the pink eye is cleared up! We'll be keeping him home tomorrow and if he feels better he can go to school on Thursday.

So Z just called to let me know about the prescription for would cost us $80 out of pocket to buy!! WTH?!?!?!? Z called the doctors office and told them they need to call in something different since there is no WAY we can afford that.

Poor Chase is still sick. :( He has a stuffy nose and cough, but at least the pink eye cleared up. I feel so bad for him, though..........hopefully this will all clear up soon and stay away!!! Today is a bittersweet day.......Chase moved out of the swaddler diapers and is now in cruisers. My baby is growing up so fast!


Monday, November 30, 2009

Chase's weight

I forgot to mention Chase's weight from when they checked it at the ER last night!! He is now up to 16lbs 11ozs! Photobucket I'm going to try and check his length sometime today.........

Turkey day is over......

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! We went to MD to be with family for the holiday, and it was so nice to be around everyone again. We left on Wednesday at 3:30pm and made it to the in-laws house around 11:45pm. The boys did fairly decent........we were on the road for all of 5 minutes when Ty said "I'm hungry, can we get dinner?" And this was before 4pm! After he got some food in his belly, he then kept asking "Are we there yet?" "Are we in Virginia yet?" Are we in MD yet?" Chase got fussy on and off but did well otherwise. When we got the in-laws, they were both up because they were so excited about seeing the of course Chase was all wound up and over stimulated, so when we went to bed at midnight he was upset and screaming! Plus it was a strange place to him so that made it even worse. Needless to say Z and I didn't get to go to sleep until well after 2am. Thanksgiving day was nice. Z's cousins came over and got to see the baby. The dinner was SO yummy!!!! The in-laws asked us if we would get the boys their Christmas gifts and since there were a few deals on black Friday we decided to venture out while my mother in law watched the boys. NOT fun!!! Toys R Us had a Leapster handheld game system on sale I wanted to get for Ty and the sale started Midnight. Well, Z got up and was at TRU at 11:45pm and they were lined up completely around the building!! Needless to say he turned around and came back and went back to bed. LOL Well, Target had 2 things we also wanted to get Ty, so we got up and left at 4:30am Friday morning and decided to hit TRU first to see if they possibly had any of the systems left. We went to the one Z had gone to and they were all sold out. Well, there was another TRU near the Target we were going to so we hit that one and they had ONE system left!!!! We quickly grabbed it and left the store. We then went to Target, which was such a mess!! They opened at 5am and we got there 10 minutes after they opened and I couldn't believe how crazy people were. Z dropped me off at the door and I went in and got what we wanted and by the time I was done Z was already in the store. We went back to the in-laws and at 7am we woke the boys up and went to visit mom and get some running done. It was so hard to see mom, but it felt so good. We picked up some fake flowers for mom, which Ty picked out. I took a few pics that I need to re size before I post. After we saw mom we went to visit my girlfriend and her little was so nice to see them again!! When we left there we hit a few grocery stores to pick up a few things to take home with us. On Saturday we went to my dad' looked amazing!!! He's lost a total of 40lbs and is eating so much better and exercising. I am so very proud of him!! At noon time we went to my sister Dee's house, which is where everyone was getting together. It was so nice seeing everyone and having them meet Chase and see how big Ty has gotten!! Plus, my sister is an amazing cook and she did a turkey dinner that was SO good.........*drool* I miss living close to my family.....I really need to work on getting them to move closer!! LOL All in all it was great seeing them. We left MD close to 7am yesterday and got home a little after 3:30pm.

Now on to the bad stuff. Both boys are sick, yet again, and all 4 of us have pink eye! I noticed Saturday morning that Ty's left eye looked a little pink and blood shot but I just assumed he had rubbed his eye kind of hard. That afternoon he told me his eye hurt and he had a green/yellow goopy thing in the corner of his eye. We stopped at CVS on our way to my sisters house and they told us they don't sell anything over the counter for pink eye and that he would have to see the doctor. Well, when we got to my sisters house and told them about it they told us they DO sell something over the counter!! So my nieces went to CVS and got a bottle (and it says right on the front of it "Pink eye relief"!!!) and within two doses we could see his eye improve. Granted we have to fight him to get the drops in, they are working!! Well, Chase had started back up with his cold on Friday, and on the way home yesterday I noticed his left eye looked a little red on the outside and I saw a green/yellow goopy thing in the corner.....just great! By the time we got home Z gave him a bottle and he fell asleep so I layed him down.......within 10 minutes he was awake and crying hard and his eye was SO swollen! Z called the nurses hot line and they said to take him to the emergency room, so at 6pm last night we headed to the er. They saw him super fast, thank goodness. They gave us a prescription for drops which we filled on our way home. By the time we got home it had spread to Chase's other eye. Poor baby looked awful. :( His nose is SO stuffy, he has a cough and his eyes are red and puffy. And yet he still manages to give me some of his famous gummy just breaks my heart. I did ask the doctor if Ty had to stay home from school and he said Ty shouldn't be contagious anymore he could go today......well, he woke me up at 5:00am this morning crying and saying both his eyes were stuck closed. So needless to say, no school for at least two days for him......and they were doing special testing this week! :( I went into the bathroom to get a warm washcloth and Z was just getting out of the shower.......I told him his eye looked a little red and sure enough he had it too. He looked at my eye and said it was in there as well! Why in the hell can't we get a break from being sick?!?!?!? I still have a cough from getting sick 2 months ago, Tyler has been on antibiotics twice and is still sick, and Chase had a cold that went away but is now back in full force. GO AWAY, GERMS!!! Photobucket

*sigh* Well, other than the nasty sicky stuff things are ok. When we went to my sisters house, she had it decorated for Christmas and it looked amazing!!! Now I can't wait to get our decorations up! We usually put our stuff up the Friday after Thanksgiving, but since we were out of town we'll be late with them. I tell you what, it will be a VERY long time before we go back to MD.......that was such a long ride!!! I really miss my family, but if they want to see the boys they can come visit here from now on!! LOL

I'll hopefully get some pics up from our trip soon..........

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanksgiving is coming!

