Friday, December 28, 2007

Rainy day

It's been a little bit since i've done a "regular" post here, so I guess it's time for one huh?!? LOL

down and went to sleep pretty quickly. When I knew he was good and asleep, we brought all his gifts down from upstairs and set them up under and around the tree. We did end up being sneaky with his portable I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Our's was very nice. Christmas eve Zane took Tyler and I to Pigeon Forge to see all the lights there. It's pretty much our family is getting a funnel cake there! Usually we have to go up into Gatlinburg to get a funnel cake, but this year the place in Pigeon Forge was still open when we got over there so we didn't venture up the mountain this year. We ate our funnel cake at Patriot Park and it was SO super yummy!!!!! I'm sure I probably gained a pound or so back after eating it, but it was SO worth it! LOL I tried to get a few pics of the lights we saw, but for some reason my camera wasn't working with me. We had such a great time there, though! When we got home it was after 9pm, so I got Ty settled down and into his pj's, then let him help me set out cookies for santa. Once he had the right amount of cookies, he climbed into bed and said "mommy, make sure you don't eat those cookies...they are for santa!" LOL I assured him I would not touch them, and he finally laid done andwent to sleep. Once we knew he was passed out, we brought all the gifts down from upstairs and set them up under and around the tree. We really got him with the portable dvd player, though. We hid it until after he opened all his gifts! LOL All in all he made out very well this year. He loved everything!

So, i've been doing my best to keep myself busy and occupied so I don't dwell on the news about my mom. I got the playroom cleaned out and organized to make room for all the new toys Ty got. Now all I need to do is get the living room cleaned out! I was going to work on taking the Christmas stuff down from in there, but I think i'll wait until this weekend. I'll be so glad to have my living room back. There are toys all over the place in there! I have been slowly taking toys into the playroom, but they somehow make there way back into the living room. Hopefully once the tree and other decorations are down and out of there it won't be so cluttered when he brings a toy into there.

I also started working on getting things for his birthday and working on a "party" for him. We're going to do a Scooby-Doo theme this year. I ordered the cake toppers yesterday, plus some other party favors today. (thank you amazon gift cards! LOL) I also got a few things from eBay to go along with his party. I don't know if we'll have anyone be here for his b-day, but if we do we'll be ready for them! Actually, Zane is hoping his mom and dad can be here for Ty's birthday, which would be really nice. But if it's just the three of us we'll still have a great time! I would be nice to have some family here to celebrate with us, though.........

Well, I guess that's all for now. I really need to get some stuff done in the living room before I get dinner going. Tonight we're having steak off the grill with some rice and some kind of veggie.....yum!!! Take care all!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Moms surgery

Well, I finally got a call from my sister Kathie around 5pm. It is what we all mother has cancer. :( The doctor said it is very bad, and what makes it worse is they can not pinpoint exactly where the cancer came from or what may have caused it. She will have to see the doctor again next week to talk more about the possiblity of starting chemo, but he even said that would possibly give her another 5 years, and that is only IF it works for her. They drained LOTS of fluid from the are where the tumor is, and they are hoping that was ease up the pain for her, but the doctor stated that would be only temporary and she would be in quite a bit of pain. So, that is where we stand at this point. When I talked to my sister, my mom was just going into recovery and she still didn't know yet. Damn......why the hell do we have to be so far away?!?!? Why can't I be there with her now....

I may not be able to update too much because my computer is starting to crap out on me. I will try and update as frequently as I can as I find out more info.......thank you all for your thoughts. They are greatly appreciated.....**hugs**

Mom has her surgery today

Well, today is the day my mom finally finds out what exactly is going on inside. Her surgery is scheduled for 11am this morning, and my sister Kathie is supposed to be at the hospital and will call me as soon as the doctor's are finished. I did get to talk to my mom this morning before she left for the hospital, and Tyler talked with her as well. I know it made her feel good to hear him this morning. I feel so helpless being so far away like I am.....:(

If possible, could you all please keep my mom in your thoughts today? It would be so greatly appreciated......

I'll update here once I find out anything today........

Monday, December 24, 2007


Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I DID IT!!!!!

I met my first weight loss goal of 10 lbs.!!! In less then 2 weeks, I made it out of the 200' i'm working my way out of the 190's!!!

I was so excited, I moved my ticker to the top of the page! LOL

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Updated my ticker....

at the bottom of my page....check it out!!!!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Monday, December 17, 2007

8 more days!!!

Until Christmas morning!!! I am just beyond excited!!! I can't wait to see this kids face when he opens the gifts everyone has got him. We were so blessed this year with the gifts everyone has sent him. Plus all the Amazon gift cards I received really helped us out with getting Ty gifts since money is so tight this time of year for us. I just wish we were around family and friends to share the holidays with them. I miss them all so very much.......

So Saturday a friend of Zanes brought us a trailer full of wood for us and I am so glad he did!! It has been so cold out! The wind was just awful yesterday...20-30 mph! We also got a few snow flurries, but that's about it. I am very thankful that all we are getting is the cold weather, though! All those poor people who have gotten horrible ice and snow storms......I miss getting snow, but not like some have gotten it! LOL Today is only supposed to be in the low 40's with wind chills in the 30's, so I will be keeping the wood stove cranked today!

Today I have laundry calling my name, plus the bathroom floor needs scrubbed pretty good. I'd also like to get the playroom organized better, especially since more toys will be added to the mess next week. Ugh, I really should just go through the toys and put away what he doesn't play with and what he has outgrown so it won't be even more over crowded next week. Also today, I want to get upstairs and get his presents more organized and ready to bring down next week. Everything is wrapped, thank goodness, it is just scattered everywhere! LOL I'd also like to take some pics of my scrapbook pages and get them uploaded. I've been wanting to do that for awhile now, so hopefully today I'll get that done!

Well, time to get moving I guess. Hope everyone is doing good and has a great week!!!

New pill update

Well, I have to say I am really liking this new pill so far. I'm still not feeling the extra energy I was hoping for, but I have cut back drastically on how much I eat.....and that constant hungry feeling is gone!!! But, the best thing so far is......

I HAVE LOST 5 LBS SINCE STARTING THIS PILL ON THE 11TH!!!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I just can't believe it!!! I am so glad I decided to give this medicine a shot! Now all I need to do is work on eating things a little higher in carbs/protein so I can avoid having sugar lows during the day. I think i'm going to do a search for some meal plan ideas to help me get a better grip on these sugar lows.

I did decide to add the weight loss ticker again at the bottom of my blog, hopefully I can leave it there and continue to see it go down!!! I'm only counting down 10 lbs at a time so it doesn't look so overwhelming on me with all the weight i'd like to lose.......I can do this!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Latest mom news

So my mom finally got a call back from the surgeons office. She will go in for surgery on Dec. 26th. Depending on what all they find, she may get to come home that same day. I am so glad they fit her in so quickly....I was worried they would make her suffer until after the first of the year! And she is in so much pain, I feel so bad for her. :( I wish like heck I could be there at the hospital with her....being so far away is so difficult. :(

I will be sure to update as I find out more info......**hugs**

Ahhh, the joys of having kids.....

**WARNING!!** This post may be offensive to some, so if you are very easily offended, please don't read any further. Of course, I will do my best to keep the entry as clean as possible, but it may still offend some......

So a few nights ago, Tyler was sitting in the living room, watching Tom & Jerry and Zane and I were laying across the bed talking. Now, our living room is right next to our bedroom and there is a doorway, but no door up. Anyhoo, we're talking when of course one thing leads to get the idea. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket We're doing our very best to be as quiet as didn't work. Next thing we here is this:


He had the most serious look on his face!! And the tone of his was all I could do not to bust out laughing right then and there!!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket So needless to say we learned a valuable lesson that night.....never try to get freaky unless the kid is asleep!!!

So far so good

Well, I can already feel a difference with this new pill. I didn't have the energy I thought I would have yesterday (although, I didn't feel no where near as run down as I have been), but I felt something!! I felt a little "jittery" inside, if that makes sense. And not in a bad way at all. It definitely curbed my appetite all day long. I did end up having a sugar low at lunch time, and last night I had to make sure I ate something that would keep my sugar up last night since it was a little low before bedtime.

Now to the downside of this......I was WIDE awake at freakin' 3:30am!!! I'm not sure if it was from the meds or from the darn skunk smell coming through the bedroom window.......ugh, that was awful!!!! I had to get up out of bed to light a match and get rid of the nasty smell.....and of course i'm the only one that smells it in the bedroom. After I laid back down I tossed and turned a little, then by 5am I just couldn't lay there any more. I don't feel tired as of now, so we'll see how the day goes. I took my pill already today and am feeling the "jittery" feeling again, but to be honest, I like it! LOL I also exercised again this morning, but only for 10-12 minutes.....I think i'll get back on the machine again later today to do a little more................

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Awesome mail day so far!!!

Well, no snail mail yet, but I got a total shock today in my email....

I got $80 in gift cards!!!! I was SO not expecting that much today! I finally ordered the gift I had been wanting to get Zane, plus I got Ty a few things for his birthday next month......even if the snail mail is all junk I am still a happy camper today!!!

ETA: I forgot to mention that on Saturday I finally got the first gift I ordered for Zane....I just hope what I ordered him today actually makes it here since it was the last one in stock!

Here we go.....