I'm really looking forward to our trip to MD for Thanksgiving!! We've been trying to work our how we're going to spend the time there, as we have so much we want to do!!! The main things I want to do is see mom and have my family meet Chase and see how big Ty has gotten. We'll be spending Thanksgiving day with the in-laws, then super early Friday morning my mother in law is watching the boys while Z and I hit Target for a few Christmas gifts for the boys. (they want us to pick up a few things for the boys as well from them) Once we get back we're going to get the boys and go visit mom, then possibly go to Pasadena to hit a few grocery stores to get some things to take back home with us. After that we'll have to head back to the in-laws so they'll have plenty of time with the, a friend of Z's is coming over for dinner that day. On Saturday we're going to my dad's house to spend time with him and my sisters and their families are supposed to come over so we can spend time together. We'll then get up slightly early on Sunday morning and head back to TN. I wish we had alot more time so we could visit more people, but because the in-laws are paying for us to come up to MD they're wanting to spend alot of time with the boys and there isn't much I can do about that. :(

On Saturday my cellphone rang and it said Dad. So when I answered it I expected to hear my dads voice, but it was my sister Dee. She said my dad was in the hospital. He was at the store and passed out and they said he was bleeding internally and they didn't know where it was coming from. they were running all kinds of tests and were going to keep him at least overnight. I got to talk to dad and he sounded fine, which made me feel slightly better. He said he was shopping and felt fine when all of the sudden he got really dizzy and sweaty, then passed out. My sister Kathie called me yesterday to let me know that they found the bleeding was coming from an ulcer and they had it under control, but they still wanted to keep him another day or so. What a relief!!! Hopefully he'll get to come home soon.


So my wonderful cold turned into a sinus infection. I have never felt pain like that in my life....and I pushed out two kids!!! The whole left side of my face hurt so bad, all I could do was cry. At first I thought it could be a toothache, but I used orajel and it didn't take away any pain at all. And, I had TONS of pressure from my upper left jaw up into my left eye.....I swear my left eye socket felt like someone punched me in it. Z left work early on Friday to take me to the dentist to rule out a tooth problem, and on the way to the dentist I got a HUGE amount of pressure in my nose and the pain eased up on my jaw/teeth......I then got a nasty taste in my mouth so I blew my nose and I felt so much better!! I guess I got rid of some of the infection?!?!? I don't know, but it was such a relief. It was short lived, though. The dentist ruled out a tooth problem and said it is most definitely a very bad sinus infection, and by the time I left the dentist the pain was coming back. We called our family doctor and he called me in a prescription for an antibiotic. By the time we got home on Friday I was crying again from the pain. :( Z got me some sinus meds from the store and I took them so I could try and get some sort of rest. It did ease up the pain some, thank goodness. My left eye was just about closed shut by Saturday, so Z took the boys grocery shopping so I could stay home and get some rest and it was SO nice! I have to say, Z was SO amazing during all of this. For some reason I was so clingy towards him.......when he wasn't home and I was hurting, I missed him SO much. He was truly amazing. I've been on the antibiotics for a few days and they've relieved the swelling so much, plus i'm still taking some sinus pills AND taking advil. As long as I keep up with the meds the pain isn't as bad. In fact, today is the best i've felt since this all started last Thursday morning!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chase's 5 month pics.....

He looks so big in this pic!!!

I love the way he is looking at me....his eyes are huge!!

Sickies are about gone

It really seems like the sickies are finally done around here! We all 4 still have a bit of a cough and stuffy noses, but it's easing up alot. I took Ty to the doctor on Friday since he had been sick the longest and he said he had a slight sinus infection, so he's on antibiotics for 10 days. Chase still has a runny nose but his cough is just about gone, thank goodness. I will be SO glad when it's all gone completely and I can taste & smell things again.....I never thought I would miss being able to smell Chase's poopy diapers, but I hate changing him and finding "surprises" in there! LOL

Other than the sickies, things seem to be going good here. We're all getting excited about visiting MD in a few weeks. I'm dreading the drive a little, though......driving 500 miles with a 5 month old should prove to be very interesting. But we have things semi-planned out for when we're in MD. We'll be spending Thanksgiving day with the in-laws, then Friday I want to head up to where my family is and visit my mom then spend the rest of the afternoon with the in-laws (I hate that they're making us feel obligated to spend all of our time with them) then on Saturday we'll head to my dad's house and everyone will meet there for the get together. I'm excited for everyone to see how big Ty is getting and to meet Chase!!! We'll most likely leave super early Sunday morning so we can get back home early enough to rest before things go back to normal on Monday.

So yesterday I did a little Christmas shopping online. I had some gift cards I had been saving and got Chase two cute toys. One is a set of keys and one of them you can fill with water to help with teething. The other is something that plays music, which he loves. I also got myself a new set of holiday cookie cutters!! I was in desperate need of new cutters. I didn't see anything for Ty yet......he is SO hard to shop for this year! He's named a few things he wants, but for the most part I have no idea what to get him. :( I'm going to get Chase one other toy.....a Fisher Price puppy that sings and talks.......and that will most likely be it, since my family and the in-laws will most likely spoil him. Hopefully after Thanksgiving i'll be able to concentrate more on gifts for Ty.

Well, I really need to get off of my butt and finish putting laundry away........hope everyone has a great week!!!

Chaser man is 5 months old today!

Wow, my baby is 5 months old! I can't get over how fast the time is going. He is such an amazing little guy. He LOVES to talk and giggle/laugh out loud for no reason. He gives the best gummy smiles I have ever seen! He loves to play with toys and puts just about everything he gets his hands on into his mouth. He also loves watching big brother, no matter what he is doing! Ty has learned some cute songs in school and loves to sing them at home.....well, anytime Chase hears him start to sing he just stares at Ty and then will start to laugh so hard! He's also started this new shy phase, where i'll say "Are you my little love muffin?!?" and he gives me the cutest smile then puts his head down and looks at me through the corners of his eyes. He's rolling over like crazy, which makes nap time very rough! I'll lay him on his tummy for a nap and before I can leave the room he is turned over and babbling. He's still teething like crazy, AND fighting a cold still. :(

I haven't had a chance to take his 5 month old pic yet today, but here is a pic I took this weekend of him doing some tummy time.........

I'll be sure to post a pic of him from today. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

House of sickies......

Yes, all 4 of us are or have been sick for over a week now. Tyler started with it almost 2 weeks ago with a cough and stuffy/runny nose. Chase and I got it last Monday, with a cough and stuffy nose. It broke my heart to hear Chase cough. :( Z started with it last Thursday morning. Z had to miss work last Tuesday to take care of Chase and I and to take Ty to school....and then he was off for the field trip, so this weeks paycheck should be interesting. We'll get by, of course. I'm so thankful that he was here last Tuesday, and Ty loved having daddy on his field trip with him. I will be so, SO glad when this crappy cough I have goes away and the stuffy/runny nose, and when Chase and Ty's coughs and icky noses get better. Today Ty gets the H1N1 mist at school and I was worried he may not be able to with his nose being icky and they said as long as he doesn't have a fever and he can sniff good he would be fine.

I just want these germs to get out of this house!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or treating was a bust

Well, we took the boys trick or treating last night at the mall and let's just say i'm highly disappointed in the mall. Every year we have been going, they always start the trick or treating at 5pm. Well, we called the mall yesterday morning to see what time they would start since it was a Saturday and were told "Oh, it's the same as every year...5pm." So we got to the mall around 4:30pm to eat dinner before we started walking around, and there were all kinds of kids walking out of the mall with what looked liked bags full of candy but I thought to myself "They can't have candy like that's not 5pm!" So we get into the mall and sure enough, there were TONS of kids trick or treating and had bags totally full of candy!! I told Z "I guess some stores started a little early today..." so we went and got our dinner. After we ate we started taking the boys around......and hardly any stores had candy left!!! The upstairs part of the mall had maybe 10 stores giving out candy, and the downstairs had only 1 store. The costume contest was over and everything! I asked one of the store employees when they started handing out candy and she said "We all started around noon time." WTH?!?!? I know it was a Saturday and that's why I called the mall earlier in the day....why didn't they tell me they were giving stuff out early?!?!?!? I know Ty didn't need the candy obviously, but I was really upset about how the mall handled trick or treating this year. When we left, it was raining so the boys and I waited just outside the mall while Z went and got the van and several people were just getting to the mall with their kiddos and a lady asked me "Are we too early for the candy or have they started handing it out?!" I told her "I hate to tell you this, but just about every store is OUT of candy!" She told me she had called the mall earlier as well and was told they were handing out candy at 5pm.

Here are costume pics of the boys....Ty was a pirate and Chase was a monkey:


Chase trying out Ty's costume:

Our lil' monkey:

Friday, October 30, 2009

Field trip was a blast!!!

We had such a great time yesterday!! We had a meeting with the teacher to get instructions and find out which kiddo went with which chaperon. After we got our info we went to the classroom and they were watching a movie......well, once the kids saw Chase in the stroller that was the end of the movie! Ty got up from his seat and hugged me while all the other kids came up to see Chase. Tyler was so proud....he said "This is my baby brother!" and he had a huge smile on his face. I couldn't get over how all of the kids ohh'd and ahh'd over a baby! It was really sweet. After the teacher came back and made sure everyone had their lunches and knew who their buddy was, we headed out to the bus........I swear, the kids were more excited about riding the bus then going to the zoo! LOL We actually drove the van to the zoo and we got there before the bus did. When the buses pulled up, you could see that all the kids loved riding the bus!!! Here is a pic of Ty waiting to get off the bus at the zoo.......he was looking at the teacher, waiting to see when they could get off the bus;

Once we finally got to go inside, it was awesome!!! The kids had such a great time, and the buddy that Ty had was so good.........they had told Z that Ty's buddy was really hyper, but she wasn't hyper at ALL! She had great manners and was an amazing helper. We saw some REALLY beautiful animals.......Ty said his favorites were the zebras, elephants and rhinos:

I love the look on his face!

I honestly thought there were only 2 rhinos and a big rock....LOL!

There was an ostrich there that was hilarious!!!! When we first walked up he was running around in a huge circle. I got my camera out to try and get a pic of him running and he looked right at me and stopped in his tracks.......he came right up to the fence in front of me and pecked at the fence. After I got a few pics he ran off again and started doing a little "dance". LOL I think my favorites were the elephants and white tiger.....the white tiger was SO gorgeous, but he kept his back to me!!! I wish this pic would have turned out better....

Chase had a great time as well, even with his cold!! He really loved watching all the kids playing and running around. The only bad thing is, we lost his bottle at the end of the trip....and it was the only bottle I took with us!! :( I totally forgot to pack extra bottles. He still did very well, fact, he was SO wiped out he went to sleep a little after 5pm last night and didn't wake up until 5am this morning!! Woohoo!!! All in all it was a great trip!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Field trip day!!

So today is Ty's very first field trip at school! He has been talking about this day ever since we found out about the trip!!!! So faqr we are all going, but Chase and I have been sick since Monday so it really depends on how Chase is feeling this morning. I still feel like crud, but mainly because of this nasty cough I have. Chase still seems to be about the same as of last night, so we'll see how he is this morning to determine if he and I go. Poor little guy....his nose is stuffy and he has a cough. Everytime he coughs it just breaks my heart.....he'll be coughing and give me one of his gummy smiles and it kills me. :( He doesn't have a fever, so that's a good thing.

If I go i'll be sure to take lots of pics to share!!! Woohoo, I can't wait!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Parent/teacher conference

We had Ty's first teacher conference and it went great!! She told us how she is really impressed with how well mannered he is and how much he has improved with his writing and coloring since school started, and how he has come along way from the crying he did the first week or so of school. He does need to work on his fine motor skills and keeping focused on what is going on. She said he gets along great with the other kids and her, and even said "I love having him in my class.....he gets my jokes!" LOL She also said he is in a reading group and it's the highest there is. He'll bring his report card home tomorrow, but from what we saw he had almost all "E"'s which are excellent. We are so proud of him!!!!

Pregnancy/new baby blog

Well, i've decided to not post at my other blog anymore and just do the updates and things here. I'm not going to delete the blog though, as I want to be able to go back and read it every once in awhile.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

One year ago today.....

We said good-bye to mom. It's so hard to believe she's been gone a year. I think about her constantly and still get the urge to call her when something exciting happens with the boys or when I need advice/help with something. I miss her so very much.

For those of you who are new to my blog, one year ago today my mom passed away due to ovarian cancer. She had surgery in May of 2008 and had lots of ups and downs before she finally went Home. Ladies, please please be sure to get your yearly exams. It can most certainly save your life.

We love and miss you, mom......

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ty's first school pic

I just love his smile in the picture.

We originally ordered the green background but they used this background color instead. They said we could send them back and have them retake the pics with the green background, but the more I looked at these pictures the more I feel in love with them. And he actually had a genuine smile on his face, which is SO rare for him! LOL

I look at this picture and think to myself "How in the world did I become the mom of a kndergartner already?!?!?"

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy birthday, Zane!!!

Today is Z's birthday!! I've already baked his cake, now all I have to do is wait for it to cool so I can put the icing on and add the coconut. (he requested a white cake with fluffy white icing and coconut on top....yum!!) He also asked for steak and fried shrimp for dinner, which also sounds good to me!! ;) We didn't do the present thing this year, and I think it would be really hard to top last years present.....Chase was conceived this date last year! Photobucket I was thinking about running to Dollartree later to get a balloon to tie onto our THAT would surprise him! Photobucket

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall!!!!

Wow, summer is gone. This year is just flying by!! We had a pretty amazing summer here. We welcomed our second son in June! He is such an amazing little guy, and totally completes our family. I really love being the mom of two boys!! Another big thing this summer was Tyler starting school. I can't believe he is in kindergarten. He is growing up SO fast!! Yesterday we got his school pictures back, and they turned out AMAZING!! Well, they messed up the background was supposed to be green so we had him wear a light colored shirt. But the more I look at these pics the more I love them.....he actually has a genuine smile on his face! We're going to be mailing them out the end of this week, so once they go out and people start getting them i'll post it here.