Ok, I broke down and got the prescription filled for the weightloss pill Phentermine. *sigh* I feel like such a failure since I can't get rid of this weight on my own. So I guess we'll see how this does.....I took my first one about 15 minutes ago, and i'll update as I progress with this.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mail update

Well, the mail hasn't been the greatest but yesterday we got:

- a Christmas card from Pam & her family (THANK YOU!!! We love it!)
- Christmas cards from Z's parents
- junk mail :(

I'm still waiting for Z's Christmas's been over a week since they were supposed to ship it out. Hopefully i'll get it today and get it wrapped up before he gets home!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Had such a great day yesterday!!

So, yesterday was Zane's day off. I found out on wednesday night that Zanes shop won some sort of contest (through the head/corporate office) and they were going to be getting money for winning!! He had no idea how much, but his boss was going to be bringing the money by Z's shop yesterday. The manager finally called Z around 2:30pm to let him know the checks were there, so we left to pick it up........when we get there we found out the check was for $250!!!! How awesome is that?!? Gosh, we totally needed that this week since rent was due. We hit Sam's Club on the way home and got a few things we needed from there, then went over to Wal-mart. Yesterday we ended up getting Ty even more things for Christmas!!! There is just no hope for us, is there?!? LOL Wal-mart had a Disney Car's blanket marked down to only $7!! It is SO cute! We also got him some cars from the movie Cars for his stocking....3 total yesterday. We did get him a pair of new pj's for Christmas eve, but Z had to take them back today becuase they were too small. The pants fit but the shirt was too small. We're going back to Wal-mart sunday to see if they have another pair in his size, since the Wal-mart he went to this morning didn't have Ty's size. One good deal we got yesterday was on batteries.....we got 72 batteries (48 AA and 24 AAA) for only $12! Just in time for Christmas! LOL We also got our dad's a cool shirt for Christmas, so if we could stop buying for Ty, we would be DONE!!!!!! I still haven't gotten Z's Christmas present I ordered. It was supposedly shipped last week, so hopefully i'll be getting it any day. I'll just be glad to have it in my hands. I think when I do get it i'm going to wrap it and put it under the tree just to drive him crazy! LOL

To top yesterday off, Zane treated us to a nice, sit-down Texas Roadhouse!!! OMG, they ROCK!!! I just love their baked potatoes....and their ribs and steak kick some serious butt!!! Although, last night I decided to get the grilled shrimp instead of ribs.....mmmm, SO good. And their rolls......I was in heaven!!! It was so nice to have a dinner like was just perfect!!!

Well, I need to go search for some ribbon I need....tonight for dinner we're having ham steaks off the grill, with some sort of veggie. YUM!!!!

My doctor appt. yesterday

It actually went pretty good!! They did a complete physical, which I haven't had done in years. They first tested my urine, then took blood for my A1C test and for cholesterol and other things. My A1C was awesome!!! I went from being over 11 down to 5.7, in only 6 months!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket How awesome is that?!?!? I am actually in the normal range! Plus, my blood pressure is rockin', too!!! The doctor was truly impressed with how well i've done with my sugar and my blood pressure. Especially since when I first went to see him my pressure was 270/160!

Now onto some not so great news. My cholesterol is pretty high, which is kind of common in diabetics. Plus, my weight is up. I have gained 20 lbs in 6 months! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I put part of the blame on the Actos. Since taking it, that is when most of the weight gain started. Since I need to stay on it, I broke down and told the doctor I was interested in the weight loss pill we had talked about, phentermine. I've talked with several people who have had great success with it, including my doctor!! I asked him all about the side effects and he told me all about it. So, I told him I would start taking it within the next few days. Having to break down and take it makes me feel like such a failure, though. Why couldn't I do this on my own, darn it?!? But, I know I need to get this weight off somehow, and that I do need some help with it. So, I will be picking the prescription up most likely on Sunday morning. If this weight can come off, then it should help with the cholesterol and hopefully i'll be able to go off of Actos! I'll be sure to let everyone know how it works!!

Also, with the urine sample, he was concerned with that the most because there was some blood in it, and it was not from aunt flo. He wanted me to come back in 2 weeks to get re-tested but there was no way I could come up with the co-pay to see him again so quickly, and so close to the holidays. So he settled for me coming back the second week of January. His office will be closing down on the 21st of this month and won't reopen until January 2nd so that's one other reason why i'm waiting to go back on the 10th. Hopefully by then i'll have lost some of this pesky weight!!! Also, I was given a tetnus shot and a flu shot yesterday and boy do my arms hurt this morning!! Where I got the tetnus shot is hot to the touch as, huh?!? LOL

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Darn those Pepperidge Farm people for making such a super yummy cookie!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tahiti Coconut Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Quick mom update

I realize I haven't updated about my mom lately....i'm so sorry!! There really isn't anything more to update just yet. She is still hurting pretty badly. She has an appointment with a stomach doctor/specialist on Thursday and she see's the surgeon on Friday to find out when they will be doing the surgery. Hopefully Friday she'll find out when her surgery will take place. She is still very worried about what they will find, as we all are. :( She's been pretty down about the holiday's coming up and not being able to shop for gifts......we did send her an ornament that Ty made for her and she said that really lifted her spirits up ALOT!! And the Christmas card we sent her helped with that as well. I just wish we could get up there to MD to be with her at Christmas time.....I hate being so far away.

I'll update when I find out anything from her appointments this week! Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers!! **hugs**

Doctor appointment this Thursday

Well, I finally have an appointment for the doctor this Thursday. I originally had it scheduled in October, but Zane was sick the week of my appointment, so we had to reschedule the date. Then a few days before that appointment, the doctors office called and said they needed to reschedule me because the nurse was going to be off the day of my appointment. (Yes, the office only has ONE nurse!! Weird, huh?!?) So, the appointment is finally coming up! It's supposed to be a full physical, so it will most likely be a long visit. I'm anxious to see where my A1C is, since my readings have been pretty good for the past few months. I'm not looking forward to seeing how bad my weight has gotten...I am so disgusted with that!! I've still been exercising and eating good, but my weight keeps going up!! From what i've read and after talking with other people, it's from the Actos I am taking. I'm going to see how my A1C test is, and if it's come down i'm going to talk to my doctor about going off of Actos. The weight gain has been horrible for my self-esteem, which is pretty low anyway.....I might even talk to him about taking a presciption weight loss pill to help get some of this weight off of me, if I have to keep taking the Actos. Lots of diabetics have had great success with it, so i'll talk with him more about it. Although, the thought of taking something like that doesn't appeal to me, I realize I need some kind of help with this weight so i'll give it a shot if the doctor says it's ok. I guess i'll find out on Thursday. I'll be so to post how it all goes when I get back from the appointment!!

Recent mail

Well, mail hasn't been all that great but I have gotten a few things. The past few days i've gotten:

- a hat from some site (don't remember the name)
- an SD 1GB memory card, free!
- $20 total in Amazon gc's (rec'd $10 11/26 & 11/27...already used to get Z's Christmas gift!)
- $5 Paypal from Pinecone (rec'd today)
- Tyler got a box from his granny and grandpa with Christmas presents in it, and with a gift from his Uncle to try and keep him away from tehm until Christmas morning! LOL
- Another damn bill from the hospital! Actually, it came from a collection place......looks like we'll have to make another call to them! UGH, they drive me crazy!!!

I'll update this when today's mail comes....that is, if I get any good free samples! LOL :)

Friday, November 30, 2007

The tree is up....

...presents are wrapped.....COME ON CHRISTMAS!!!!! I SO can't wait to see Tyler's face on Christmas morning! We got him a huge 42in. stocking from the Dollartree to put stocking stuffers in. We didn't get him alot for his stocking, but some of the things are a little big for a regualr sized stocking, so we got the big one! Wal-mart had a stocking that was 3?in. (not sure what size it was again...) for $2.97, so I figured it would be smarter to get the huge stocking from Dollartree. Also, to help get in the Chrismtas spirit even more we've been playing Christmas music on Sirius radio, Country Roadhouse. They play lots of old classic music, which I love!!!! Burl Ives, Gene Autry, Brenda Lee.....LOVE it!!! I also got a free Christmas ringtone for my cellphone! LOL

Now if I could only stop myself from getting more gifts for Tyler i'll be good to go! Everytime I get a gift card for someplace my first thought is, "ok, what can I get for Ty?!?" I did get something ordered for Zane that should be here sometime next week. It's not what I originally wanted to get him, but I know he will love it. I'm still waiting for at least $45 in gift cards for Amazon that I should hopefully have within the next week or so.....possibly even another $40 to go with that. I just wish Amazon Prime wasn't so gosh darn expensive. I'd love to find a few people to go in on a prime membership with......that would be awesome!!


Monday, November 26, 2007

Can't believe

It is less than a month until Christmas!!! I can't wait!!! Yesterday I got to wrap a few more gifts for Ty before he woke up from his nap....I still have so much more to do!! And I know I keep saying i'm done with shopping for him, but today I found a Spongebob Christmas dvd for only .99!! I could NOT pass that up!! We still need to get my dad and Z's dad Christmas gifts, plus I need to figure out what i'm going to get Zane......i'm hoping I get the amazon gift cards i'm waiting for in time to order him something from there.

So, our Thanksgiving was nice....just quiet since it was just us 3. But, the food was YUMMY, so I was happy! LOL We brought our Christmas decorations down and finished up decorating the tree.....I think it looks cute!!