I need to get off of here and work on dinner a little more......I took a chicken pot pie out of the freezer that we had made earlier this year (we make at least two pies at a time, minus the crust, and always freeze one) and I just put the crust on it I made and want to check on it. Take care everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Awareness Ribbon

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Please ladies, be sure to get your yearly check-ups.

RIP, Mr. Swayze

Patrick Swayze

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This morning when I dropped Ty off for school he didn't cry!!! He opened up the van door and I told him to have a great day and he said "You have a great day too, mommy!" He got out, closed the door and was waving to me with a smile on his face! Ahhh, it was so nice to drive away with him not crying. I felt so good inside and yet at the same time got a little choked up to see him so grown up and brave.

Another YAHOO!! moment.....Chase has slept through the night for 3 nights in a row!!! On Friday I broke down and bought him some baby applesauce and he did GREAT with it!! He only had a very little bit on Friday, but Saturday morning and right before bed that night he had some applesauce before his bottle and he got his little belly full and slept all night!! Sunday and Monday nights we did the same thing and it worked!! Ahhh, I feel like a whole new mommy today.........Photobucket

Monday, August 31, 2009

It is official

Tyler is a full time kindergartner!!! Today was his first full start day, and he will go M-F from 7:45am to 1pm. I was so very proud of him when I dropped him off this morning. They have helpers outside to assist the riders and although they are both awesome, one of them has taken a major liking to Tyler. When we had kindergarten orientation last Thursday, all of the kids were in the gym watching a movie.....well, when we went to get Ty to get ready to leave the one lady saw I had Chase and came up and said "There's that baby!! I asked Tyler if his baby brother was around!" We talked for a few minutes and when we were leaving she said "Bye Tyler! See you Monday!" He really likes her as well!! Well, this morning she was the one who helped him out of the van and she was so excited to see him!! I told him I loved him and to have a good day and he waved back and said "You have a good day too, mommy!" I can't get over how grown up he looked. We really love his teacher and everyone we have met over the last few weeks, which has made him going to school so much more easier...on me!! LOL

Ty took his papers for school pictures (which I am pissed about since they didn't give us hardly any time to get the money in for pics....and the money is due when pics are taken, TOMORROW!!! ) and a form and money for Z and I to join the PTA...i'm officially a PTA mom!! The only downside is there really isn't too much I can do to help physically in the school or classrooms because of Chase, but I will still be involved in decisions and can help with other things which I like.

It's still a rough transition since Ty has been by my side for over 6 years (that includes in-utero LOL) but i'm slowly coming the time i'm adjusted to it i'll have to let Chase go to school!!! AHHHH!!!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tyler's first day

Ty's first staggered day was last Thursday and he had a blast!!! He loved his teacher and the kids he got to play with. With it being a staggered day, there were only 4 other kids there, all boys. When we picked him up he said he had so much fun and felt like a big boy because he got to buy his lunch. He also did some crafts and got to play in the gym! You could see in his face that he had a good time, and I am so glad. He goes back this Tuesday for another staggered day and then he will officially be in school on the 31st. Here are a few pics of the projects he made!

This was made with a plastic apple and some paint.....

And if you've ever read the children's book "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom", here is the tree he made from that book!!

As you can see, he is very proud of his work........

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She has returned.....

The witch is back. Aunt flo is officially here. In a way i'm actually glad to be back to "normal" so soon after having Chase. With Ty I never had the chance to get a normal aunt flo since I had an iud put in a few weeks after he was born, and boy did that mess with my felt like I bled all.the.time. It was better then when I was on the depo shot, THAT was awful. It took me over a year to get my cycle back after getting off of that thing. When the iud came out last year so we could ttc I went right back to normal and we got pregnant the very first cycle. I would honestly love to have another iud inserted until we get better health insurance so Z can get neutered, but I supposedly met my "quota" with the insurance company and they won't cover it. (already vented about that, sorry....)

So, welcome back aunt flo! Photobucket

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's been too long!

Wow, it's been awhile since i've done a post! Chase keeps me so darn busy during the day, and when he is finally napping without me holding him I try to spend time with Ty and get things done around the house.

Things are good here. Tyler is getting SO excited about starting school in 2 weeks. We bought him just about all of the school supplies he needs, and with this weekend being the tax free weekend we're doing some clothes shopping for him as well as getting his back pack. We went to Walmart this morning and got him some really cute tshirts plus a few new pairs of shorts. We only got 5 shirts for now, but that's a start! Once the weather starts to change we'll get him more, but for now he should be good to go. We also got him a back pack that has Spiderman on it. It was so hard finding a back pack that wasn't too big for him and didn't have wheels on it! We're going to go out again this weekend to get him new socks and underwear and he should be done for awhile.

Ohhh, on our trip out this morning I picked up Chase's Halloween costume!!! Walmart had a super cute footed sleeper that has a hood on it and is a even has a little tail on it!! How perfect is that?!?!? It was only $8 and I was worried if I didn't get it now they would be gone. I got size 3-6 months so i'm hoping it will fit him since he'll be 4 months old by then. Speaking of Chase, he did really well with his 2 month appointment yesterday! We didn't get the nurse that did Ty's shots, thank goodness. Here is a post about the appointment.

Let's see.....oh!! A few weeks ago I made my very first peach cobbler and it turned out SO good!!! It wasn't "crumbly" on top like I would have liked but it was still yummy. I can't wait to try an apple cobbler this fall.

Last week Z fell at work and landed on his right side towards the back, cracking a rib. :( He was doing fairly well with it until this past Tuesday morning. Around midnight he was laying on his back and when he went to turn over he heard a "pop" sound and was in major pain. He got up and he was having a really hard time breathing so he decided to go tot he emergency room. they said he did crack it a little more and that it would need 6-8 weeks to heal. He can work, but is limited on what he can do.

Well, that's about all that is going on for now.........tonight for dinner i'm making tacos! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


We got another minivan today!!!!! Z totally surprised me with it......he had been working on it for several weeks and we now have another van. I've missed having a van so much. I never thought I would be a minivan mom, but after the first one years ago I fell in love and couldn't imagine driving anything else!!! Here is our new's a Chrysler Town & Country.....

Just a warning/heads up.....

Before you use your cellphone after you get out of the shower and dry off, make sure there isn't any soap left in your ear........Photobucket Photobucket

Friday, July 17, 2009

So excited.....

I got to shave my left leg today!!!! Why am I excited about shaving one leg?!? Well, the other day I was in the shower and was shaving my right leg when Chase went to fussing so I had to hurry and get out of the shower and only got one leg shaved.

The joys of having children............LOL!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not a happy camper

So yesterday Tyler had an appointment to get his shots for school. We had been talking about them and trying to get him ready. Well, after waiting for almost 30 minutes in a warm room for the nurse to come in she finally came in with the needles.....4 total. :( He got a shot in each leg and in each arm....and they hurt. The thing that pissed me off though was the fact that she was so rough AND slow with them!! And get this.....she gave him the second shot and when she went to pull the needle out, the needle came off of the vial and was stuck in his leg! Most of the medicine ran down his leg! The last two in his arm were the worst for him....she gave them to him in the back of the arm and Tyler just screamed. :( I know he needed to get his shots, but it was just awful the way she did them.......he has to go back for one more shot in January and he will be good until he is 9. Chase has to get his first set of shots next month, and you can bet we will be asking for a different nurse to give them to him.........

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

And we're paying weekly insurance premiums because........?!?!?

Ok, I know it's been awhile since i've posted here........dealing with doctor visits and now a two week old is time consuming!! But, I need to vent.......

We have had the WORST experience with a health insurance company this entire pregnancy, and it seems to be even worse than we thought. Before we had the IUD taken out, Z called Aetna and asked them if they covered pregnancy and how it all worked. He was told (and I was there when he talked to them) they cover pregnancy and all we would be responsible for was the office copay. Fine, sounds good to me! Well, we had the IUD taken out and when they started with blood work we kept getting bills in the mail from the see, Aetna only covers 70%....of EVERYTHING!!!! WTH?!? And, as for prescriptions, we have to pay out of pocket and then submit paperwork so they can reimburse us. Fine.......we did that and within 30 days we usually had our money back....until earlier this year when they told us we have a $500 deductible we hadn't met yet. WHAT?!?!?!? Then, in the hospital after giving birth, we found out they will only cover 70% of the hospital stay and birth.......un-freakin-real. But the real kicker today.........our OB office called Aetna for us to find out if they covered me getting another IUD put in. (Z is getting snipped, but not until we get better health insurance, which won't take effect until the first of the year and we NEED to have some sort of birth control until then) So the OB office called me back today and get this.....Aetna covers NO birth control options for me at ALL! And to get the Mirena IUD......$963.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kindergarten 101

We went to kindergarten 101 last night at Ty's school and it was awesome!!! There were 5 kindergarten teachers there and they went over things we could do with Ty to get him prepared for school this August. They also gave us a nice packet of things we could use with him, plus a really cute book! I really liked meeting all the teachers....and they were all SO nice! They also talked about the staggered start days for the kindergarten class.......the first week of school, Ty will go one day. The second week, he'll once again go one day. Both of those days he will go from 7:45-10. Then the third week would be his official start, which I think will end up being August 31st?!? They said they will mail out a letter the end of July telling us who his teacher will be, what days he will go the first two weeks, and what supplies he will need. They also went over dropping off and picking up the kids. Since kindergarten hours are different than the other grades, the only way they can ride a school bus home is if they go to an after school "daycare" until the other grades dismiss. I'd much rather take Ty to and from school anyway so he won't have to wait around to come home.

I really can't believe my big boy will be starting school soon!! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy day!!

Well, not only is today our anniversary, but it's going to be super busy!! We have a doctor appointment with the OB at 2:30, then we have to come home and have dinner, then be at Ty's school by 6pm for kindergarten 101. He is SO excited about going to his school again!! It's just basically a bunch of kindy teachers talking about how we can better prepare Ty for school this August, plus they are offering free refreshments and a free book for Ty! I still can't believe my "baby" will be starting school this year. I remember thinking when he was only 2 or 3 years old that we had tons of time before he started school, and now the time is already here. :( It's hard to think about letting him go to school, so I can only imagine how rough it will be when Chase starts school in 5 years!!!!

8 years ago today......

Z and I said "I do"! It's so hard to believe we've been married for 8 years. It hasn't been an easy 8 years, that's for sure! But for the most part I wouldn't trade him for anyone......

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

I hope all you mama's out there have a great Mothers Day today! Tyler got me a super cute card and some beautiful carnations this morning....I cried when he handed them to me! I'll have to get a pic of them to share. I also got a text from my girlfriend in MD and from my niece wishing me a happy mothers day...SO SWEET!!!! I was seriously dreading this day since mom passed away. The day she passed, I immediately thought about all the holidays I wouldn't get to share with her anymore, and Mothers Day hurt the most. When Z and I bought mothers day cards last week, it felt so wrong not getting mom a card to mail. I'm hoping for mothers day next year we'll have the extra money to go to MD so I can visit moms grave. I miss her so much......

On a lighter note, Z is cooking boneless pork ribs with some texas toast for dinner......the ribs are marinating as I type this!! Photobucket I made some iced tea to go with it.......nothing like JFG sweet tea to go with some super sloppy barbecue ribs!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A few weeks ago I found a recipe in the Kraft magazine for a lemon cake that I had been wanting to try, so this past weekend we got the thigns we needed and I made it today. Let me just say....YUM!!!! And it was so simple to make, too!! All it was was a lemon cake mix, lemon pudding and cool whip.........*drool* Tyler, Z and I loved it.....and so did Chase!! This dessert would be perfect on a warm summer day..........

Monday, April 27, 2009

Did spring end early this year?

It sure feels like summer snuck up on us!!! This weekend on the front porch, in the shade, the temp was reading in the mid to upper 90's! Thank goodness there was at least a nice breeze blowing....otherwise it would have been unbearable outside!! I've never been this pregnant during the warm weather, so this should prove interesting as actual summer approaches......i'm SO glad Chase will be here in early June before it gets too hot and icky outside!! LOL

One good thing about the nice weather, our azaleas are bloomed and SO beautiful!

It's hard to tell in the pics, but they are such a pretty dark pink color and there are two bushes that are like a dark purple. I also noticed a carnation plant that Z and Ty got me for Mother's day a few years ago is doing really well!! Plus everything is so pretty and green out....I love it!!! It won't be long and we'll have our tomato plants in the ground....YUM!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy birthday, mom

Today is mom's birthday. She would have been 68 this year. It was so strange not buying her a birthday card this year or having Ty call her and sing her happy birthday. She's been gone for almost 7 months now, and it's still so hard to believe she is really gone.

Happy birthday, mom. You are so very loved and missed everyday............