Zane got off work early on Saturday and suprised Tyler and I by taking us to the Festival of Trees in downtown Knoxville!! Our landlord volunteer's to help set up the event and he gave us free tickets to get in......$10 a person without the tickets!! (but, in my opinion, well worth it!) They hold it at the Convention Center, and have well over 100 Christmas tree's decorated!! Plus, they had a carousel and a ride for kids to get on. Tyler was too small for the ride on, and he was scared of the carousel! LOL But, they had TONS of crafts for kids to do, so he got to decorate his very own sugar cookie, and made mommy, his mom-mom and his granny an adorable thumbprint snowman ornament!! There were other crafts, but they were more geared towards older children.

And the trees.....oh my goodness!! They were SO gorgeous!!! They had a tree decorated by Chick-fil-A, and a western-themed Christmas tree with cowboy hats and REAL cowboy boots on it!! They also had several trees decorated with the college football colors, orange and white. All of the trees are for sale to the public, and all of the money collected (including admission, craft money and the sale of the trees) went to the Children's Hospital here in Knoxville......such a wonderful cause!!!! One tree/display they had was selling for just over $8,000!!!

I am kicking myself in the butt for not taking my camera, though!!!! :( We went two years ago and I remembered it being pretty dark inside (they only turn on a few ceiling lights because the lights from the trees are bright enough! LOL) so I didn't think I would be able to get any good pics, but once we were there I saw it would have been just right for taking pics!! Oh well, we still had a blast!!!! Zane get's me an ornament every year, and this year he got it for me from the's an adorable gingerbread family ornament with our names on it!!! Between that ornament and the one Ty made me, I was so is the ornament Ty made me:

And here is the ornament Zane got for me.....I just LOVE it!!!

It was such a special day..........

Mail for the last few days

Mail has been fairly decent for the past month or so...finally!!! LOL

Since Friday I have gotten:

- $5 survey check
- Old Spice razors (2)
- Old El Paso taco seasoning
- Petstyle Charm Bracelet
- a wal-mart gift card for Zane and I from my oldest sister for Christmas!!

And the big brown truck came today and brought Zane's 100% free Sonicare Flexcare toothbrush!!!

I'll update this post when I get today's mail.....:)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Todays mail :)

Wow, what a great mail day!!!

- Calgon lip gloss/Start Sampling
- Loreal Vive Pro sample/Walmart
- Figi order....not free but SO yummy!!
- Shutterfly order...our Christmas cards!!! (be on the lookout, as we will be mailing them soon if you're on our list!!)

And this morning, the big brown truck was here!!! We got:

- my Bzzagent Sonicare Sanitizer....worth $50!!
- Tyler got a Christmas gift from my oldest sister and her family....he will LOVE it!!!!

Have a happy and SAFE Thanksgiving, everyone!!!! **hugs**

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mail for Saturday and today

Saturday's mail was great!!! I joined an awesome website for scrapbookers back in September, and Saturday I got a HUGE pair of Fiskar scissors in the mail in an adorable burlap drawstring bag!!! It had my "number" engraved onto it (my number that I am on their website) and even the box it came in was cute!!! Here is a pic:

Tyler also got a package from granny and grandpa with an adorable Santa hat! He loved it!! He was running around outside all weekend long wearing it.......

As for today's mail, the snail mail hasn't come yet, but the big brown truck came!!! I got a sterling silver KitchenAid cake's gorgeous!!! I'll update when the snail mail gets here.....:)

Almost turkey day!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So I took our turkey out this morning. He is now sitting in the bathtub with cold water.....thaw out, baby!!! mmm, I have been wanting some turkey with all the trimmings for SO long!!! It's just going to be us this year as usual, but that works for me. I'd love to have family here, but I get so sick and tired of all the "excuses" they make for not being able to come for the holiday. But hey, we are the one's who decided to move away, right?

I was going to wait until after thanksgiving to get the rest of our Christmas stuff out, but I think I may do that starting today.......the Christmas tree looks so lonely and bare with just lights on it. LOL I am SO excited about getting the house all decorated!!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'll be sure to post some pics of the tree and decorations, and I would LOVE to see pics of everyone elses decorations!!! If you do post pics, send me the link to your blog so I can see, please!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, November 16, 2007

Am I crazy?!?!

Why yes, Yes I am!!!

Ok, less then a week to go for Thanksgiving....and we have our Christmas tree up!! Tyler and I put it up on wednesday, and I must say, even with only the lights on it, it looks nice!! Since rearranging the house, this is the first time we've had a decent sized living room to put our tree up in, and I love it!! We'll probably work on the rest of the decorations next week. Honestly, I think the main reason I put it up was to help take my mind off of everything that has been going on this month, mainly with my mom. We're all still worried about what the doctors might find, but if I sit here and keep thinking about it, I may just lose my mind!! So, the tree is up. I can not wait for Christmas to get here!!! I can't wait to start baking cookies, decorating the rest of the house and outside, going to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg to see all the lights......bring it on!!!

Speaking of baking, I am going to start doing Christmas cookies next week so I can get them out in the mail. Since Tyler is older, I told him he can be my big helper this year with making cookies.....he's so excited about that!!! He asks me almost every day..."mommy, are we doing kissmass cookies today?!?" Zane is off the day after thanksgiving (well he is supposed to be, anyway....) so i'll try and get most of the baking done then. Hopefully we'll get packages in the mail real soon!!!!

Recent mail

I want to try and keep this blog as normal and upbeat as I can while we are dealing with my moms health.....hopefully that will help keep my mind occupied until we know for sure what all is going on with her. I hope no one minds.....

Anyhoo, mail has been pretty decent. This week I have gotten:

- Another Lightning McQueen car for Ty's stocking from amazon (pd for w/gift cards)
- Tylenol Rapid Release samples (walmart) it was sinus, allergy and cold
- Post it samples (5 total!! I LOVE these, even though they take SO long to come! LOL)
- Shutterfly order (3 11x14 posters and a calendar...FREE!! Actually, we ordered a total of $155 worth of Shutterfly stuff and it was all free!!)

Also, I found out I will be in a campaign to get a free electric toothbrush head cleaner (worth $50) and Zane made it into a campaign to get a Sonicare Flexcare toothbrush free!! (worth $180!!)

I'm still waiting for a christmas gift that I ordered, and paid for, on Oct 17th! I emailed the person about it and she said she mailed it out on Oct 30th but since I didn't get it she would mail me out another one. That was Nov 8th and i'm still waiting for it....I so hope I get it!! :(

I'll update when we get today's mail.....:)

Latest mom update

I'm so sorry I haven't updated!! I've been a little busy with other things and keep forgetting to update here......anyhoo, mom is home! She came home Tuesday. She still needs to have surgery, and will call the doctor after Thanksgiving to set up the date for that. Because of the ulcer they found, they can't operate until that has healed some, so they are giving it at least two weeks. She still is in quite a bit of pain and is anxious to just get the surgery done and over with so they can decide what the next step will be. Obviously, if they find out the mass is cancerous, they will start chemo. It all depends on what they find once they do the surgery. She's worried about it being cancerous, of course, but I told her so many people are keeping her in their thoughts and prayers that she will be fine. She is also upset that she won't be able to finish Christmas shopping and I told her that is just crazy!! EVERYONE will completely understand that she can't get out to do shopping, and that all we ALL care about is that she is ok!!! I can tell in her voice that she is scared of what they will find, and I feel so bad. I hate hearing that in my moms voice.....she has always been so strong. Hearing her sound scared scares me!! :( I of course will update once she finds out when the surgery will you all!! **hugs**

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mom update

Well, I just got off the phone with my dad. My mom had the colonoscopy done today. They found she has an ulcer, as well as the tumor. She was scheduled to have surgery tomorrow, but because she takes aspirin every day she has to be off of that for at least a week before they can operate. So, she will most likely come home tomorrow or Wednesday. I think i'll feel more relieved when she is home, but at the same time i'm still worried about the tumor she has. We still won't know if it's cancerous or not until next week.

I had Tyler call her again today, and she sounded so happy to talk to him!!! It will be nice to call her at home again like we used to......

I'll continue to update when I know more......thanks for all the thought and prayers, everyone!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mom update

So, i've been talking to one of my sisters and my dad and here is what i've found out so far:

The doctors have said that they found a tumor either in or on my mothers stomach, that is the size of a soccer ball. (I honestly don't remember if my sister or dad said it was on her stomach or inside.....i'll find out for sure sometime soon) They know she will need surgery for it, but they want to do other tests first. This weekend she is having a colonoscopy done, and on tuesday they are going to put a camera into her stomach to see what is going on. Of course, they don't know if it's cancerous or not.

It's just all so scary and me being over 500 miles away is killing me.....although, it's not like I could do much if I was there, right? I was holding up just fine until I talked to my dad last night on the phone. Hearing the worry in his voice really scared me, and then he told me my mom said she misses talking to me and Tyler every morning (I call her every morning, just to mainly catch up on family stuff and gossip) and I really lost it. I hung up from talking to him and just completely broke down. Tyler came into the room I was in and kept asking me if I was ok......I hugged him so tight, and just told him mommy was a little worried about things but that everything would be ok.

I'll update this blog as I find out things.......

Thank you all so much for all your love and support!!! **hugs**

Friday, November 9, 2007

Mail update :)

Well, the mail hasn't been too bad lately. This is what I have received this past week....

- $10 Target gfit card from InHomeProductTesting
- $2 survey check from NetVerdix
- Close To My Heart acrylic stamps (very cute...and free!)
- American Flaf (it was HUGE!)
- An adorable Lightning McQueen car from Amazon...perfect stocking stuffer! (paid for with gift cards)

And today, FedEx brought a VERY cool gift from Calphalon from a gift registry I did! It had a really nice bowl scrapper, a set of measuring spoons (LOVE them!!) and a cute nonstick muffin pan that makes 6 at a time!!! I can't beleive it was all free!!!

Not really a mail freebie, but yesterday we went to Target to look for new shoes for Ty. They had a cute pair of sneakers for only $6.47!!!! With the gift card, they were basically free!!!!!!! :)


Hi, all! I want to thank everyone for the very sweet emails and comments I received. They were so very sweet and I really appreciate them all!! **hugs**

Basically, Zane and I went through a pretty rough patch, that has technically been going on for quite awhile, and it all came to a head this past Monday. I was so angry and fed up with things, I was going to leave Zane and go back to MD to be with family and friends. After talking things out with a few people and sitting down and talking things through with Zane, I agreed to stay. We still have a long way to go, but with better communication we should be back on track in time.

I'm so sorry if my posts came off as being over dramatic or asking for attention.....I didn't mean them to come off that way at all!! I just needed a break from online to think about things and didn't want to just disappear.

Now, on another note: I got a call from my mom yesterday morning saying my dad was taking her to the hospital because she wasn't feeling well. Actually, she hasn't been feeling well for over a month now! We've all been telling her to see her doctor, but she kept putting it off until she really felt bad. Well, I got another call yesterday evening from my dad saying the hospital is going to keep her there for a little while, and that they did x-rays and they showed no bruised ribs (she thought she either fractured them or bruised them from all the coughing she has been doing on and off for over a month...) but the x-ray did show some sort of spot/mass in or on her stomach that they weren't sure what it is. :( The doctor did say it could be some really inflamed tissue from her coughing so much, but they won't know much until the test results come in sometime today. So, here I sit in TN worrying like hell about my mom back in MD, not knowing what is wrong or going on. My dad promised to call and update me today, but he's not the greatest when it comes to talking on the phone (I love him, though!!) so I'm hoping one of my sisters is there with them and they may call me. I'm so scared and worried something is really wrong. If y'all can please keep my mom in your thoughts and/or prayers, I would greatly appreciate it. I'll update when I get some news.......

Then, on top of everything else this week, Firefox proceeded to remove all of my bookmarked websites overnight!! Wasn't that nice of them?!?!? AHHH!!!!!!

Once again, I thank you all so much for the love and support you always give to me....I don't know what I would do without you all!! **hugs**

Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm sorry I haven't updated in awhile.....

But I think i'm going to be MIA for awhile. There are some things going on that I need to make a decision on, and I don't know when i'll be back on here.....

Take care, everyone.......

Monday, October 29, 2007

My sweet little boy....

Saturday we were outside and I noticed Tyler had wandered away from me, which with our huge yard it's not a big deal. A few minutes later he came running to me with his hands behind his back and said, "mommy!! I have something for you!!!" He then handed me these....

How sweet is that?!?!?!? I got so teary eyed when he gave them to of course he asked me why I was upset.....I told him mommy was SO happy and that I loved the flowers and LOVED him so much!!!!! I love being a mommy!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Been too long since i've updated!!

I'm so sorry I haven't updated in awhile.....I HATE having dial-up!!!! >:(

Anyhoo, mail has been pretty crappy lately. I have been getting a few amazon gift cards, which makes up for the crappy snail mail! LOL Today's mail was actually pretty good!!! We got:

- Basis soap (wal-mart) LOVE this stuff!!! It's so gentle on my skin :)
- a package for Ty from his granny and grandpa for Halloween
- our amazon order already of christmas gifts!! It wasn't due until next week!!! (this kid is going to have a blast opening all the gifts we got for him!!)

I love days like this!!!!

*Edited to add*

I forgot, the big brown truck was here (UPS) and I got a gorgeous Royal Doulton Tea Light candle's SO pretty, I can't believe it was free!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The cross stitch project I finished....

So, my girlfriend got her present in the mail yesterday, so I can now post a picture of what I made for her!!!

Todays mail

Well, I haven't been updating the mail lately because it's been only junky stuff. I haven't gotten today's snail mail yet, but I did get something from UPS:

- my Anchor Hocking 1.5-Gallon Montana Glass Jar I ordered from Amazon with gc's! I LOVE it!! I've been wanting a glass jar with a really good air-tight seal, and this jar rocks!!!

If the snail mail is any good i'll update it here....

Monday, October 15, 2007

What a weekend!!!

Saturday Zane got off of work at 3pm, so when he got home he went inside and changed from his work clothes. He told me to get Ty and myself ready because we were going out for a ride. I was so excited!!! Most night we spend sitting in front of the tv doing absolutely nothing as a family, and I hate that. Anyhoo, we get down the road and I figured out where we were going.....Zane took us to Pigeon Forge!!!! We are pretty lucky that we only live maybe 25-30 minutes from there, but we still only go there every once in awhile. Our first stop was at the Russel Stover candy outlet store which is right outside of Pigeon Forge......we walked in and all you could smell was candy!! Just what a diabetic needs, right?!?!? LOL We did really good in there, though. We got 4 small bags of sugar free candy and boy is it yummy!!! We left there and went into the heart of Pigeon Forge. They had started putting up their Christmas lights already, which was pretty cool. They weren't lit, but they were still nice to look at. Tyler had a BLAST looking at everything, just like he always does. Then we went and ate dinner at Wendy's, because all of the restaurants were PACKED over there! Almost every place there had a huge waiting line that was outside!!!! Shocked It was just crazy!! But then again, it WAS Saturday night. Wendy's was really good, though....I just love their burgers. Drool We left Wendy's and rode down the highway towards Gatlinburg. We turned around right before you go up the mountain to Gatlinburg and I saw this huge barn!! I was telling Zane about it and he took us up to check it was a barn they turned into Dick Clarks American Bandstand!! It looked awesome!!! I took a few pics of it that turned out so cool!!!!

The pic is a little blurry, but it still looks cool. There was a live band playing on a stage outside when we pulled up, but it was a little chilly so we didn't stay. After we left there, we went to Patriot Park and parked the truck so we could get out and walk around. We walked past a restaurant called The Old Mill, where there have a gorgeous little waterfall!! Tyler loved looking at that, even though he's seen it dozens of times! We continued to walk until we got to this little candy shop....and Zane surprised us with getting a funnel cake!!! I couldn't believe it!! It was so yummy......we all tore it up!!! LOL When we were walking back to the truck, I asked Tyler if he had a good time and he said "yep!!! I had a great time being with you AND daddy!!!" It felt so good to hear that. We hardly ever seem to do anything as a family anymore, but Saturday night was so wonderful. I just can't put into words how I felt.......

Friday, October 12, 2007

Update for the last few days

Well, the mail hasn't been too bad....this list is from the last few days:

- $5 paypal from Pinecone Research
- $10 amazon from Lightspeed Panel
- lighter from Parliment
- Test product from Pinecone
- Always pads
- Kotex pads
- Morning survival kit

I'm about to walk down with Tyler now to get the mail for today! :)


Todays mail rocked!!!
- crappy bill from the hospital....why the hell pay for ins. when you still end up owing anyway?!? >:(
- $40 check from survey I did a few weeks ago!! (makes up for the crap hospital bill!lol)


Wow, I can't believe this week is just about over!! It has been a crazy week, since Zane switched his day off....he was off tuesday instead of yesterday. Needless to say I feel a little off this week! LOL So let's see......Tuesday afternoon we did some major shopping for things around the house. We hit Sam's and I got a 7lb bag of brown sugar, and a huge bag of chocolate chips!! So of course I just had to make some chocolate chip cookies. They turned out SO yummy! The guys Zane works with have been bugging Zane to have me make oatmeal raisin cookies again, so I made a double batch today.....6 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies! mmm, and they are super yummy too!!

So we have been hunting all over for a straw hat for Ty for halloween with no luck. :( We even hit the halloween costume store and they did have a few but they were way too big for him, and the one that was in his size was $35!! Are they crazy?!?!?! We ended up hitting walmart and getting him a cute black cowboy hat. I guess it will look ok for him to wear as a farmer, but it's still not what we wanted. It is so frustrating!!!

Well, I know this is short but I need to get moving....Tyler is asking to walk down to get the mail. Hope everyone had a great week!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007


I know I haven't posted in a few days, but for some reason I have been feeling so run down and lazy lately!!! I have hardly any energy at all and feel a little *off*. Aunt flo has shown up and that might be the cause of what's going on, but i've never been so wiped out before when she came, so who knows. I have a hunch it is from the sugar pill I am taking, Actos. It's also given me a nasty dry cough that has been making it hard for me to sleep good at, with Tyler still waking me up at night I sleep kind of crappy. Hmmmm, maybe THAT'S why I feel so run down?!?!? Tyler is still doing well with sleeping in his bed, but is still waking up 2-3 times a night asking to be covered up, or just being whiney in general. I have no idea what to do about it, either. It's so frustrating. :( It's been SO rough getting him to sleep in his own bed straight through the night. I've come close to giving up and just putting him in bed with us again, but I know that's not the right thing to do. *sigh* I'm just so physically drained. I've still been exercising, but that doesn't seem to be helping with the energy at all. I'll have to bring it up to the doctor when I see him the end of this month.