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yes, we caught mouse #4 this morning! After we caught #3 I wanted to be sure we caught all of them, so I kept the traps set in the three drawers. I checked them every day and yesterday I actually started to take them out and clean the drawers out but thought I better wait a little longer....i'm SO glad I did!! I replaced the sticky trap in the drawer and am hoping we have finally caught our last mouse........all I want is my kitchen back, darn it!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Caught #3!!

Yep, we caught our third mouse last night!!! I knew we had to have at least one more in the kitchen, since we set new traps in the same drawer where we caught the other two and you could tell something got onto one of the sticky traps but worked it's way off. Before we go to bed each night I always check the drawers to see if we had caught anything and when I opened up one of the drawers I saw we got #3!!! We still have traps set, as i'm not going to rule out the thought of more being somewhere in the kitchen.......I can't wait to get my kitchen organized again!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I hope everyone had a great Easter!! It was a quiet day here. Ty woke up around 7:30 and I heard him say "Hapy Easter, Licky!" then heard him jump up out of his bed and run into the kitchen......he didn't even say anything to me or daddy! LOL He came running back in a said "Mommy! The easter bunny was here!!" He then started to tell us all the things he brought for Ty. He jumped off of our bed and said he wanted to go hunt for eggs, but we didn't get a chance to hide any! :( Z got up super early and got Ty's basket set up, but he said it was still dark out and didn't want to hide the eggs and have something get into them. So he told Ty it was just too cold out still and the eggs were invisible until it warmed up. He took Ty to the store while I started breakfast, so while they were gone I got the eggs hide....when they were pulling up the driveway, the look on Ty's face was just priceless!!! He was pointing at the eggs he could now see and smiling.....Z said he kept telling him "look daddy, the eggs are out now!!!" He jumped out of the truck and went to finding all the eggs. I am SO mad at myself for not getting any preggo brain has gotten the best of me the past 3-4 days, plus it's been super stressful around the house and I just didn't think to get my camera out.......and anyone that knows me knows how rare that is of me to forget to take pics. :( But, Ty still had a great Easter, and that just made my day.

Kindergarten round-up...........

Was a success!!! I swear, I was much more nervous than Tyler was! LOL Throughout the day on Tuesday he kept saying he really didn't want to go, but then would say he was ready and wanted to. Then he would ask us how long we had to stay and if I was going to leave him. We got to the school a little early and had to wait for them to get things set up. Once they opened up they handed me a huge packet of paperwork to fill out and called Ty to sit with someone to answer some questions. He happily went over while I sat at a table to get started. Once he got done he went and played with some other kids and had such a great time!!! He sat on the floor and colored some papers for me and brought them to me, then would run off to play with the other kids again. Z and I sat there for awhile and let him play and it really set my mind at ease. He really is ready to be a kindergartner........

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1 year blogging!!!

Yesterday was my one year blogoversary!! It's hard to believe it's been a year already.....well, with using blogger at least. I used another site for my blog, but blogger is my favorite by far!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


This weekend was so beautiful outside! The tree's are starting to bloom, along with a few of the azalea bushes in the front yard..........yesterday was so warm I ended up wearing shorts while sitting on the front porch! And today?!?! It's in the low 40's, windy as hell with a wind chill in the 30's. Photobucket I actually had to light the woodstove!!!! Ugh....gotta love spring time in east Tennesee!!

So tomorrow we take Tyler to register for kindergarten. I am SO not ready to let my baby go!!! Photobucket But, I know it's something I have to do. I keep thinking about how horrible school was for me and my stomach starts to knot up when I think about sending Ty, but I know deep down he will do just fine. He will finally have other children to play with and he'll have a blast learning new things! *sigh* I guess all of the anxiety is just from my past. I need to just let it go and enjoy this next chapter in Ty's life!! Ohhh, and I can start to think about all the pics i'll have to scrapbook......Photobucket

This weekend went by SO fast!! I hate when we have lots of running to do on Saturdays. Although, we did get some amazingly great deals this weekend. We hit Bog Lots and found a hot and cold water cooler for only $60!! I had been wanting one for some time now, but they were always SO expensive!! I loved when we were at my parents house when Ty was a baby and we made bottles with the water from the cooler....I always hated heating up baby bottles in the microwave! So now we'll be all set for when Chase is born. We also went to Walmart and got a 5 gallon container, filled, for only $1.87!! We were expecting to have to pay for the new jug, which was $9.97! We didn't do self check out, so the cashier must have assumed we had a refill and didn't ask us. Z and I were busy talking with Ty and didn't even pay attention when she was ringing up our stuff. When we go in the truck Z handed me the receipt and I was going over everything when I noticed it said: Water......$1.87. I asked him why he bought extra water along with the 5 gallon container and he said he only got the it!!!! Another good deal we got was a 9 oz. box of Rice Krispies for $.67 cents! They were on sale 3 for $5 and they had a coupon thingie on the shelf for $1 off of one box. I just picked up one box, since we really don't eat much cereal. But for $.67 cents I guess I should have gotten more! LOL

Well, I guess I should get off of here and try and get more vacuuming's a never ending job here!! Tonight for dinner I think i'm going to make some boneless pork chops with some rice and maybe some corn on the cob or green beans....or both, since i've been craving them both!!! Photobucket Hope everyone is doing well!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And yet.....

Another mouse bites the dust!! Last night we caught a second mouse in the same drawer! We used our last snap trap, so we'll have to use the sticky traps until we can get more......I am so hoping we've caught what's been running around in the kitchen so I can get it organized again!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Yesterday morning I was working on getting breakfast cooked when I went to get a fork out of the drawer and I saw it......mouse "presents". Photobucket I knew we had a mouse somewhere in the kitchen.....we have a junk drawer that I had put one of those pot roast season bags with season packets in, and I went to get something out of the drawer and kept smelling the seasoning and when I found the package it had a small hole chewed into it. We had traps set but had not caught anything.....until yesterday. We decided to set two snap traps to catch the little bugger. After awhile I checked one of the drawers and one of the traps had been set off, but no mouse. So, when we went out yesterday afternoon we bought more sticky traps. When we got home, Z reset the snap trap, then put it in the corner then put two sticky traps around it. He did the same in the other drawer. This morning when I woke up I checked the drawer and at first i didn't see the traps anywhere!!! I pulled the drawer open all the way and there it was.......alive and stuck to one of the sticky traps. The snap trap had gone off, but it flipped over and stuck to the sticky! I put the sticky with the mouse in a grocery bag and threw it away outside, and when I checked the other drawer, there was no other mouse, but you could see where he had ate most of the peanut butter off the snap trap and didn't set it off. How he got around the sticky trap AND ate the peannut butter without setting the trap off is beyond me. I'm so glad we finally caught something, but now I need to leave the traps out as i'm sure there are more mice in the kitchen somewhere........BLECH!!!!!! I want my kitchen back!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just too darn cute.....