So, I think we have Ty's halloween costume figured out. We're going to stick with him being a farmer! We have some jean overalls he can wear, plus we're going to get a cute straw hat for him. (well, that is, if we can FIND a straw hat for him!) We're also going to let him take his little plastic wagon with him and we're going to put his cow and pig in there. With money being tight, we're just going to make his costume like that again this year. And honestly, I love homemade costumes!!! I think the store bought costumes are a huge waste of money. Heck, it doesn't take much imagination to come up with a costume to make. Trust me, I know!! LOL Zane put in to get off early on halloween, so we should be good to go!!! I can't wait to go back to the mall!!!

Well, time to get moving. I have got to work on getting things done around here, energy or no energy!!! Tonight for dinner we are making our own hamburger subs....YUM!!!! Hope everyone has a great week!!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Mail for yesterday and today

Yesterdays mail was ok, I guess. The only thing we got was Tyler's free book from Imagination Libray.

So far today, UPS brought me my FREE order from!!! I got two free pairs of sneakers, and a cute pair of summer sandals!!! :) I'll update when the snail mail comes.......

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


So this morning I did 20 minutes on my Gazelle. It was surprisingly easy!!! I got a little more sweaty then I did doing 15 mins. yesterday, but I still felt like I could do more. Hmmm, maybe I should have?!? I'll see how tomorrow goes.....with Zane being off I might not be able to exercise first thing in the morning, but I will be sure to get it done!! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Well, I did my 15 mins. this morning. I think tomorrow i'm going to have to up the time to 20 mins. Yesterday I noticed after I did my 15 mins/ I felt really good, but I didn't feel like I got that hard of a workout. This morning I felt the same way.....heck, I hardly sweat at all! I think i'll try and use my Gazelle again this afternoon, and then tomorrow i'm going to do 20 mins. and see how that goes.

AND.........I was bad and stepped on the scale this morning. I know I haven't been exercising long, but I was SO curious about how I was doing. So I step on and I start thinking; why am I doing this? I know I haven't lost anything significant yet.... Then I see the number....89.8!!! I was like, WHAT?!?!?!? Then I remembered Ty had been playing with the scale, so I turned it over and saw that it WAS set on kg......LOL So I get back on the scale and waited..........I HAVE LOST 2 LBS!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!! I'm going to check again this friday, and then from now on I will check my weight every friday......

GO ME!!!!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Yesterday and today I did my 15 minutes on the Gazelle. Yesterday was a little rough since my legs were pretty sore, but it felt great afterwards!!! This morning was a little easier. I can't believe i've already done 4 days of hard exercising!!!! I'll get on the scale either thursday or friday to see if it's actually paying off. :)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Absolutely FURIOUS!!!!

I put this under the label Mail because right now I am furious with our mail person!!! They brought a package up to the house, and she literally threw it out of her car into the carport!! Then she tore out of the carport and went flying down the driveway. I was sitting right outside the door and heard her throw it! Instead of her getting out of her car and walking maybe all of 5 feet to put the box at the front door, she sat on her lazy a** and threw the package. She then left the rest of our mail down at the mailbox. That doesn't bother me as much as her throwing the package like she did....I mean, she had NO idea if what was in the box was fragile or not!!!!

Ugh, I am SO going to complain about her on Monday!!!!!

Sneaking in.... more post for today. I have GOT to get this house in better shape!!!!! Today I want to:

- work in our bedroom
- straighten up the playroom
- get the living room in better order
- vaccuum and straighten up the laundry room
- touch up the bathroom
- do some deep cleaning in the kitchen!

I'm not going to list everything I need to do....let's just say it's alot!! Thank goodness I feel like I have some good energy this morning! LOL Unfortunately, doing all this cleaning means no computer time....which means no hunting for freebies and samples! :(

Take care, all!!!!!

Friday's mail

Yesterday was an ok mail day.....

- Clean & Clear Morning Burst sample....I LOVE the smell!!!
- Vitamins for Ty from his Aunt Pam (thank you, PAM!!)
- birthday card for Zane

This morning

I did my 15 minutes on the Gazelle.....boy was it harder this morning!!! My legs were burning after 10 minutes and I was sweating like crazy! But it felt SO good when I was finished.....I have TONS of energy right now!!!!!!

I can do this!!!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007


Today is Zane's 40th birthday!!

Happy birthday, you SO much!!!!!

Doctor appt. yesterday

Well, I was going to update about my appointment yesterday, but we were a little busy getting some running done........

Anyhoo, the appt. went fairly well! They did an A1C and I went from 8.6 to 7.5 in 30 days!!! The downside is....i've gained weight yet again. :( Since i've been back on meds (3 months) i've gained 11lbs......bad Chris, BAD!! :( The doc mentioned that he would like to see me drop at least 10 lbs by the time I see him again, in a month. I can do that!! As long as I work hard, which I will be doing, I can make it!! AND, if I can drop 20lbs he won't mention putting me on insulin.....and if I keep doing good with exercise and eating better I could possibly reverse the diabetes ALL TOGETHER!!!!! How awesome would that be?!?!?! I am completely motivated to do better. This morning, I did 15 minutes of hard exercise, and felt SO good! I have also decided to cut back, yet again, on drinking any kind of soda. I do drink diet coke, but even that should only be in moderation. Also, the only time I drink a regular soda is for a sugar low. I'm going to cut back to only drinking pop with dinner and see how that goes. I'll also be drinking lots more water.

The BEST news of all that we got was that if I continue to do good and get it under control even more, we can try for another baby next year!!!! I was really worried about the possibility of not being able to have another one, but it looks like it will happen!!! Heck, the doctor said "if you really want to get some weight off, have another baby!!" LOL

So now I have even more reason to want to do even better. I'm doing this for myself, my husband and son, and for our future children!!!!

Back at it...and I am SO proud of myself!!!

Ok, I am definitely not one who likes to brag about myself.......BUT..........I did a whole 15 minutes of hard exercise this morning!!!! I am SO proud of myself!!!!!!!!!! I had slacked off on using my Gazelle and i'm really upset with myself over that, but boy did I get into it this morning!!! Was it easy? NO Did I feel good afterwards? NO....I felt AMAZING!!!!!!! Gosh, it felt SO good to sweat like that........I can really feel muscles I hadn't used in who knows how long!!!

As a motivation, I am going to finally add a ticker back to my goal is to drop at least 10lbs in 30 days!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Todays mail

Today was a decent mail day....finally!!! LOL

- order; a scarf, hat and flip flops...all FREE!!!
- Sutter Home Cork Screw
- Zane got a birthday card
- junk mail

Not too bad...:)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today's mail

Todays mail was pretty slow, as usual.

- Package for Tyler from my parents. It had a cute shirt with a crab on it, a crab magnet, some Scooby-Doo toys and a spongebob toy in it!! Plus, $5 for a happy meal!!
- Pledge grab-it sample
- local store sale papers

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Interested in earning some extra money?

I just recently joined a site called InboxDollars, and so far I love it!! (well, I had been a member a very long time ago and just never put the time and effort into it...) What they do is send you emails and you get paid to read them! Now, you won't make a huge amount of money each month doing this site, but it can add up. Cash out is $25, and they give you $5 just for joining their site! They also have "offers" on their site that you can sign up for and they pay you. If you do join, I do recommend using a "junk" email account, like gmail, to do this since they tend to send junk mail to you. But it's good junk mail since they pay you to read it! LOL

Here is a link to sign up: (and yes, it is a referral link. They pay $5 for each referral, so that's why I added it...)


I'm also going to be putting a banner up at the top of my page.....

Todays mail

Well, the snail mail hasn't got here yet, but I did get a package today!

- What to Expect the First Year baby book (I have NO idea how or why I got this....Tyler is 3!! LOL)

I'll update this post if I get anything in the snail mail......:)


So the snail mail wasn't too bad. I got:

- a package from for Ty for christmas
- Memory Maker magazine
- junk mail

Monday, September 24, 2007

Todays mail

Today's mail was very slow as far as freebies/samples go......Zane did get a birthday card from his sister, though!! Thank you, Pam!!

Zane did tell me I got mail at his work, which makes up for no good freebies at home!

- $5 gift card to Cold Stone Creamery (yum!!)
- dove lotion sample

I should be getting some packages this week, so come on UPS and snail mail!!!

A new season.....

I won, I won!!!

Remember the contest I posted about that my friend Bethany was doing?!?!? Here

Well, I found out this morning that I won!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mail for thursday and friday

Mail has been super slow lately. On thursday Fedex came and brought a product for me to test from In Home Product Testers. Yesterday UPS brought Zane's birthday present!!! Snail mail has just been junk, though......hopefully today's mail will bring some goodies!!!

The joys of living out in the country

So I'm cooking dinner yesterday and Tyler was playing outside in the front yard. Actually, he had been playing right on the front porch, but was also walking around in the yard. All of the sudden I hear him call me...."mommy! come here and look at this!!!" I could hear in his voice that he really wanted me to come out there, so I turned the burners down on the stove and walked out onto the porch. He was sitting on the edge of the porch, looking at the house....he pointed under the outdoor table and said, "look, a BIG caterpillar!!" I'm thinking to myself, "what in the world is he talking about?!?" when I see what he is pointing at.......A SNAKE!!!!!! OMG, I freaked!! I called him into the house right away and about that time my cellphone went to ringing.....Zane was calling to let me know he was close to home. Perfect timing!!!! I told him what was on the porch, and he said he'd take care of it when he got there. In the meantime, I stayed on the porch to keep an eye on it. Long story short, the snake is no longer with us........I felt bad killing it, but I will do what I need to do to keep Tyler safe! I'm still not sure what kind of snake it was, but I can almost guarantee it won't be the last one we see since we live so far out in the country. Fun, fun!!!! ACK!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Post a comment contest!!!

One of my very good friends, Bethany, is having a prize drawing, just for posting a comment at her blog!! She is offering some wonderful prizes.......check it out here!!!

Happy to be called Mommy!

But hurrry.......the drawing is on monday!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mail for today

Well, we haven't been getting any good freebies or samples lately, but today in the mail we got some things we ordered with gift cards:

- 3 cars for Ty from the movie Cars (paid for with amazon gc!)
- scrapbook ribbon I ordered from eBay (paid for with survey money!)

I'm still waiting for Zane's b-day present to get here, also paid for with amazon gc's! :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Today's mail

Well, it was so beautiful outside we actually got to walk down to the mailbox!! It felt so good to walk down there....and, it was nice not having to wait for Zane to get home to get our mail! LOL Today we got:

- Mr. Rooter Bendable figure (it's so cute!! He is holding a toilet plunger in his hand! LOL)

I never thought.....

I could love someone as much as I love this little guy....

For as long as I can remember, whenever I would walk past Tyler I would pucker up my lips and give him a "kiss" and say "love ya, pickle...."(or whatever nickname I had given him that day! LOL) and he would always smile at me. Well, here recently, he will look at me and pucker up his lips like I do and do the "kiss" and say "love you!" He is such a loveable little did I get so lucky?!?!? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You know, I have to remember all of this.......for one day, he will be "too old" for all that mushy stuff and say to me "eww mom, gross!"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Beautiful day!!

What a gorgeous, perfect Sunday!! The weather couldn't be any more beautiful than it is right's in the low 70's, low humidity and a nice calm breeze. LOVE IT!!!!! Tyler has had so much fun playing outside....he was running around like a little maniac! LOL Zane and I got quite a bit done outside, too. We got the tomato plants pulled up, did some weed trimming and trimmed the bushes out front. I also got some much needed cleaning done. Ever since I caught this cold i've had hardly any energy to do much of anything. Now it seems to be gradually coming back, thank goodness!! This house sure needs a good cleaning.

So, for three days now I have been having sugar lows and not sure why. I haven't changed the way I have eaten much, and with being sick I was worried my sugar would be going too high.....boy was I wrong!!! Yesterday at lunch time I got the shakes and felt a little "off" so I checked my sugar and it was 59!! ACK!! Today at lunch time I felt "off" and it was 69......very weird!!! It's been awesome in the mornings, so I guess the meds I am on are finally working. If this keep sup (well, I want to NOT have sugar lows, though! LOL) I won't have to go on insulin. I go back to see the doc in 2 weeks, so hopefully my sugars will continue to at least stay decent. I'm not scared of insulin, but if I don't need it I don't want to take it. :)

Zane's birthday is coming up in 2 weeks....I can't believe he's going to be 40!! He finally picked out something for his birthday yesterday and we got it ordered. I also got a few small things ordered for Ty. I thought about saving them for Christmas, but he just loves getting packages in the mail and it's been awhile since he's gotten any, so I decided he could have them when we get them in the mail. Now I need to get more amazon gift cards so I can do more Christmas shopping!!!! LOL

Well, I guess this will do it for today. I am sitting here smelling our dinner cooking and drooling......I put a roast in the crock pot and it is smelling super yum-O!!!! I still need to get potatoes peeled and cooking, plus get the veggies started. I hope everyone has had a great weekend so far!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007


It's so nice to look out and see some rain, since we need it so badly. Plus, it fits my mood....blah!! This cough I have is kicking my butt!! I honestly don't feel that bad (well, other than this darn tooth bugging me again....grrr!) but this cough is crazy!! Ever since I can remember, i've had coughs that are a real pain to settle. No matter what kind of cough syrup I try or cough drop, I still end up coughing.......ummm, hello!!! I'd like to get some sleep instead of cough my head off, thank you very much!!! I've been seriously thinking about trying that cough syrup called Dyslem (?sp), but it's so darn expensive!! I would hate to buy it and it not work, just like everything else i've tried. Oh well, we'll see.........

So, we took Ty's old clothes to OUAC, and they only bought the winter clothes we had.....we did get $27 out of it, so that's not bad I guess. We'll try them again in the spring time to see if they'll buy anything else. :)

Well, I know this is short, but it's Ty's nap time and I think i'm going to nap today also. I had a rough night last night with all the coughing, plus I had a sugar low so I was up a while dealing with that......i'm exhausted!!! Hope everyone has a great friday!!!!!

Mail for today

Well, so far the snail mail hasn't come yet but I did get some freebies already today!!

- 3 $5 Amazon gc's for a survey I did for myself and hubby :)

- Oneida Servall for doing a wedding/anniversary registry for Macy's

**Updated the email part because I just got another $5 gc...that makes 3 today!! Woohoo!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Added a poll......

So I added a poll to my blog.....just wondering if ya'll are taking your little ones trick-or-treating this year? We're still not sure if we're taking Ty yet. We took him last year for the first time and he had a BLAST!!!! We went to the mall, and it went really nice......although, he was more interested in finding the Chick-fil-A cow that was walking around then getting candy!! LOL

Also, if you are taking your kids out, what are they going to be dressed as?

We've taught our son well!!!

Well, we've been teaching Tyler how important it is to share things, and boy did he do good....he shared his cold with me!!! LOL Yesterday my throat was scratchy and sore, and last night I started with a cough. *Knock on wood*, I don't feel sick though. Well, other than feeling a little run down and the cough, I feel ok. I'm just glad Tyler is feeling better. He started with a little cough yesterday, but his nose sounds so much better! I'm so glad he doesn't stay sick long when he does get sick. (which is hardly ever, thank goodness!)

So, we got 3 plastic containers of Ty's old clothes downstairs Monday night. I got so teary eyed going through all of it....I can't believe he was ever that small! I got it all sorted and yesterday got it all washed and folded up. It took 3 loads of laundry to wash all of it!! But, it's done and ready to take the the consignment shop. It all fit in one plastic container, but just barely!!!!! We did find out they only buy from the first 35 people to come in, so we're hoping we can get there in time tomorrow. They open at 10am, but Zane has a doctor appointment at 9:45. We could really, really use the extra money this week. If things go good and they pay well, we'll go back closer to Christmas to get rid of more clothes so we'll have extra money for the holidays.

Well, I need to cut this short....yesterday I spent all day uploading pics so i didn't get to sign up for my freebies and samples at all!!! I had some serious withdrawals!! LOL I did get lots of cleaning done, though. :) Tonight for dinner is grilled pork chops with baked beans and some veggie........have a great HUMP day, everyone!!!!

Mail update for the past few days

Well, as far as snail mail goes, all we've gotten the past few days is junk mail. In email yesterday I got a $5 Amazon GC, and this morning I found a $10 Amazon GC!! I had totally forgotten about the $10 gc.....I love surprises like that!!

I'll update this post later if we get any good stuff in the mail today.......

Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, here we are.....another Monday!! This weekend didn't go by as fast as they normally do for some reason. (which is not a bad thing, of course!) I got some cleaning done Saturday, but yesterday was a little bit of a lazy day. The past 4 days have been pretty rough with Tyler and sleeping in his bed. He's still waking up early morning to get in bed with us and not going to sleep, but for the past 4 days now, he's had NO nap at all! It wouldn't be so bad, but boy is he grumpy later in the day if he doesn't get a nap. Which is telling me he still needs his nap daily! Saturday night though, he was grumpy and crying a little when we went to bed. I asked him what was wrong and he said his nose didn't feel good. I told him it was probably stuffy from crying and he said it just didn't feel good. So, I had him blow his nose which only seemed to help a little. I ended up giving him some Benedryl and he went to sleep pretty quickly. Once again, he was awake at 3:30am yesterday trying to get in our bed. I told him he needed to go back to sleep. He said he needed more medicine since his nose wasn't feeling good again.....before I could get out of bed, he was already up and heading to the bathroom! I gave him more Benedryl, had him go pee, then took him back to bed. After only a few minutes he did go back to sleep and slept until 7:15 yesterday morning. He did try and get up in our bed when he woke up, but we both told him he needed to stay in his bed. All day yesterday he was so blah.....poor little guy, he just wanted to sit and watch his favorite shows....we watched Little Einsteins, Spongebob and Wonder Pets almost all day long! He has had no fever, so i'm thinking it could just be an allergy bothering him. Last night he went to sleep fairly easy, but he woke up at 12:30am. I heard him get out of bed, so I sat up and he was walking around in circles....then he was heading right for my dresser!! Next thing I know, he is walking into the I called him and he screamed! My poor baby.....he was so out of it. He climbed up in bed with us and Zane was cuddling him. I went pee and when I came back, they were both passed out again. I figured with him being sick he would be ok sleeping in our bed. This morning he seems to be so much better, but still wants to lay around and watch his favorite shows, so I'm going to let him do that again today. He didn't eat much yesterday, so when he woke up this morning he told me his tummy was VERY hungry......he ate a little bit of a waffle and drank some chocolate milk so far. Hopefully I'll get a really good nap out of him today!!! I'd love to take one with him so I can catch up my sleep, but that most likely won't be happening......