Tyler loves to play pretend and monster....he puts a blanket over his head and starts to make "monster" sounds. Well, just a minute ago he came into the living room and was about to put a blanket over his head but stopped and said "Mom, i'm not a real moster ok? You don't have to be scared...." I just love this kid................Photobucket


At today's appointment we found out when they would be inducing (well, not the exact date but a rough idea...) so I called my sister that said she would be here and asked if she could possibly come the week before and she said she would be here! She also said if something should happen before then to call her and she would be on a plane right away. I also called my dad and asked if he could be up here the very end of May and he said it wouldn't be a problem at all! I feel so much more relief now that we have a rough idea of when company will be here. I'm still not sure what the in-laws are doing as far as being here. I'm just so thankful my sister and dad will be here when I need them. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

35 years....

Wow, the last 35 years have gone by so fast!!! It seems like only yesterday I was a carefree kid riding my bike around the neighborhood, now i'm 35 and married with a family. Only 5 more years and i'll be 40......EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A naughty indulgence

So this past weekend we went grocery shopping at Walmart and I was checking out the prices on biscuits when I saw the premade cookie dough stuff. Up on the top shelf sat the most yummy, insanely delicious cookies ever......Nestle Tollhouse Turtle cookies. O.M.G. These cookies are SO good....almost orgasmic good!!! The mix of pecan and caramel with a chocolate chip cookie is just heavenly............

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tyler's 5 year check-up

Well, Tyler had his 5 year check-up yesterday, and it went really well!! He now weighs 46.6lbs and is either 44 or 45 inches tall. (Z went with the nurse to check Ty's height, since I was working on some paperwork on Ty, and he said he thinks he saw Ty's height at 45 inches. I had checked his height a few weeks ago and it said he was 44 inches, so 45 may be right) he did great with the eye test and his pee test came out just fine. We thought he would get his 5 year shots yesterday since he starts kindergarten this August, but the doctor said the office didn't have one of the vaccines he needed (he said there was a shortage going around), but they should have what he needed before he starts school so we can hold off on the shots for now. I was a little disappointed, since I had been telling Ty yesterday he may be getting some shots at the doctor and he was pretty much prepared for them....he even asked the nurse "When do I get my shots?" hehehe...silly.

Z also had to see the doctor for a blood pressure check-up. He had a physical done at work awhile ago and they said his pressure was slightly elevated so he would need to see his doctor, but they passed him anyway. His pressure was just fine yesterday, but he did have to give a blood sample to have his A1C checked. (for his sugar) It was cute......I had taken Ty to do give his pee sample while the nurse took Z's blood. When we came back into the room the nurse was just getting started with Z and Tyler was watching really close........he sat back up onto the table and pulled up his sleeve and told the nurse "Ok, i'm next!!" LOL The poor kid wanted some kind of needle/shot yesterday!!!

All-in-all they both had good appointments yesterday. I loved being able to sit back and let someone else be poked and prodded for a change! LOL One thing we did forget to do was talk to the doctor about Z getting snipped after Chase is born.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another digi layout

I still think I need to add some journaling to this's one of my favorite pics, though. :)

The smell in this house....

Is heavenly!!! I put a turkey breast in the oven at 1:30pm and the smell is making my mouth water.....Photobucket The last time I basted it, the smell was just amazing...........come on dinner time!!!!!

Warm weather has returned!

Last week we had some amazingly warm weather for a few days! It was such a tease! LOL Yesterday and today are supposed to be gorgeous once again......I can't wait for the weather to stay nice and warm!

So tomorrow Tyler has his 5 year check-up. I know he's late with getting it, but we've been so busy with baby doctor visits. I'm sure he'll get his shots needed to start kindergarten tomorrow......ugh. He's excited about getting his check-up though, and I even told him he may be getting some shots! He didn't seem too worried about them, since he knows he needs them to start school this August, and he's super excited about that! I SO hope the school excitement lasts...LOL! I didn't have a very good time in school, with being picked on throughout most of school, and I worry about Tyler going to school because of that......just thinking about him going to school brings back so many bad memories. :( I honestly think i'm the one who is scared about sending him to school! I know in my heart he will do just fine, though. He has Kindergarten Round-up on April 7th and that's when we'll get him all registered....

Not much else going on around here. Wow, we are super boring!!! LOL There are lots of things coming up, like Ty's kindy round-up and getting our tomoato plants in the ground the end of next we're hoping things continue to go well with the pregnancy and family will be coming down the end of May/beginning of June! I'm hoping my dad and my sister can come a little early, mainly so we can have some time together before Chase comes. But I understand they have things to do at home and can't be here too long....I can hope though, right?!?!? LOL We're not really sure when the in-laws will be here, and i'm honestly hoping they will not get here too early. I know it sounds terrible, but I dread them being here. They argue and bicker back and forth with each other so much it gets on my nerves!! Even Tyler doesn't want to be around them when they start arguing.....and my mil spends so much time on the phone with Z's sister when here, it makes me feel like i'm not doing a very good job as a host and makes me uncomfortable.....with things that were said in the past, I already feel uneasy around them! And honestly, they don't seem too thrilled with us having another baby anyway.....ahhh, well. Not much you can do when in comes to in-laws.

Before I get off of here, I want to share a picture I took of Tyler the other day......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My little pickle

Is 100% back to his normal self!! He actually started feeling better by late Saturday morning, but was still not eating much. By yesterday he was back to eating like normal.......telling me he's hungry every 10 minutes! I'm so glad he's better....last week was just horrible for him. I felt so helpless that I couldn't make him feel better. Z did have a touch of it on Sunday, but he's thinking he got sick from eating a greasy burger Saturday night. Now I just need to keep it away from me!! LOL

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today would have been my parent's 51st wedding anniversary. I spoke with dad today and he said he was doing good.....he's been keeping busy in the yard and doing things around the house, and is excited about coming down this June for when Chase is born. He did thank me for calling him and said it really brought his spirits up to talk with me today.........

Friday, February 27, 2009

Super impressed!!