Today is supposed to be the start of some cooler weather here!!! All this week it's only supposed to be in the 80's during the day and mid 60's at night. I can't wait until it's in the 30's and 40;s at night. We LOVE to keep it cold in our bedroom!!!! When it's super cold out, we open up one of our bedroom windows and put a window fan in and have that on all night. Ahhh, nothing like fresh cold air coming in......well, unless a skunk decides to make an appearance. YUCK!!!!!!

My awesome SIL Pam sent me an email about a consignment shop called Once Upon A Child, that buys children's toys and clothes. I had totally forgotten about that place!! Zane and I talked about doing something with Ty's old toys and clothes and we mentioned that place a year or so ago, but I forgot all about it. I would love to hold onto Ty's toys and clothes for when we have another baby, but right now the money would help us out greatly!!! Especially with the holidays right around the corner. So, I think I'm going to go upstairs in a little while and start getting some of his old clothes and things out. I'm sure I'll need to wash all the clothes since we have two dogs and a cat that shed non stop, but I don't mind really. Hopefully this Thursday (Zane's day off) we'll have some things we can take to OUAC and they'll buy from us. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!!!!

Well, I need to get moving so I can get some things done downstairs before I venture upstairs. Tonight for dinner I'm making meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and biscuits....YUM-O!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Mail for wednesday and thursday

Mail has still been so slow lately. This is what I have gotten the past two days:

- Schick Intuition razor/Zane's work
- an oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookie sample (yucky!!)

- Oreo granola bar/walmart
- Kraft Food Magazine

*sigh* I sure hope the mail picks up soon....i'm having some serious withdrawals!!! LOL

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Monday....errr, I mean tuesday!!

Having Zane home with us yesterday has really thrown my whole week off!! I keep thinking today is monday! LOL Tyler woke up this morning and was asking where daddy was, since he was home with us for 2 days in a row. It was so nice having him here with us, but I think he was glad to go back to work this morning....LOL Poor guy, we drive him crazy!!

This weekend was pretty was SO hot, though!!! I'm really looking forward to some cooler weather now that fall is right around the corner. Actually, this morning was beautiful outside!! It was only in the mid 60's and super foggy, which made it feel even cooler outside. I opened up the front door, put the screen in the sliding glass door, opened the bathroom and laundry room windows, plus opened up the window in the playroom to enjoy the fresh air. Now i'm only hoping a skunk doesn't come along!! LOL

Tyler has still been doing fairly well sleeping in his bed. In the beginning, we had told him if he sleeps in his bed until morning, he could climb up in bed with us. Well, he was waking up at 11:30pm, just after midnight, 2-3am, asking me if it was morning......i'd be half asleep so I would just tell him Come on up with us. Now I have learned that when he asks me if it's still morning, I tell him No buddy, it's still night matter what time it is! He cries a little and will most likely tell me he needs a tissue, but for the most part he goes back to sleep fairly quickly. I honestly can not complain....this is the only hard thing we have had to "break" him of. He got off of his bottle and gave up his "binky" fairly easy, plus potty training went, we got pretty lucky. ;) ehhh, who am I kidding.....just having him with us has made us pretty *lucky*!!

Well, I think I should get my butt in gear to get some things done around here. Ty got up early so he'll be getting an early nap, which works for me! LOL I have some laundry I need to put away, plus do some cleaning in the kitchen. Tonight for dinner we're having hamburgers off the grill on toast, corn on the cob and maybe some french fries. Or baked beans.......not sure yet. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!!!!

**P.S. I haven't updated the freebies and samples because I haven't gotten anything at all in the past few mail days.....hopefully today some good stuff will roll in!!!

I can not believe

That I am officially done with my cross stitch project!!!! I did the finally stitches on it yesterday. I am so very proud of myself, and how well it turned out!!!! This is the very first "big" project I have ever completed, so it is such a big deal.........and now that I am finished with it, I canget back to scrapbooking!!!!! :)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cross stitch project update

I can honestly say, that by sometime next week I will be D-O-N-E!!! I can not believe it!!!! I am so very proud of it, as it is the first big project I have ever completed. Once it is done I will take a pic of it, but won't post it until the person I made it for get's it. I did take a pic of it about a month ago, but wish I would have taken pics more freuqently......I just can't believe that I am almost done!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Mail update

The freebies and samples have been so slow the past few days.......yesterday all I got was a $10 check for a survey from livewire. Hopefully today will bring some good samples!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Doctor appointment today

Today I had a follow up appointment with our 8am!! Ugh, it was so hard to get out of bed so early for that!!! But, it was nice to get it out of the way, though. They did an A1C test to see how my sugar averages have been the past month, and it has dropped somewhat. When we first started seeing this doctor, my A1C number was 11.3, which is way too high. (a good number is anything between 6-7) I'm not sure what my number was exactly, but it has dropped.....just not quite where the doc wants me to be. So, he's giving me a month to get it where it should be, and if it's still out of whack I will most likely be going on insulin. Well, he said he would put me on the insulin pump. Honestly, with how many sugar pills I am taking and the cost of one of them, insulin is sounding better and better! LOL I was on insulin when I was pregnant with Tyler, and I had no problems at all giving myself a shot, so i'm not worried about going back on it at all. Actually, it would be easier since it would actually be an insulin pump, so I technically wouldn't be giving myself a shot. Ah well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Right now i'm really going to crack down on my exercising and eating better. Eating better is SO hard, though!! Those darn carbs are everywhere!!! And their SO good! LOL But this is something I know I can get under control. I am determined to do better!!!!!!!

Speaking of exercise, I didn't get to work out today. :( We were so busy with all the running we had to do, plus my tummy has been feeling icky. Tomorrow morning i'll get right back to working out, and will try and do longer than 8 minutes. And after I had my weight checked at the doctor, I am REALLY going to do better with eating and exercising!!! :)

Today's mail

So, today wasn't a bad mail day.....we got a $50 check for a survey I did! Other than that, we got our local store ads and junk.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good mail day, also!!! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A friend's eBay auction

A friend of mine is selling a huge lot of boys clothes on eBay at a great price!!! Check them out if you can, please!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mail for August 28th

Well, we haven't got our regular mail yet, but I did get a $5 gift card in the mail a few minutes ago....:)

I'll update when we get the regular mail....

Exercise update

Yesterday I finished the day by doing a total of 18 minutes on my Gazelle. I'm really hoping to use it for a longer period of time. This morning I did my 6 minutes, and boy could I feel it!!! My legs and upper arms were a little sore, but felt so good!! I also did about 20 girly push ups. After Tyler's nap i'm going to use my gazelle for 8 minutes and see how I feel. I *think* I could do more than that, but i'm worried about pushing myself too hard since I am so out of shape. I just like taking it one day at a time for now!!

Also today, i'm going to get my weight so I can start to keep track of my progress better........i'll add a ticker again once I do that. :)

Yesterdays mail

Yesterday wasn't too bad........

- TV Guide
- Another Hallmark card from Walmart
- $5 Starbucks card(YAY!)
- $10 gc in email

And not in the mail, but I got the program Roboform Pro for free!! (it's a program you use on your computer to help fill out forms for freebies and sells for almost $30!!!)

Monday, August 27, 2007

A new week...

And another day in the mid to upper 90's!!! They've said by the end of the week it's supposed to be in the 80's around here.....let's hope their right!! LOL I can't wait for cooler weather....I love having the house opened up and letting fresh air blow through. (i'm sure come January or February i'll be posting how i'm sick of cold weather and can't wait for spring or summer! LOL) I really am looking forward to the next few months. We've had something going on for almost a year that should be cleared up by the holidays that are coming up. I was upstairs yesterday looking through some boxes and saw some Christmas decorations....I can't wait to get them out and set up!!! Plus the baking for the holidays.....YUM!!! I just hope we have some family visit us this year. I guess we'll have to wait and see......

This weekend was pretty nice. We got a few things done around the house, which is always nice! I got one of the drawers cleaned out really good that had a mouse trap in there. We got 3 mice in there over the summer and the trap has been untouched for over a month now, so I can only assume there are no more in the kitchen. Although, i'm still keeping a trap in one other drawer, just to be safe!! I'm just so sick and tired of seeing my kitchen a mess because we couldn't put the silverware or other gadgets away because of a mouse being in the drawer. The silverware had been on the kitchen table, and the other gadgets had been on the counter in a container. I finally have the kitchen table back, but i'm still going to hold off a little bit before I do the other drawer. I've never had to deal with mice in the home before until we moved here......ahhh, the joys of living in the country!! LOL It was miserably hot this weekend, but we did get a little rain. Sunday morning we were woken up at 4am by some pretty loud thunder. I thought I was dreaming it was storming out, but Tyler was awake asking me, mommy, is it thundering out? as he was climbing into our bed. I'm thinking to myself, how did he know I was dreaming about a thunderstorm? Then I heard the thunder......after that I had such a hard time getting back to sleep. So yesterday I felt a little off most of the day. I slept good last night though, that's for sure! :)

Well, I think that will be it for now. I want to get some exercise time in before I start on housework. I *think* we're having fried chicken for dinner tonight. I took out some boneless chicken breasts and will probably cut them into strips, then season and batter them and fry them up. That is, unless Zane calls on his way home to tell us we're going grocery shopping.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!!!

Update for today

So far today I did 6 minutes on my machine. I also did a few *girl* push ups, to see if it will help my upper arms.

I didn't update yesterday since I didn't do any exercises. :( I could really tell I hadn't done anything, also.....I felt so run down all day long! I'm sure being woken up at 4am sunday morning didn't help though, but if I would have exercised, i'm sure I would have felt much better yesterday. No more skipping for me!!!!! I'm hoping to get at least another 6 minutes in on the machine soon.......

One thing I realized, though.....I didn't check my weight before I started exercising!!! I'm going to do that soon so I can keep track of how well the weightloss is going..........

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mail call!

Yesterday's mail wasn't too bad.

- Oh! Oxygen candle
- Eucerin Calming lotion (it was quite a big sample, too!)
- Another Dove deodorant/Walmart (went to Zane's work)

With all the deodorant samples, I don't think I need to buy any for quite awhile!! LOL

I'll update later when I get today's mail.......


Saturdays mail wasn't too bad....I got:

- A Pur water bottle from Vocalpoint
- Pledge wipe kit from Bzzagent (LOTS of pledge wipes and a cool duster!)

Exercise update

So yesterday after Tyler's nap I did another 5 minutes....and last night I did yet another 5 minutes!!! I did a total of 15 minutes yesterday!!!

This morning, I did 6 minutes and felt like I could do more......but I didn't. After Ty's nap i'll try and do another 6 minutes.

I'll be so glad when the weather breaks and we can start walking to the mailbox again! I LOVE walking like that!! (especially if it means I get my freebies and samples faster, instead of waiting for Zane to bring them up! LOL)


Ok, so I know you didn't notice this, but i'm back online!!! See, I was trying to connect back online yesterday afternoon (damn peoplepc disconnecting people after being online for awhile >:( ) and it kept saying "no dial tone detected". I'm like, WTH?!? So I checked all the phone jacks to see if they were ok, then I picked up the phone receiver......D-E-A-D. I was flippin' out!!! No internet......what now?!?!? Oh no....does that mean I actually have to do....*gasp* housework?!?!? NOOOO....say it isn't so?!?!? So I called Zane to ask him if he knew anything about it (thank goodness for cellphones!)..........he said no but would find out what was going on. A few minutes later he calls me back and said the phone company was working on the problem. It seemed like someone had cut a major phone line by mistake and they were working on the problem.....and we should have service back by no later then, get this....Tuesday at 8:30pm!!!! I was floored!!! Ok, I wasn't really all that worried about it. Zane said he saw they were working on the problem when he was coming home, so we were hopeful it would be fixed by the end of this weekend. Well, this morning I picked up the phone receiver and heard a dial tone!!!! I was SO happy!!! Having to be without internet until next tuesday would have been rough, that's for sure!!! LOL

Ok, enough of's the weekend!!! Anyone have any plans? I think all we're doing is stuff around the house. It's too hot to do much outside, so I think it will be nice to get caught up on some things around here. Tyler has been bugging me to go out this morning, but I just couldn't let him out in that heat. I turned a Scooby-Doo movie on for him and he seems happy.....for now. LOL Ack, I guess I spoke too soon.....he just came in to tell me he got goldfish crackers all over the floor in the living room and asked me to help him clean it I guess that's my cue to get off of here. For dinner tonight we're having steak on the grill with either some rice or a baked potato, maybe some veggies. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!!!! **hugs**

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mail updates

Ok, so the past two days haven't been that great as far as freebies and samples.....

- junk mail :(

- Dove deodorant sample/Walmart
- junk mail

Yesterday, I did get $5 in Paypal from Pinecone and received a $5 gift card in my email for a survey I did! :) I'll update when I get today's mail......


So, I took the weight loss ticker from the top of my page last week. My weight was SO weird!! It would go up a pound, then back down a pound....just up or down 1 pound!! I didn't see the point in keeping the ticker there since I didn't see a reason to update it. But, as of this morning, I finally decided to get off of my butt and start exercising again!!! I pulled out my Gazelle trainer and did about 5 minutes on it. I felt so GOOD when I was done! I probably could have done more than 5 minutes, but I want to work my way up to it first. When I first started using it, I started with 5 minutes at a time, 2-3 times a day. I'm sure I'll do at least another 5 minutes later today, if not two more times today. I just feel so full of energy right now! Tyler sat in the computer chair while I was exercising and when I was done he said, "mommy, you did awesome!!" It made me feel so good!!! I'll update my exercise progress pretty often, if no one minds. I like being able to write down every time I exercise, as it motivates me even more!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mail update

Ok, not sure why I am posting this, since the freebies and samples have gotten super slow lately but here ya' go......

- junk :(

- Tv guide
- address labels
- junk :(

Maybe today will be better!! :)

**UPDATE** Today was awesome!!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

- order paid for with gift card and survey money. (that's why we got the mail already...the mail person had to bring the mail up to the house!! WOOHOO!!)
- Gold Bond powder
- Post-its
- Listerine whitening strips/Walmart
- Hallmark card sample/Walmart
- K'nex helicopter
- junk mail

I love days like this!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Another hot one

Today is supposed to be another hot one out there.....poor Tyler wants to play outside so badly. With the heat being so bad, I can only let him out in the mornings, and even then he can't stay out too long. I did let him play on the front porch yesterday and after oly a few minutes out there he told me "It's too hot mommy, let's go in...." We are both ready for the cooler weather!!!

Our weekend was pretty nice and laid back. Sunday Zane found a race track that he had gotten when I was pregnant with Tyler. They had so much fun playing with that! Last night we did some grocery shopping at the walmart supercenter. After we got our grocery items, I headed over to housewares to find something i've been looking for, and also wanted to check the toys for a car for Ty. (we're looking for Chick Hicks, a car from the disney movie Cars) Anyhoo, while in the toys I caught something from the corner of my eye on a shelf........I walked over and found something I had been looking for for Tyler, that I wanted to get him for christmas. A Jr. doctor's set!!! He found a stethescope upstairs that Zane had brought home when I was pregnant and loves it!!! So I started doing some research online to see about getting him his own set for christmas. Amazon had them starting at $15, so I was going to order him one the next time I got some gift cards.....the kit at walmart was only $4.88!!!! I couldn't believe it!! Zane ended up giving it to him last night, though! LOL He actually gave it to him when he took it off the shelf, and told him how proud he was of him sleeping in his big boy bed. Tyler was so excited!!!

Speaking of his own bed, he's still doing great in his bed......last night he slept until 7 this morning. The night before he got in our bed a little before 5am. I wish I could sleep as good as he is! LOL I've been tossing and turning almost every night for the past week or so, and have no idea why. We're still sleeping at the bottom of our bed for Tyler, so I wonder if that could be why i'm not sleeping good......who knows?!?!?

Well, I guess that will do it for now. I have to pee and get Tyler a snack....he's always telling me he is hungry lately!!! It must be a growth spurt or something......he looks so much taller to me lately. Tonight for dinner we're doing prok chops on the grill with some rice and veggies.....not sure what else, if anything, we'll have with it. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a great week so far!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's the weekend!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Zane is working today, so it's just Ty and I at home right now. As of right now it's pretty cool outside.....I know it won't last long, though! It's supposed to be really warm and muggy again today, but I *think* there is a chance for some storms today. I'd love to see some rain around here!

So yesterday I started re-doing the playroom to turn it into Tyler's room. We had been talking about doing this for over a year now, so I figured it was about time I got started on it!! LOL I got his dresser moved into the room and got some of his toys re-organized, and that's about it. The computer is still in the room, so i'll need to find another place to put that....and I have NO idea where to put it. It has to be someplace that has a phone line since we still have dial-up. I thought about putting upstairs in my scrap room, but Zane said he'd rather not keep it up there. I'll have to do some looking around today to see where else I can put it. We also won't put his bed in his room just yet, as he is still working on sleeping in there all night. Thursday night he slept from 9:45pm until after 8am yesterday morning!!! That is the first time he has EVER slept that long!! He usually wakes up from anywhere between 2:30am and 7:15am. Last night he got in our bed at 1:45am......I was half asleep when I felt him crawling into our bed and then I heard him ask me "mommy, you think I can get in your bed now?!?" So I told him to come on up and I went back to sleep. I'm thinking if we get him a bigger bed he would do a little better in it. Hopefully we'll be able to get him another bed later this year.

*yawn* For some reason, I am so sleepy this morning!! I thought I had slept pretty decent last night.....I think it's because I need some caffeine in my system. Then again, it's most likely because Aunt Flo has reared her ugly head as of yesterday, so that could be a big part of the problem, too. Today, in between messing with getting Ty's room situated, i'm going to try a recipe I got offline for peanut butter cookies!!! It has no flour in it at all.........just sugar, vanilla, an egg and peanut butter. I was watching a cooking show this morning and she made some homemade butter pecan ice cream......YUM!!! Boy do I wish we had an ice cream maker!! (just what a diabetic needs, right?!? LOL)

Well, I guess I need to get started. In between cleaning and baking cookies, I have laundry to do today as well. For dinner tonight we're having some sweet italian sausage with some baked beans....not sure if we'll have anything else with it. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!!!