Zane and I were talking about all the things we would need to get done before Ty starts school this August. We knew he would at least need a check-up and to be up-to-date on shots. I figured that would be it and then it dawned on me.....we still need to get his birth certificate!! Photobucket We have the little card thing that the hospital mailed to us, but we never got the actual certificate. We honestly had forgotten all about it! Anyhoo, I printed out the forms needed and filled them out, got a money order and a copy of my license and mailed it off last Saturday. I thought it would most likely take several weeks, if not longer, to get the certificate in the my surprise, we got it yesterday!!!! Photobucket I couldn't believe it!!! And it looks so funny.....I swear it looks just like a title to a vehicle!!!! LOL When I opened it up and saw what it looked like, I told Z..."Look!! We got the title to our son!" Photobucket

My poor little pickle.....UPDATE

Tyler has been sick since last Sunday. Photobucket He woke up early that morning saying his tummy hurt, but when he climbed up in bed with us he seemed ok. As the morning went on I could tell he wasn't feeling good. I brought his blanket and pillow out into the playroom and let him lay on the floor near the wood stove to stay warm and so he could look out the sliding glass door. I was hoping he would end up falling asleep and wake up feeling better, but no such luck. Zane decided to run to Walmart to get him some children's Pepto, hoping that would help. He had no fever, so I thought maybe he ate something he shouldn't have the night before. (although, I couldn't think of anything he ate out of the ordinary...) Well, before Z could get back home Ty got sick. He didn't make it to the bathroom and ended up getting sick on his pillow. He felt so bad, poor guy!! I took him into the bathroom to get him cleaned up and he asked me if I was upset with him for getting sick on his pillow.........I hugged him and told him I was very proud of him for not getting upset and freaking out like he did the first time he got sick. He seemed to feel somewhat better, and actually changed his clothes and put his shoes on. He did sit by the wood stove for awhile, but he did say he felt a little better. It wasn't too long after that that he got sick yet again. After that he wanted to lay in the recliner and watch a movie, so I got him set up in the chair and turned a movie on for him. He seemed to be doing better, and I asked him if his tummy was still hurting and he said no......well, he ended up getting sick one last time. After the third time he just layed around the rest of the day, sipping on a little Diet Sierra Mist and some Gatorade. I was really hoping by Monday he was going to be better, but early Monday morning he woke me up to go potty.....and he ended up going 10-12 times throughout the day on Monday. It's eased up somewhat, but he still isn't eating hardly anything and still has diarrhea, sometimes going anywhere from 5-12 times a day. I feel so bad, but since he doesn't have a fever and is staying good and hydrated I guess whatever it is just has to run it's course. It's been 5 days now, though.....I hope it's just about done, poor baby. Photobucket

** Tyler has an appointment at 3pm. I'll update when we get back.........

** We're back. His appointment was at 3pm. I went into the shower at 1pm and when I went back into the living room Ty was passed out on the sofa. I let him sleep, and right before Z got home I had to wake him up and he looked so pitiful. He had a hard time getting up off the sofa, and walking from the living room to the bathroom he had to stop halfway and sit down.....he couldn't even get himself dressed. Photobucket When Z got home we left, and Ty kept squirming in his seat, saying he couldn't get comfy and was about to cry. Before I knew he, he got sick. I grabbed a grocery bag just in time, but he still got some on his shirt and seatbealt. I wiped him up the best I could and when we got to the doctor's office I took him into the bathroom to clean him up while Z checked us in. He told the nurse that we had a little accident on the way over, and she said she would get us in a room right away. We had just sat down when the nurse called us back. they checked his weight (44lbs!) and we got into a room. He got up onto the table and layed down. He really looked bad. :( The doctor came in and asked us what was going on. We told him how he has been, and that he had gotten sick on the way to the office plus been potty 8-9 times just today. So, he checked his ears and throat and was going to check his pressure but he didn't have a small enough cuff for him. When he went to get it, Ty said he had to go potty. When we got back into the room, the doctor checked his pressure, which was fine. He did say since he doesn't have a fever and isn't dehydrated that there really isn't too much they can do. It can be either viral or bacterial, and he could give him something for it, but the anti-biotic may make him worse so he wanted to let it run it's course. He said he should be feeling much better by Monday. He also said we were doing all the right things and to just keep doing what we're doing. They did give us something to get a stool sample, but if he was feeling better by Monday they wouldn't need it and to just throw it out. He did eat a little dinner tonight, and is now laying on the sofa.....hopefully the worst is behind him!

We did get his 5 year check-up scheduled, and he'll aslo get his kindergarten shots at the same time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They're baaaccckkk!!!!!!

Last night Z went out the back door to go to the carport to cut up some pallet and firewood. He was only outside for a few seconds when he came back and said "Honey, come out here a minute..." I stepped out onto the sidewalk and he said "Listen...." I kept straining to hear whatever it was he wanted me to hear......and then, I heard it. Howling. Then yipping and barking, then more howling. Yep, the coyotes are back. Mixed in the the yipping and howling I heard some dogs barking, that sounded like it was coming from beyond the woods behind our house......then, we heard two gunshots ring out. We're not sure if the coyotes were in someones yard and their dogs were going nuts, or if the coyotes were actually going after the dogs. (most people keep their dogs outside around here.....bugs the heck out of me!) After we heard the gunshots, we heard no more yipping and howling. Now, the first coyote sounds I heard came from a huge field on the other side of our road, not from behind the house. So I can only assume there are a pack of coyotes once again roaming around. Tyler has been told he can not be outside at all unless Z or I are with him, AND our dog Licky is out. I do let Ty play outside by himself, but only if I am in the kitchen and he is on his swing set, which I can see through the kitchen window at all times, or if he plays on the porch outside the kitchen door while i'm cooking dinner. And both of those times he's only out for just a few minutes, and our dog Licky is out with him as well. We've also contacted the game warden to let them know that the coyotes are back and they said they would be keeping an eye out. The only reason this is such a big deal around here is, the last time they were in the area a neighbor of ours had a standoff with the leader of the pack, who tried to attack her dog and was NOT afraid of her or backing down from her when she tried to get her dog away. Ahhh, the joys of living out in the boonies!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mail for the past two weeks

Mail hasn't been too bad....actually, yesterday was a great freebie/sample day!! For the past two weeks i've gotten:

- Glad Ziploc bag/Walmart
- Loreal Jelly Balm (WTH is a jelly balm?!?!)
- Gold Bond Lotion/Walmart
- Crest Headband/Vocalpoint
- Dentek floss picks
- Kotex/Walmart
- Pur water notepad/Walmart
- $10 Amazon GC/Energy survey
- Ponds Rejuveness
- $16 Opinion Outpost survey check (finally!! They sent me a check last November that wasn't signed so I couldn't cash it and I had to fight with them to get another one issued!!!)
- Neutrogena makeup bag/Shape magazine (SOOOO cute!!!!!)
- Huggies diaper/Walmart
- Red tote bag from Stouffer's Feed the Hungry campaign
- Family Fun Magazine
- Woman's Day Magazine

Monday, February 9, 2009

New layouts

I had been wanting to do a special digital layout about mom and I finally found some time to get it done.....

Here is one of Ty that I got done today as well......

I found the wordart from this site. She is amazing!!!!

I've been doing more downloading than actual digital scrapbooking, thanks to having dial-up. Hopefully i'll get a few more layouts done this week.......